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August 29, 2010


My Blessed Serendipity Life

Wow that pile of gorgeous flowered hats. I hardly ever find any at a decent price. Bet you are glad to be home.



I never find hats at a decent price! Of course, I'm not exactly in hat country.

Janet Ghio

What wonderful flowers you found!! Did you click your heels to get you home?


You are so lucky, Oklahoma is hat POOR!!! I look everywhere but only come up with bare, flowerless hats. Guess I need to travel North. Sounds like your trip was wonderful, sounds like the perfect vacation to me but I know it is always great to be home.

LiLi M.

Oh what a trip! I totally agree with you that there is no place like home, in fact I always think that is the best part of every holiday, coming home again! Ah Sugarwings is such a cutie and a real beauty! Btw do you have a new photo on your sidebar? I love that one and I was wondering if you changed hair color again, to more blonde again? I think this color suits you better than the darker tone, to be honest. I tell you this not to upset you or to be rude, but because I'm always in doubt what is the best color for me, I wish that somebody (of course someone with superior taste ;-), would tell me! Have a great week, welcome home again!


You were right in my neck of the woods!! In fact, I am about an hour from Akron and Lake Erie. My niece lives in Akron and I am there about once a week!!
Sugarwings is soooo precious!

LuLu Kellogg

Welcome Home Karla....I am glad you are home safe and sound!

When you were in DC, I was only an hour and a half from you! I am over on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (for now until our house sells).

I am signed up for Romantic Gothic Ghosts so I can't wait!


Cathy Kizerian

You are so lucky to run across hats like that. I rarely see a hat here in any of the antique stores in the Salt Lake Valley, and if I do they are ridiculously overpriced. And the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - great song by a great artist - awwwh - who cares if it’s Erie or Superior? I bet you’ve got a wonderful memory! And yes, there’s no place like home (click your heels three times...) Hugs, Cathy


So great that you scored all those blooms! I have only found TWO hats in my entire junking career!
It's nice to go away, but even nicer to be back with the ones you love sleeping in your own bed!


How wonderful....


Wow...so many beautiful hats...my sister Diane aka Saturday Finds scored a few too...how lovely!

Natasha Burns

oh how lovely you got to catch up with Heather! i miss you girls!!! oh that Sugarwings has grown so much. She is such a character, no wonder you miss her like crazy!


Wow, you really found some goodies~ I'd love finding the corsages, too! I think it's so sweet you wanted to get home to Sugarwings...


I love the old hats and sweet baby is adorable and getting so big!

Kerryanne English

How perfect your getaway with hubby sounded Karla and that sunset at the lake looked very romantic. You have the best reason of all to hurry home - the perfect little fairy.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Deborah Woodrow

Karla...Wow ! How do you do it ? Get so many lovely hats !
I can't find a hat out here in Colorado to save my life !
We are hat poor out here too ! PHOOEY !

And if there are any in the Flea markets and Antique stores, they are 20, 30 dollars a piece ! OUCH !

Don't blame you for not wanting to get home early.
I would want to come back to that precious, little grand daughter, too !

Can't hardly wait until you get the tags sent out ! Im SO anxious, for you to see mine, and to get mine in the mail... Bye



Wow that was a great post Karla.
So nice to hear about your trip and what you did.
Ooh those hat flowers bits and bobs, I would die for those - never see anything remotely like that in NZ where I live!!!
You'd think no one EVER wore hats here as I've looked everywhere.
Maybe those shop owners from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana came over here and bought them all up. LOL!!!

Your darling sugarwings and I bet she missed you two as well.
I sure miss my two darling granddaughters who live in France.
I've just received some new photos of their holiday in the south and the oldest one has lost a tooth - OMG and no one told me. She will wonder what happened to the New Zealand tooth fairy!@!

I'm taking two classes at the mo, Mary's "Collage Coterie" and a book class, but I will take yours in a month or so!

Take care


what a wonderful time you had away Karla and best of all going home to that sweet little girl! Rachaelxo


Well, Boy HoWDY! Lookee at what you found?!! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Loved that pic from the restaurant on Lake Erie. Love Gordon Lightfoot, too!! "The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down to the great lake they call Gitche Gumee." I'll bet your little Sugarwings missed you too!

Have a great week.



Sounds like a wonderful trip, Karla! Even without tv, it sounds just about perfect! I'm sure Sugarwings missed you just as much as you missed her. What about the puppy? She probably had a wonderful time with her brother, but was happy to see you and Sugarwings again too.

Your class sounds like great fun, but I'm so overloaded right now I don't dare tackle anything else.


tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl

not . even. fair.
BUt I am so glad those hats have a great home with you~
So happy you got to see heather too! I just got to visit andrea, it was awesome!
Hope all is well with you, I wish we were seeing each other soon.....
xoxox, Tiffany

Katsui Jewelry


That is a major hat score..and in my favorite color, too! Send them on ;-) I can't believe there is anywhere left in the country that has flower hat bargains! I love those business trips! I get so much done in my hotel room and do just what you do...roam the antique malls! I am sure they were happy when they found some traces of glitter on the floor ;-)

Good luck with your class. I will be with you on the next one. Poor me. I am off to Croatia.


Amy Bauer

Wowza... what a hat bonanza! It sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm putting the finishing touches on my "Dorothy Tag" swap tags and have had great fun putting them together. Your "Gothic Ghosts" class sounds chillingly fantastic. Unfortunately I had already signed up for Artsy Mama's Sweet n' Sinister swap & blog, and I can't squeeze in both (time wise and budget wise). I wish you and Beth great success. I know you'll put on a great class. - Amy Bauer

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

The tags in the previous post look wonderful, Karla! One day I'll feel comfortably creative enough to join in on such a swap. We just welcomed a little granddaughter this July and I can only imagine that we will feel the same way as she gets bigger, as you do about your Sugarwings!


I cant believe all the hats you found! I can't blame you for wanting to be with cute Sugarwings she is a doll!


Hi Karla,
My goodness, how wild, If I find one old hat flower here, I`m overwhelmed,---You had luck, dear.
And a wonderfull tour, I see, also the day with Sugarwings,---I`m so looking forward seing my grandchildren this week-end--they are so far away, ....
Loved the first day of your wonderfull workshop.Thankyou.
Hugs, Dorthe


Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time. But you're right, the best times are spent with our loved ones. Would you mind sharing in PA you got your bargains?

Fingers crossed to win one of your Goth creations!

2 tags down:)


You're killing me with those hats Karla! Sounds like a super fun trip...yet being away always makes me appreciate home all the more too. Looks like a fab day on the lake with Sugarwings!


Okay, your just too much with the hats! It's like a ghostly power, some super natural thing going on where you just sense where the little hats are hiding, then you put a trance on the sellers to price them at $3. each. That's it. Corsages for a little over $1. Sheesh.
The trip sounds like a dream. Hotel, shopping, romantic dinner. I know what you mean tho. Every romantic dinner we try ends up being a discussion on how cute & funny our kids are. Sugarwings is precious in her life jacket. Now I can't write anymore, I have to go make a spooky banner! Lisa


That romantic dinner looked divine. And your talent for sniffing out hats blows me away. I posted some cute photos of you & Beth today. I'm still trying to get Les Sirenes done. DARN nursing takes a lot of time. I know Sugar Wings is glad you are home. And Agnes Rose. HUGS! Charlene


What beautiful treasures!! What parts of PA were you in? We're in that area frequently, but probably as far west as you were. I'd love to fill my car with some!

Laraine Atherton

I am glad your home. I really want to take your class, even though my daughter says I should be giving classes also.
Please go to my blog and leave me a good cheer message....things have been very gross in my house and I am feeling terrible. Just me and my beloved dogs fighting the invasion.


Loving all of your hats....you sure strike gold!! I am excited about all of the Halloween projects!


That does sound like a perfect trip! Roses, good food, and Heather! Thanks so much for the oh, so sweet words you left for me...Rene'


Karla ~
Oh my goodness !
The hats are amazing ! I look and
look for them here and can never find any ~

It looks like your trip was wonderful ~


andrea singarella

good gracious Karla! You hit the flower jackpot! Those are my stomping grounds too, but I've never found so many! Just beautiful!!

Freda Butler

Welcome back and I agree "there is no place like home".
Especially with your little Sugarwings waiting for you. Hug her and enjoy as time flies.




Oh gosh that pile of hat goodies is awesome. Can you imagine that I have never ever seen any of those kind of hats in real life. Nope, none. You are a lucky lady to be able to get your hands on so many of them.
Good luck with the class! Wish I could join you but I just don't have the time right now.

Suzie Q

Your trip sounds wonderful, but my comment has more to do with your return pictures. I saw you have an awesome Sugarwings travel mug/cup. Where did you get it? I want one! No offense to Sugarwings, but I'd have Matthew's pics in it instead. That way, everywhere I go, I can show off my awesome adorable little hero.
Suzie Q


That trip sounds like my idea of heaven, too. But I agree -- the older we get, the less we enjoy being away from home and the little ones (which in my case are dogs and a 13 year old, not so little anymore!)

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