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August 16, 2010


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

It looks like everyone had a great time at the party! From past posts, Karla, I was thinking that your Sugarwings looked like you, but couldn't pinpoint what it was exactly that made me think so. Looking at her first picture in this post, I think it is your eyes. I think you both have the same eyes.

Cami @ Creating Myself

What a fabulous party! And yes, you looked like you were having lots of fun! LOL

I've been busy remodeling a playhouse for my granddaughter's birthday later this month...whew! 105 degrees & I decide to remodel a playhouse. *rolls eyes* What we won't do for our grands, huh?

Thanks for extending the deadline on the Dorothy tags...that'll help!


What a lucky little girl Sugarwings is to have you as her Grammy! Looks like she had a blast! Great ideas for me to keep in the back of my mind for future parties for my own little dollbaby!

Cheryl Stoneham

What great memories you are creating for your granddaughter! She is so lucky to have you as her Grammy! Thanks for sharing the day with us!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

What darling decorations and little chairs ready for all the guests. It looked like a fun day. Your granddaughter must of loved it.



Such a FUN party!! Looks like it was perfect, down to the very last detail. Happy Birthday, SUGARWINGS!!!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


HOW will you top this party???? AMAZING! I know Sugar Wings loved every minute. And it was soooooooooo worth the $20 at the FLEA! Thanks for sharing. HUGS! Charlene


Hi Karla, looks like a great time was had by all, including you! Loved the parade video.. you certainly were "kicking up your heels!" Sugarwings will always remember her mermaid party. We used to have some pretty special birthday parties here too, circus's, barbie camp, soccor game parties, and who knows what else. I figure with 4 kids, I threw about 50 or 60 birthday parties.. at least! OMG.. thats just crazy. Though I have to admit, sometimes.. they were just plain old parties. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful rose and beaded charm that I received in the mail this afternoon! I love it. I actually started a little charm collection last year and am planning on making a special charm bracelet one of these days!
so thank you again!
have a great week


I just loved seeing all these wonderful pictures and the videos of the kids having such a great time! That's what I call a party!



Again, what wonderful memories you are making for yourself and for Sugar Wings. You did such a beautiful job of making her day special. She is so lucky to have you to put magic in her life. Good job.


Karla, you really are the bestest Grandma ! And you really know how to make it fun for little ones and how to spoil them. And ..... you still have a great "high kick " !! lol


A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet grand girl! It looks like the party was a huge success and really great tips for money savers too. My granddaughter will turn 1 on the first of Sept., can't wait until she is big enough to enjoy the festivities like Sugarwings. Have a great week.


Hi Karla; Oh what a fun birthday party for your sweet Sugarwings,,,,, every one sure was having a great time.... loved the videos,,, so much fun for so little.... Happy Birthday Sugarwings... even though I am late in saying so.... she is just so adorable...


Riased In Cotton~Carol

Oh Karla what a magnificent party for little Sugarwings~ You should be an event planner fro Kit's birthday's!!!! Is that sweet Pixie Pie with Sugarwings??? Adorable:)
xoxxo, Carol


what a wonderful party! Yes the kids will remember all that for sure...and it doesn't have to be a dog and pony show for it to be fun!
The slip and slide was a great idea!

Suz Reaney

Looks like loads of fun for all of you. You should send this into Family Fu magazine, Karla. Its a great party. Sugarwings looks as pleased as punch!


Karla you are the bestest grandmother ever..I am going to keep your ideas to heart as my granddaughter is only 4 months old...wish i had been there the mermaid party looks fab....

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla, Im giggling up a storm! That video of you kicking up your heels is priceless! I think you enjoyed yourself more than Sugarwings. hee! hee! Love the decor and theme! You scored at the LB flea market! Your imagination is never ending! Looks like Sugarwings had the best birthday party ever!
Oh! The pin the shell on the mermaid is FABULOUS!!!!


Karla, you are a wonderfull grandma,
-what a great surprice party you made this little girl,and her friends.It is just fantastic, and I can see you enjoyed :) everything so beautifully made, and just for tthe kids to love- you are so sweet.


I bet everyone slept well that night! Thanks for the video, I laughed out loud at both of them...esp. loved seeing "Grandma" kick up her heels! (Our Grandmas were OLD, do you remember?!!!!) What fun!!! BTW, Mickie is doing well, slow but sure. Your Friend, Bobbi

Laraine Atherton

What a wonderful party. Sugarwings is such a lucky little girl to have you for a grandma. Everything came together so beautiful.....so professional. I am going to send the link to my daughter for future birthday ideas. I am sure I saw some sea horses in Hayleys stash of toys.

Mitzi Curi

I'm impressed with your kick, like many other readers....were you a Rockette in another life? And your Sugarwings singing Happy Birthday on "stage" is precious. Oh, one more thing: I think it's so great that you join the kids and have fun with them on their level instead of standing on the sidelines barking out orders and reprimands. You are one cool Grammy!


just lovely. Happy Birthday sugarwings :o)

andrea singarella

oh how fun this looks! Love the video of you all (especially you being your light-hearted self)! Sugarwings will never forget this mermaid party I'm sure!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a great party, Karla. Sugarwings sure is lucky to have you as her fairy grandmother!


Terrific tips, Karla -- and the photos are wonderful. I hate it when people say it "costs so much." Sure, it can! But you've shown how very easy it is to use what you have, shop cheap/dollar store/sales and have a blast!


I love it!! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all~~~
What a special birthday for your adorable granddaughter:)

Love the mermaid art poster you painted!!tooo cute!!

Kay Ellen

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