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August 31, 2010



hey Karla, good to have you home. Did you have a good (but short) visit with the family? Cassie loved her fairy themed b-day gift, thanks so much !! PS We have a BIG foster dog, asked for a small dog, what did we get, a big Akita, lol !! He is a good dog though. Welcome home. Glad you had a good trip.


Dear Karla,
so sweet goodie giveawayes, such dear and wonderfull idea.
Love all those beautifull old flowers-and the gel roll pens looks so great,too.
And Oh my-for the gift you recieved-it is very ,very, beautifull.
XO, Dorthe


Hey Karla,glad you are home safely to the little ones. I have been working So Hard on these Dorothy tags, and they are pitiful. I hope that those who get mine are not too disappointed. On the other hand, if effort counts for anything, they are Just Beautiful...sigh. Your Friend, Bobbi


Hi Karla...those dogs are so adoreable...they look like they have been left in the rain...all scruffy..I love them...I dont know how you can rip those hats up!!!I cant even cut up old material & quilts without a major breakdown...I stand with the scissors for ages...one I do it its ok...take care...Lorraine


What lovelies! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hey sweetie!!! OMG girl....I'm loving those flowers soooo much ~ I wish I had time to work on my class projects, but I promise I'm going to get around to it, too much goings on around here :) I love that you and Beth get to play together!!!! And also Rosebud and Button, they have got to be the most precious pups ever ~ hugs and love, Dawn


Yummy delights going on here! I'll have a post up on the class in the morning and will get cracking on my homework very soon! A certain sweet cherub in our family turns 1 tomorrow and I have been all abuzz with birthday plans. Can't wait to get started on the projects!

Diane Knott

Goodies! Wonderful, fun things! I wish the doggie came with them. :-) Love those Yorkies. I think they're my favorites - next to the larger Greyhounds. Both gentle, loving breeds.
It looks like you and Beth had a fun day! I'm lovin' the class!
Hugs! Diane


oooh, love the goodies! I am hopeful I can begin the class today. I have printed out stuff, but Hurricane Earl set me on a different path. Run to store, get gas, be prepared...
Love the pics of your dorkies...
Hope you and Beth and your dorks have a wonderful day~


Your new bracelet is SO pretty! What a sweet gift!


Rosie is a pretty sweet girl.

Diane Knott

Karla, Re: ochre ink...Yes! And if you can't find it, La Plume has ochre markers. That's what I've been using. I love the aged, yellowed look it creates. Couldn't find a clear gel sparkly pen today at Michael's but I did find black, which can be nicely eerie! Can't wait to try it out.
I'll be on the lookout for the clear one too.
Diane (who just bought craft supplies and can't wait to get into my bags!) :-)

Heather Kowalski

Karla, it is always so nice to see you and I had so much fun getting to see you last week... I bet you are glad to be home after all that driving. Wow you really DO have the hat whisperer skills!! I rarely see hats around here anymore.

SO glad you loved your bracelet. xoxo

Kim Hanauer

Karla, i just bought your online classes and can`t wait to start! Love the photos of all the projects.

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