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September 19, 2010



your rooms are just lovely! sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. LOVE the pics. Bet we do see them in sommerset soon.

andrea singarella

oh, it looks like you girls had a ball! I was thinking of you all day. Yes, that Carol does keep everyone laughing...what a hoot she is! And your home and studio look gorgeous as always Karla. Miss you!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Hi Karla,
Your day certainly seems as if it was perfect! I would have loved to have been there to meet everyone...I must be patient until November! Your table looks fabulous and your studio is to die for!
...and the bride was stunning!
Can't wait till SB!

Janet Ghio

Your studio is so pretty--all the creme and pastels and your table is beautiful and that apron makes the perfect bride dress!!


Fun was had by all. Your studio looks great. I think THAT show could do some serious psychological damage to a lot of us! I just can't watch it.
Sugarwing is such a beatiful young lady.



Your event makes me drool and looks like you had a great time, You are so blessed to have so many creative souls that are able to attend, and so much space , it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, you are one talented lady, stop by some time for a visit and join in my giveway, I'm new to blogging but not new to creating. Have a great and peaceful Sunday, Sugarwings is darling! Marilou from Lulus Lovlies


Looks like a TOTAL blast! Your studio looks great. Made me think of removing all the furniture I have in here and use it just for a studio.......hummmmmmm????? I'm finding that my room is too much family room and not enough studio since I've moved my craft stuff in. Love the apron! One can never have too much lace!!!! It is great and Sugarwings increases its beauty!! Glad you all had such a good time!!!

Randy Nathan

Karkie My darling sister!

What a great party. Your studio is looking amazing and sugarwings is so pretty. Anxious to play baby birdie again soon! Our baby Bella should have been at the party as she is getting so big and she has alot of Tillie in her! A sweet mess of love! I have found some old hats to send you sister...... I miss you!

lori oles

Karla- I had a wonderful time and I am still thinking about all of your amazing treasures.

lori oles

Karla- I had a wonderful time and I am still thining about all of your amazing treasures.

Rochelle Gaukel

Oh Karla! That table setting is so pretty and you are were so clever using those music sheets. One word that comes to mind is "serene". It looks like all of you had a wonderful time catching up and crafting.
And yes, we kept one boy from the litter - little 2 pound Buddy. We gave him to our daughter for her birthday - I had to hand him over to her this past week and was so sad! He found a place in my heart with his sweet little disposition. We plan to breed him with our other girl Minnie.
Well, now that your studio is all nice and clean, go and mess it up with some creative crafting!


Karla, --your setting, was amazing,-the cuffs as napkin holders looks so beautifull, -and that goes for the whole table .
I can see you all had a fantastic time together,--and ending the day having fun with your beautifull granddaughter, I`m sure ,made it even more wonderfull.


Thank you for your recent visit to my blog. I am so glad you came over so I was able to visit you. What a fun party you had and I love all the white decor. I saw the cuff bracelets on the previous post and will go now to look a bit more. Nice to meet you and glad you stopped by.


Sigh. All I can say is, I wish I had a friend like you nearby....


What a wonderful time you all had. I so wish I could have gotten some pre-Silver Bella time in with you gals! Looking forward to seeing you (and your hat!) in November.



Hi Karla, I'll try again I'm one of your followers so I found you somewhere among many others! lol http://luluslovlies.blogspot.com/ Lets see if I did it right?? If not I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I did Karen's from Valentines Designs blog Party and I do Pink Saturdays with Beverly and now I have just joined the Bloggerette Sorority, still have to do my art thing though! I keep on plugging along wishing I was closer to like minded creative souls. None near me. Have a nice Sunday, hope you find me anyway I'll still enjoy your blog, it is wonderful!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

What fun! I bet the girls loved the bracelets you made for them.


Patty in Kansas

Karla....what a gorgeous, inspiring blog entry....your studio looked like a dream for the Bella ladies. I am sure they were blown away. Glad you all had a good weekend. Sugarwings' eyes are soooo beautiful...what an adorable little girl she is! Patty in Kansas


Looks like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. Maybe next year!!!! Glad your back is better. HUGS!


Nothing better than sharing "play time" with friends. Looks like you had a wonderful day - I was just at Lori's visiting.

And Sugarwings is simply beautiful!



It's me I'm back, still trying, so one more time! http://luluslovlies.blogspot.com/ Let me know if it worked, Have a great evening. I'm beginning to feel over blogged. Lol Hugs, Glad you girls had fun!


Everything looks lovely; I love your theme! Bellas dreaming of the big event! I hope I get to go next year~ I love your cuffs, wonderful table setting, all around magic~
Sugarwings looks so pretty! Magical Memories made, how beautiful~

olivia parazine

My goodness I am not sure what this event is, but just by looking at your table and craft room, I am over the top inspired. I mean it sweets, you are just amazing.



Looks like a fun time with the Bellas and everything is so pretty! I hope your dinner party photos make it into Somerset!! As always, Sugarwings looks angelic in your apron "dress". And by the way, I think your son could make a killing with that table at Silver Bella. Create a little and then get a massage....sounds great!

debbie york

Beautiful table, beautiful friends AND beautiful baby girl!


You sure know how to decorate for a party !!!
Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
Grand baby adorable as always :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

What fun, Karla! I would definitely fold the tables up and put them away no matter how tempting it would be to spread out! I am the same way. Before you know it those tables would just be holding more and more "crap". Sugarwings looks so pretty in your apron, I actually thought it was a little dress-up bride dress! It sounds like you had a wonderful day and it's always nice to spend some time with like minds.


Looks like so much fun, I need to move to Kansas!Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Yes that is my little baby under the sue bonnet quilt.. she just turned 3 ..oh they get big so fast don't they!

Lulus Lovlies

Here is my link Karla, I tried it and it went right to my blog?? http://luluslovlies.blogspot.com/

Jodie (everything vintage)

Fun! Fun! Fun!
I love the way you say you "whipped" those cuff bracelets up...you are hilarious! They are beautiful.
Your table was beautiful too! I can't wait to see it in the magazine :)
As for Carol...she's a HOOT! I was fortunate to sit with her in Theresa's class last year at SB and we didn't get ANYTHING finished because we laughed the whole time...she's a HOOPTIE! hahahahhaha
Glad to hear the back is feeling better...just in time for this coming weekend!

Julie Jones

Karla, what a great post, thank you for everything! The food, the company, the goodies, the cuffs, and sharing Sugarwings with us too! Your home is beautiful! I have not had that much fun in forever. When I showed my boys my crowns, they thought they were pumpkins! :-(
I put a few pictures on my blog juliejayne.blogspot.com. Be sure to check them out. Thanks again, it was a blast! Julie


Oh Miss Karla, this really looks like a playdate from Heaven! You're amazing, my dear! Those cuff links are simply to die for! I am so bummed about not attending SB this year!! xoxo


It looks like a great time was had by all. What a sweet husband to act as cook while you party. I'll bet everyone of those girls (including you ) are more excited than ever to get to Omaha. Lisa

mercedes scott

karla - what a fun time you all had! I also stopped by Lori Ole's blog and she's posted some fabulous pics of your home! I wish I could make SilverBella this year... have a great week! :) mercedes

Rose Brier Studio

How sweet of you to host this. Sure will make it nicer when you all get to SB. Your house looks lovely. And I always love seeing pics of Sugarwings!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, that table you set is stunning! So glad we'll see more of it in a Somerset magazine. Truly a playdate from heaven for fellow Bellas, those lucky, lucky gals!!!


What a beautiful set table......loved your post. You are something!!! Susan

Amy Bauer

What a splendid soiree! You truly are the hostess with the mostest, and I marvel at all that you accomplish. You are definitely a little engine that CAN! Your table, cuffs, crafting all bella, bella, bella. One of these years I hope to be a sister bella! - Amy Bauer


Gorgeous table -- if Somerset doesn't take it hands down, they're not worth submitting to! Love the music as placemats and the idea of having the cuff be a napkin ring. I'm always in awe of your creativity.


Gosh is Sugarwings ever fotogenic! Love the pic!:)


Looks like so much fun! I wish I had some people to craft with. Maybe I can find some! Your Sugarwings is so beautiful!


Oh, so much fun! I am trying to get together the four of us Colorado Bellas next month, too!

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