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September 08, 2010


My Blessed Serendipity Life

I can almost hear the frame saying "Ahhhh I needed that..." I love to paint things too. Great job!


Mandy Ni Bhraonain

AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG transformation! wow! hats off to you, alot of work and you made it amazingly beautiful! great inspiration :)

hugs mandyxx

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Well, I love it and I love the buffet/dresser piece, too! I've got one of those on the mental list in my head of things I'd like to get ~ eventually.

LuLu Kellogg

Karla....that frame turned out so beautiful! You did such a wonderful job.



Looks great, Karla!
I'm going to print out the instructions when I work on my armoire. I'm not happy with the way it looks. It doesn't look as good as the picture I took. SOOOOOO will be reworking it. Thanks for the instructions!!!! Yours is fabulous!!!


Just beautiful and your granddaughter is so cute!


Deborah Woodrow

Everything is just beautiful, as usual !
Loving the buffet the most ! Thanks for the instructions.


What a transformation-it brightens up the room!


Karla It turned out beautiful!! I am loving this technique and , you will probably think I am crazy but I am wondering what you think about using this as a wall treatment? I still have that dining room that I need to do something with and I am loving the crackling, aged look of your buffet and would love that on my walls!
That frame is so gorgeous and the picture just seems to pop now with it's new look!

bee blessed


You did a great job with your faux work. I agree that I like the frame painted better than NOT! I will get back with you on the flowers when I get a little further along on the book. I have a few (3 or 4) from the package of blossoms I bought from you a few weeks back. I need to do the pages & see what they say. You know how things you are creating "SPEAK" to you when you begin working on them... I hope to get started tomorrow. Today was doctor appointments(he's doing GREAT but, tires easily) & taking his truck in & leaving it for a big service(since he can't drive it was the perfect time for our son to help me get it dropped off) HUGS!

Janet Ghio

I think it looks fabulous!!

Eileen Elder

Awesome work on that frame Miss Karla! Beautiful as always, and the close up pictures of the crackle finish are wonderful. I want to crackle EVERYTHING right now. Mine never seems to get that look though :-) Have a wonderful night! Eileen


Karla...as usual ,absolutely gorgeous,you do a smashing job...I love the finished product...I cant believe you painted it on the wall!!!good for you...Lorraine

Diane Knott

Karla, I think it looks beautiful!!! So does the buffet. Let someone in the future cringe when they try to strip it. It's yours! Enjoy it! The whole room is so pulled together after your paint job.


Good decision....both pieces look great in your room!


Yes, yes! You did the right thing! The frame looks amazing and so does the buffet.


Karla you are fab...I loved that you painted the frame while talking to you MIL...I love your sense of adventure..makes me wanna go to it, maybe I will lol

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, you're SO talented and you make it sound so laissez-faire easy. All of your painting is fab. That frame got a wonderful lightening up and I think it looks even better now with your magic painting treatment.


I think you did a wonderful thing by painting it! That looks great!


Such a great mirror....Very pretty~~ Miss Karla!
I loved how you aged it too:)

Kay Ellen


Hey Sweet Karla! The mirror is so much more "you" now, good job! I like that you did it in spite of it being "worth more" the other way. It is yours, you should do what you want with it! Am so looking forward to getting the Baby Book from the boutique, the girl wanted me to make her something scrapbook-y and girly, and I think that foofing up this 1940s book will be the perfect compromise! Your Friend, Bobbi

Laraine Atherton

Dear Karla......You and you transformations are just amazing. I am following along your idea of a no orange halloween and have been making some ghostly tags in off white and sepia. I plan on decorating the entrance hall of my house. I wish I had the guts to paint the little antique mirrored table I have there.

olivia parazine

Oh my heavens you did such an amazing job! I just love it and I think it looks fabulous painted white!



I am just not that much of purist and I adore the frame transformation and even like it better than the before, it really makes the artwork stand out. I'll be wearing one of Beth's cones as a dunce hat after I messed up my banner but at least I'll look cute ;c) You two are posting faster than I can craft! Looks like more homework for me.


I paint a lot, and I LOVE what you did! Thanks for the


Karla, you did an amazingly job,-the close up pictures shows what an artist you are, -everything looks old and used,and beautifull-and not at all new painted- the wonderfull old painting looks great in it`s "new" frame.
It is all very beautifull, and your dining room looks fantastic.Also love the cone you made.
Hugs, Dorthe


Wow! Everything looks amazing.

I love how the buffet looks splotchy. I'm not sure how you accomplished that.



Hi Karla... LOVE the transformation!! See, I still want to paint the little frame I showed last week, EVERYONE said NO... but we'll see:-)
I haven't thought to use crackle since the eighties when everything was smothered in it... you are so right a little in selective areas look awesome! I love to see your projects, Thanks!


Beautiful projects....

Warm blessings,


Yep, you made the right choice! Did you make over the frame and the chest both in one day?! Now that's a "Just do it!" I can appreciate!


You are so brave and talented! I would never have the courage - it took me forever to decide to paint an old table that sits on the porch. I love the server and frame turned out.



It really DID turn out beautiful, Karla~ wonderful transformation!

The Swedish Room

Hi everything looks beautiful. You did a great job on the buffet and frame. You dining room look wonderful. Have a good weekend.
The Swedish Room

Mitzi Curi

Wow, what a great post! I appreciate having instructions included so that I can refer back if I decide to try a similar paint treatment. Your links to the link parties are appreciated too. I need to try joining a few, as I've just been admiring from afar. Oh, and your Mini Cinderella from the last post is so adorable, as always.


Thanks for the tutorial and GREAT idea about party hats as cones! Duh. But I never thought of it!


Wonderful walk through on your altered mirror. That room is gorgeous for sure.

Hydrangeas are my favorite too. I have one remaining plant out of 3, it has yet to bloom for me. You have given me hope.


I think you did a fabulous job... I love that crackle glaze too and have 'aged' many things with it and feel it gives an authentic look that isn't too contrived and obvious faux aging. Sometimes you have to be bold and please yourself with your Lovelies, I feel you made the right choice having this piece, that you plan on keeping, just the way YOU want to enjoy it best. Thanks for telling us your process, it differs slightly from mine so the next time I age something I'm going to try it this way because it does look worth the effort and extra steps.

Dawn... The Bohemian

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