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September 25, 2010


Lesley Walker

I do so agree about magic. It's in all of us as long as we can be childlike and innocent enough to let it out. Sugar wings is an inspiration. She just sums it all up. Much as I love my grandchildren they are all very practical and down to earth. BUT, I've just become a great grandmother, (a week ago) so I have great hopes for this new babe, (Zane)


What a lovely post, it put a big smile on my face.


Karla, This is such a beautiful and thought-provoking post - lovely images and ideas! You are truly a creative wonder woman! I love your blog!

Sandi Van Winkle

Thanks for the lovely party and magic! Have an incredibly fabulous day! I did not have time to participate in this party, but maybe next year. Just wanted to stop by and enjoy the magical day!

Kathy Uhrig

Love the photos in this post, especially your little Sugarwings floating in the air - wonderful shot!

Layla Morgan Wilde

I really enjoyed this and the fact you mentioned the book. Many don't realize the film was adapted from the book. Have a magical day!

Feathers & Flight

Your Work is Absolutely Beautiful!
Thank you for Sharing!


Alice Hoffman. Yes. I met her last year and she is amazing! I've read every one of her books and I own most of them. Love Practical Magic. Loved the words you had to say, today! They are all so true. Time doesn't stand still, create a little magic in your life! Have a wonderful weekend! - Kathy


An absolutely enchanting post. Your creations are gorgeous!!


What a lovely post!!


We have to be kindred spirits... I find myself just laughing and nodding and sending you the very best of thanks for all the magic you bring to my life... I LOVE Practical Magic AND Chocolat... They are favorites of mine in any weather, but something about this cooler temperature that sends me scampering to the Lime in the Coconut song, too...

jasmoon butterfly

beautiful post thank you for sharing your magic!
Trace oxo

Lenora Moore

Love your comments about Life and Family and Love and Magic. LOVE the crowns! So great! Magical Post! If you care come and join us for ours! More Practical Magic at Practical Magic - How To Make A Magic Wand

LiLi M.

Beautiful post Karla and all so true! Love the magical crowns!

Faerie Sage

It is so nice seeing people find magic in there everyday lives, which you so obviously have, enjoy the part but really enjoy the magic.

My link has not been added yet but feel free to stop by at

Wendy Bearden

Hey Karla,
What a Magical post. YOu are so right, magic surrounds us everyday. I love Sugarwings walking with her feet above the ground. Beautiful.
She has learned how to use the wings looks like.
Have a wonderfully enchanting and magical day.
thank you for the wonderful class and the great party.
The crowns are positively gorgeous.
Spells and Wishes,
Wendy from Wonderland

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Everyone can use a little magic in their lives.And with a little one like Sugarwings how can you avoid seeing the new magic every day !

ticia fountaine

Your post really touched my heart!! So very true, magic and love is around us everyday if we only open our eyes and hearts to it! The name Sugarwings in wonderful, definitely adopting that for a member of my kitty family!!! The picture of your sissy with her eyes closed and that wonderful wreath truly brought tears to my eyes. That is one very special woman, you can see it in the way she holds herself. I am so glad I have discovered your blog through the Practical Magic blog party. I am now a follower and look forward to checking in regularly! When you come home check out my party post please... I hope you like it My blog site is correspondence with the muses (on the blog role) or click the blog button in my home page at www.triciafountainedesign.com. Thank you so much for your lovely work and PLEASE enter me for your give away, anything you make I would love to call my own!


It was "magic" when I discovered your blog today! I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at all the beautiful things you have created. Thanks for showing so many gorgeous treasures.


Lovely post for the PM party. Love and Magic are all around us every day if only we choose to open our eye, minds and hearts.

Brightest Blessings,


What a beautiful Practical Magic Party Post. Thank you so much. Your creations are so elegant and beautiful and inspiring. :)

If you have not already done so, please feel free to fly over and sit with me a spell...



Celina Matthews

I really enjoyed your post! And you're right, dressing up is just as fun now as when I was a kid! Thank you for the great time!

Patty in Kansas

As usual...you have written and photographed another amazing post...hope you are having a great time in Texas. Patty in Kansas


Your are so right. I was a typical responsible first born and I never learned how to play.

I need to learn to do that now.



What an enchanting post! Your crowns are just wonderful. I am like you, I don't like scary or gory for Halloween. Magical and mystical is better!

Have a magical day, Kelly


Thank you!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

A most wonderful post, Karla. I loved Practical Magic too! p.s. I'm sure you're having an incredible time in Texas with Beth (I'm dying to go back there again sometime)

'Aunt Amelia'

Thank you for participating in the Practical Magic Party. So happy to have found you, thus.

I'm a 'Nana,' who really needs to find more magic in her life... Not just at certain times of year. Thank you for the inspiration.

Gentle hugs,
'Auntie,' being "Aunt Bridget" for the weekend

Cheryl Dolby

So far, your post of Practical Magic is my favorite! I love how you show your hats and sisters and that lovely beam of pure crystal light..beutiful!

Miss Linda

Oh my, what a creative post. I had a wonderful time. Your art work is amazing and your extras made it very special. Please visit me:


Magical fun post, Practical Magic is one of my faves.
Will have to get the book for sure.

mercedes scott

i hope you're having a wonderful weekend get-away with the girls! Your post is magical... I especially love the crowns. Wondering if you're putting them in your shoppe? You should think about a crown tutorial class; there are several out there but your crowns are sooo beautiful, and you do such a great job of breaking it down so we can follow... :) mercedes


Morning Karla....what a great post...your right,some times we just miss the magic...too caught up in our lives....but we have women like you ,who remind us...thanx...Lorraine

Kerryanne English

I really enjoyed this beautiful post Karla and yes, we must believe in the magic.
Hope you are having a fab time spending up BIG in Texas.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Kris Pare

Karla, I love all the pictures but your little one is so sweet! I too enjoy the mystery/magic and not the gory of Halloween. I've been doing some sweet Halloween with my 3yr old in mind plus my favorite combo of black/white with some pop which I've posted on my blog.



What can I say? Kindred spirits can be found everywhere! :) Thanks for this magical post.

-- Birgit


Your magical crowns are so pretty! Hope you had fun in Texas, and I am sure you did. I also love the movie Practical Magic....very good.

Michelle Cummings

What a wonderful post! Love all your wicked delights! I hope you'll come "fly" over to my blog and see what I have been brewing!


Wonderful rainbows and magic! Such sweet pics, love the flying wee fairy :)


Fantastic party post! Stop on over to enter my giveaway too! Brightest Blessings!


This is a simply magical post!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

You are absolutely right, Karla! Life is too short not to enjoy all these things. It is unfortunate that somewhere between childhood and menopause we lose that! I am starting a new part of my life as I come up to my 47th birthday {which is on Halloween}. I'm a new grandmother, I think I started (in recent months) peri-menopause, quitting smoking in May (I think) triggered a thyroid issue ~ some interesting, a little confusing, but happy days ahead.

Amy Bauer

You hardly look silly. You look joyful! ... and the word PRACTICAL is in the title for a reason. All of the magic and wonder and creativity is actually PRACTICAL, because it fills your cup so you overflow and share with others...it gives you the motivation to live life to the fullest! Yeah for spontanaity too.... kudos to you for blasting to Roundtop! - Amy Bauer


The magic of life lives in the child that resides within us. Many times I feel foolish scavenging the neighbourhood garbage for treasures,or looking for fossils in the wood, picking up rusty old things on the street , gathering shells and sea-glass on the beach, or spotting a sparkly find hidden in a seam, like a crow, I dart in to retrieve ,an old fuddy duddy who finds the simplest things are the best treat of the day; especially when they become part of my artwork and suddenly magic begins.

~^..^~ *Annabelle.
Loved your post.


You and your precious Sugar Wings are absolutely adorable! Looks like fun fun fun at your house.

All I ever go seems to be cleaning and such.

And, of course, some fun swaps which you just hosted.

Got my Wizard of Oz tags off this weekend.

You are just having way too much fun and what a lift to watch all the gorgeous pics you take!


OMGoodness! I love the Shadows in the Night crown/tiara.
I've always been interested in the practical magic of women (especially sisters) and the wavelength that transcends our thoughts from one to another... Enjoy your trip. Can't wait to see what you bring back.


Love your post! Many times I have told you how I love your light hearted way of living and the joy you possess. Magic is always found here. Have a safe trip to and from Round Top and have fun!!!


Your tiaras are beautiful! One of these days, I'll get around to making one. Have fun at Round Top. Our part of TX has cooled significantly this week.


Karla, you are a most sweet and beautifull witch, soo love your hat, and that you are wearing it with witch-pride.
The photoes of you and Sugarwings, are wonderfull,-and your crowns -fantastic-----
You are the dearest fairy, and the round photo of you two, is just pure love- makes me miss my little one sooooo much,:)
Hugs, from Dorthe


Welcome to Texas. :)

I just love the crowns you made. Those are wonderful. I also love the way the prisms in your front door cause all those tiny rainbows. I love and have prisms, but not like that one! NIIIICCEEEE!!!

I hope you are enjoying your time down here. It must have known you were coming because it's cooled off sooooo much!

Faith, trust, and faerie dust!


Lynn @thevintagenest

Pure magic I tell ya! Pure magic! I tell my Bobby G. all the time that it's all around you.....that all you have to do is look :)


Love and miss you too.

Kelli Lusk

The crowns you made look wonderful and magical. I have had so much fun going by everyones parties.


What a beautiful magical post! I so enjoyed seeing the projects and your photos are gorgeous!

Susan G

What a MAGICALLY delightful post!!! I love it:) you all look so happy and full of life. I am envious, my kids are grown and basically out!(no grandkids--yet) my sister is a cold, bitchy, bossy woman.

My connection to other women is through the wonder and magic that is the internet!

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peace n love,
I'm a new joiner :)

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