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September 29, 2010


My Blessed Serendipity Life

I love those flowers too. I think there must be around 51 of those corsages!


Laraine Atherton

Dear Karla.....that dress is beautiful!( I think I have one very similar ) You look Wonderful and Happy. I can't wait to see the pictures of your haul when you get home.


I love that dress...comfy and cool trumps fancy and hot...I guess 65 corsages..


I am guessing 70. Looked like a blast. You


I am crazy for "Seed" and that letter "K"...such great photos. This was my first time visiting. I'll be back. I think I'll guess...60

Riased In Cotton~Carol

LOLOLOLOL~ Oh Karla~ That dress is so pretty and you looked Texas Beautiful:))) I am really glad Beth decided to hold your eyes open~ from now on anyone standing by you in a photo has to be the "Karla Eye Opener":)))

Hanging out with all those sweet girls was a blast and lets plan on going next Spring!

Ok, I am going to find me a dress just like yours:))
Hugs, Carol

can't enter cuz I know how many:))


I am going to guess 23. What a WONDERFUL find!!


I'm going to guess 79. Congrats on the great deal!



Hi Karla,
oh man you scored big! I would have to guess 92. xxxxing my body hoping i guessed right!

Mosaic Magpie

My guess is 63! Hope I win like you did with that basket of goodies.

Janet Ghio

You do look gleeful!! Can't believe when I lived in Texas for four years, I never heard of or went to Roundtop!! How fun to meet Jodie-she has a fabulous blog! and seems like she would be lots of fun!


I guess 42. :) Looks like you had a great time.

Stephanie O.

How fun! As one of the many who love Jodie, I know you just had a blast with her as your tour guide...She's a great girl...

Congrats on your vintage flowers/corsage purchase. Good for u...

Also, just sent Dorothy tags this morning via priority. You should have them on Friday...Sorry for being tardy!

Wanda Contreras

love your pictures. i think around 75!!! I LOVE the last picture you look like a kid after being in a CANDY STORE!!!

best regards,



Morning Karla...what fun...like I`ve said...one day I will get there...I want to see Magnolia Pearl so bad...I love her clothes...the house is cool..but a touch much for my taste...more your style...anyway glad you had a hoot..my guess is 47...have a good day...Lorraine


I think the dress is great! Love the "polygamist escapee" description -- but I think it would have to be darker, longer, fuller, and your hair would need to be in a bun :) I want to guess 56.


HAHA! I have been eagerly waiting for your post-TX review and it certainly did not disappoint! SO happy you had such a good time! I personally loved the dress! Your "polygamist escapee" description was a hoot! WOW! You did hit the mother-load of fun flowers! My guess is 95. Have a BLESSED day! =)

Sandy O'Donovan

I think there 102 flowers...hope I'm even close.


Looks like so much fun! What super-great pictures of all of you girls too! Thanks for sharing.


you just looks so sweet in that dress, and not at all,too old for that, dear.
LOVE ALL THE BEAUTY IN YOUR PHOTOES. Goes for you girls,too,lol---
I guess there might be 85 flowers!!!!

Cheryl Stoneham

What fun, Karla. I would say 52 corsages.....

Katsui Jewelry

OK, I am guessing 110 because I am counting all the little flowers in there, too! What fun, Karla! You look like you all had a wonderful time.I love hearing of blog people who just "connect" so easily.

Listen, I am with Dorthe. You look terrific in that dress. You don't even have fat arm tops!!! You do need some of those gladiator sandals, though (lol...I would have my tennies on, too. Comfort is all!)



Well, since you are truly the "hat whisperer" I would say.... 135. wow!


Sounds like a wonderful time -- and yes, you're whispering loudly!


Hi Karla
One can definately see how much fun you girls had on that trip. Everything looks so amazing and so much great stuff. I would have loved to be there too. And I do think you look pretty in that dress.
Thanks for sharing.
the flowers: hmmmm 85


I'm so glad you liked Texas shopping!! *114*


You silly girl, you look absolutely lovely in that dress, and you are most definitely NOT too old to pull it off.
I love the photograph of you gals together, how lovely to see some of my favourite bloggers in the flesh, so to speak.
What a fabulous find those corsages were, a true bargain if ever there was one. How about 37? Is that anywhere close?

Amy Bauer

You must be on sensory overload! It looks like a great time was had by all. I think your dress was perfect. It looks great on you and is cool too-boot. I'm going with a corsage guess of 42. - Amy Bauer


I think you looked FABULOUS in that dress!! Good for you!
Looks like you had a wonderful time with great people! ;-)
I'm guessing 48 corsages in the basket..


Hi Karla,
That was a fun post and you look amazing in that dress!!! I'm going with 51.


Dear Baby Jane Nathan,
Oh I thought it was an urban myth your whispering skills. If I'd not seen it for myself I'd swear you were a fraud! LOL I couldn't believe you'd already scored a baby for $6 before I even met up with you. That picture of you holding the bag of beauties is my favorite. I don't think Lily was that happy at American Girl! Hope everything was good for you when you got home (with the exception of the smell). Thank you so much for coming to vist. I'll be rolling up to KS soon! Lisa


Ahhhh, you know that there's no living with Mr. Twig after these glowing posts you and Beth put up, right? His head is now the size of a watermelon. ;-)

What a fabulous re-cap of your time spent in Warrenton, and that pic of Beth holding your eyes open? Priceless. Bless your heart, you DO know that your eyes are closed in the pic I posted too, right? :-)

I'm going to have to sit out the guessing game, as Lisa spilled the number to me on the phone this afternoon.

Again, it was a delight and a pleasure to meet you, and hopefully I'll see you again in the Spring, if not sooner!


Leanne Shawler

I'm going to guess 50. Although my fingers typed 40 even though I was thinking 50. Can I guess a range?


I think there are 43 flowers in the lot. You look pretty in your floral dress.

Jenny Sellars

hmmm lets say 38....great post though! I see lots of stuff in the backgrounds I would have loved to have gotten! And thank you for the link to seed box...uber cool!!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

What makes you think you couldn't pull that dress off? YOu looked fine to me, and comfortable!

I WISH they still made those dresses. Whenever I watch "Steel Magnolias" and all the women are wearing them, I wish I had one! They're so pretty, airy, and cool.

Oh, um.....I'll go with 69 flowers.


Robin Sanchez

Im guessing 75. You look pretty happy to me.....score.

Looks like you girls had fun. I just love Jodie......you are right she knows EVERYONE.




I just love your sense of humor about the dress...you are funny! I really do love the lacy tshirt you had on! I am guessing 32 flowers.

Bianca G

Hmmm...I'm going to guess 73 flowers. What a great variety of flowers.


Karla...I LOVE these pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lori oles

Hmmm...I am going to 56. I am loving you in that dress, you looked pretty. I am glad you had a great time.

Nancy Stone

Karla: You look great in that so shabby chic pint dress. I am going to guess 123 flowers. Love the K.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage

Hello Karla!
It looks like you girls had a wonderful time...great pictures and I LOVE your dress! I think you 'pull it off' perfectly. I'm guessing that there are 72 flowers in your stash. Have a wonderful Thursday.
Maura :)

Sue Profit

Your photos are great & I see SO many things I want! I'm going to guess 84 flowers. Thanks for sharing the fun with us. :)


I'm going with my first thought 105.
Glad you are having fun.


beverly h

I'm going to guess 66 flowers...

Will this post count as an entry for the ghost, too?

Looked like a great market!

Eileen Elder

You look HAPPY and fabulous in that dress. I know you had a wonderful time, and thanks for posting all the great pictures!

olivia parazine

Oh man, I have wanted to go to the markets in Texas for some time and my goodness it looks like fun! My guess is 74 flowers. Love your super deal. Also I saw you in one of the new magazines that is out, I am going to search your page to find it. I am pretty sure it was your stuff! I will feature your shot in this mag on my blog if I can find it! I am so thrilled you gals had fun!

Deborah Woodrow

Hi Karla. Glad you had a good time, in Texas ! We missed you, here in Colorado !

Loved you got those gorgeous flowers. My guess is 67.

Wish I could have came along ! Hope you post more pics !
Deborah Woodrow

Zita - Mlle Magpie

My guess is 80. Loving your Texas photos, Karla. Looks like you had a ball there, and having been there last year, I never doubted that. You just cannot have a bad time at such an amazing show, with all of those wonderful people.

Lynn B.

Hi There Karla,

Just went to Warrenton yesterday, Wednesday. It was great as always. And yes you are correct, sticker price. I have seen it each year go up and up but that is happening everywhere, even the grocery store. But like you, we found many bargains to be had. Roundtop Warrenton is the experience, not just what you bring home.

I think you brought home 87 flowers from that basket, which was fantastic also. Thanks for sharing your life in your blog. I enjoy the experience!


Debbie Dusenberry

IT'S ABOUT TIME you and Beth made it to Texas. I am sure you were basking in your element. Cannot wait to hear all the details.


As soon as I saw the pic with your friend holding your eyes, I didn't even have to scroll down and read what you wrote! It cracked me up, right away. My sister does that too. Looks like she's been in the cooking Sherry every time the flash goes off! Love that pic!

I also have the same doll that's in the first pic. It was my mother's in the late 40's. Soon as all the kids are out of my house, I'll put it out, so I can actually enjoy it. Right now she's in the dark cover of a box. Poor thing.


Great photos! And O-MY!! What a steal on that basket of corsages. {perhaps a good illustration for mothers everywhere to use when their child asks why they need to learn this icky math stuff anyway} Hilarious comparison words you shared about your dress...but I thought it looked perfect for this venue!

My guess...88.

Sheila R

Love the K! Looks like you had a great time!!1

My guess 93


I love the dress you were wearing...pretty and comfy. Looks like a good time!


Looks like our North TX heat left and went down to Round Top!

I'm guessing you have 117 flowers in that basket.

Patty in Kansas

Karla...your remarks about the dress were hilarious, but you looked great in it....your face in each photo shows the joy you had on the trip. How about 37 for the number of flowers? Glad you are home safely.. Patty in Kansas


first, you rocked that dress!!! and the eye candy!!!! you must have had the time of your life!!! can't wait to see you!!!

hugs from ny,

*major computer issues this summer, but i'm back!!!


Hi Karla,
I think you look sweet in the dress and I really like your
"Happy" face holding your mother lode of: 42 flowers!!
Glad that you had a great time and are home safe.


Amy Cooper

Hi Karla, I feel like I have met you already, and I hope too someday. you have been an inspiration to me and my friend too.

I guess 125 flowers. I hope I am at least close. Love all the pics. Thank you for sharing!
Amy Cooper

Anji Johnston

You rock in that dress!! I think it looks cool and classy and just right for the occasion! So glad you had a great time - it looked like a blast.
Flowers - NO idea! 111?
Good luck everyone!

Debra Ganas

Wonderful picture packed post. I feel like I was there. Kinda, Sorta. I guess 87 along with Lynn.



THAT gleeful photo is the best photo of you I've ever seen. I wish there was always someone there to capture the rapture of finding a great score!!!! I'm glad TX lived up to your expectations, so pretty-please: come in the spring so we can ALL HANG OUT! XOX

Antica Etsy

Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos with us! Thank you for visiting my blog too, I was very happy to create those goodies for the blog party.


Sandy O'Donovan

Karla... I just read the clarification...each flower...well, can I submit another guess? If this doesn't count, oh well...but, I'm going to guess 222 and this time hope that I'm right on. Have a fun day! Sandy

Karla Nathan

Jodie (everything vintage)

Even though I wasn't with you when you found that wonderful basket of flowers, I thought that for a moment that the skies opened up and I heard angels singing around me when I was driving to meet y'all.
(but it was just elton john...or that's what i thought until i see your photo here! maybe it really was angels!!!)
You look soooo happy!!!! I can't believe you counted each bloom! Don't you have a life Karla? hahahahahahahaha

Thank you for those sweet words girl. You're giving me waaaay too much credit ;)

Can we all go back again this weekend? No? Can we do something else then? I miss ya'll!!!!

oh..and the dress. the dress!!! i forgot to tell you. as you were taking the photo shoot on the bench, many men walked up to me and gave me their phone numbers to give to you. they want you to call them. i think they want you to be one of their wives or something. I was so hot, I was delusional but I do have the list of phone numbers...I'll drop them in the mail to you! ;)

dang i miss ya'll.
it was just too short.


Yes, you do look happy, and who can blame you? How fun, thanks for showing us all the fun!!

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