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September 16, 2010


Thespoena McLaughlin

Wow! Great decor Karla! Thanks for sharing it!


Beautiful Karla~~I need to do some of the same throw away or give away piles~~need my creative space cleared out! annnnnd the never ending over flowing garage:)))

I have only watched that show one time too...I agree very scary and sad :(

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Ohhh and I Love your garden gazebo!!


Mitzi Curi

Isn't "Hoarders" frightful? To a certain degree, I can identify with the folks on the show, because I have a tendency to hoard craft supplies, especially if they are vintage. Then, I'm reluctant to use them up. For example, I have some great vintage Dennison crepe paper. I don't know what I'm saving it for, but I'm beginning to think it will end up decorating my coffin someday!


Dear Karla,
all the Romantic ghotic ghosts pieces are so wonderfull looking in your decorations,-this is a super workshop, Thanks for all great ideas.
I hope your back won`t be too painfull, now, when all the Silver Bella`s are to visit you, how fun it must be, meeting up, some of you, to play.

If you saw the photoes from my workroom, bach then---you know I`m a kind of hoarder,too, regarding my workspace,--what to do???
XO Dorthe

Nancy Stone

Dear Karla: I received my gelly roll pen from the drawing in today's mail. I love the way you packaged it. Thank you.
I watch Hoarders, too. I use it as "therapy" since I have a hard time throwing out magazines, and things that I don't need. It is hard to explain to people (my husband) why I might need it, whatever it is. I try not to buy new supplies unless I actually run out of the product.

How are the cats?

Deborah Woodrow

Hi Karla...your Iron Gazebo is GORGEOUS rust and all !
Love the Morning Glory vine on it too ! I'm sure your craft day will be glorious !
Well, about the Hoarders show, I'm sure we all save things from time to time. And, remember this. Its from someones saving things that this generation can enjoy the CRAFT/ART LIFE that we enjoy right now ! THANK A HOARDER FOR THAT !
Take it from someone who lost a loved one, a Son...Ladies we only live once !
I'm not about to allow someone, a total stranger dictate to me what I can buy, use, save, have in my home, or give away, or donate !
My hubby and I give all the time. BUT its my choice NOT A TELEVISION STATIONS ! And if by chance, I DO become a hoarder someday...OH WELL, WHO REALLY CARES ANYWAY ???
I will then, have thousands of LOVELY THINGS TO LOOK AT, after I'm gone, RIGHT ?


Oh so sorry to hear about your back. Yes, don't stress, it's all about having fun with the girls. And you know how they all feel about you!

I've never seen hoarders - but maybe I don't want to:)

Love the gazebo as is! I'm hoping to sign-up for the Goth Class after things settle down a bit here at The Old Parsonage.


Janice Rehmeyer

I hope you are feeling better. I have problems with my back and knees. So i know where you are coming from. Sometimes it is even hard to get up or sitdown.

Oh well i am still here and that to me is a very good thing.

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

So glad to hear you are coming to Texas. Looking forward to meeting you.


Oh girl, Hoarders is cur-AZY! The only thing scarier is Animal Hoarders. Don't watch it, you'll freak out. Lay down & rest your back, the Bella's will be in heaven just being included in one of your famous craft-a-thons. I've really had fun playing with your gothic tutorials. My sister came to visit & hi-jacked my banner project, now I need to make one for me. You guys did a fantastic job! Lisa


I just signed up for Gothic Ghosts last night so I vote yes for more giveaways to include the newbies! I can't wait to get started! The projects are so cute!


I can't wait to see you!!

Katsui Jewelry

Oh, I just wait for the day that the Hoarders will come and get me! Really scary!!!

I hope my two Bella Little Sisters are going to make it to your party...Julir Jones and Merry Gray. You will meet them before me! We are in Prague now and I am having a wonderful time but I can't sleep. I will not be there!



So sorry to hear about your back but you have a really great attitude. I hope you and the Bella's have a wonderful time and I am pretty certain they won't notice anything but your great smile and hospitality plus all those drool worthy pretties around your home.


Hope you are resting your back and trying some ice to help with the discomfort. I am sooo sad that I don't live nearby....cause this Bella wants to come play in Karla's (wonderful) Cottage!!! Please do a Christmas or other E-zine, because yours/Beths is one of the best I have ever been involved in!!


What fun!!!! Hope your back is better. I see you get to come to Round Top with Beth!!! I can't wait to see you guys again at Theresa's Blog Party. You must be using those fairy wings to get everything you have going done!!!! HUGS!


I'm sorry to hear about your back, but I'm thinking the energy therapy and massages will really help it heal much quicker. And I'm sure the Bellas are just looking forward to having a good time at your party...they won't even notice what got painted and what didn't. :) So rest up and have a great time at your party!

Patty in Kansas

Karla....get well quickly with your back .... I love your posts...and don't you feel GOOD when you sort things out in your studio? I am always more energized when my work space is tidy and I can actually find things. Patty


Ohoh, I don't like the sound of that show "Hoarders" at all! Thankfully, we don't have it in the UK, phew. I must be one of the worst hoarders around, lol.
Have a wonderful time with the Bellas, but look after your back!
I only got back from France a week ago and missed the wonderful Gothic workshop when it started. Should I, could I still take part? Would I feel a right ninny, lol, having missed so much? Oh, I am so tempted.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Hope your back is all better soon, Karla. Pain is an awful thing. I'm sure you're going to have a ball with the Bellas in your studio!


The Gothic Workshop looks like it was wonderful!!!
no surprise there.
Your Gazebo is perfect just the way it is,full of charm and history.
I do watch the occasional hoarders. I jokingly refered to myself as a hoarder before I saw the show. I also love to watch Peter Walsh help the hoarders. I have learned so much about why we hang onto what we do. It has helped me sort what is important and what is not.
Take care of you

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

HAHAHA! OH, I LOOOOVE Hoarders! You know, there's another show just like it called, "Hoarders, Buried Alive!" I DVR both of them! Talk about a way to get inspired to clean and reorganize. It WORKS!

BUT, as artisans, you have to allow some hoarding. Let's face it, you gotta have the right tools for the job!


debbie york

Aren't Hoarders and Criminal Minds the same show...no?
Girl, do not do anything to throw that back out before you get to Texas!
Beautiful images and I adore the gazebo!
P.S. What variety of hydrangeas do you plant that bloom in later summer/early fall?

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I hope you feel better soon
Were all hoarders at heart aren't we


Oh, you'll have such fun with your Bella friends -- I can't wait to see photos! I agree about Hoarders!!


Your workshop looks like such fun! Pretty stuff.

And LOL about Hoarders, I watch that to make me feel normal.

Hey, I can't wait to meet you in Warrenton...my BFF Lisa told me you'd be there with my other bestie, Jodie. Yay!!!



I received my pen I won and love it! You always package everything so beautifully. Thank you so much♥

I wish I lived closer so I could come play but will see you at Silver Bella very soon!!



Catching up after Hell Week. Hope by now you are feeling much better. I may well be one who comes to take your class online later -- I've seen so many wonderful things! Glad it will still be available!

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