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October 25, 2010



Beautiful photos! Praying for a safe delivery for mother and sweet Mayara!

Kim Hanauer

Karla, what lovely pictures! There`s nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. Your sweet "Gypsy Girl" is simply gorgeous! Mother and child will certainly be in my prayers- Kim


You know she will be in my thoughts and prayers!!


Karla, -how wonderfull, you are doing a workshop on that wonderfull event, congratulations.

Your photoes of your beautifull daughter in law, looks fantastic,-she looks fantastic--
I so hope she will feel better,the last amount of time, before birth of the child- and wishes all of you blessings for her and the baby.
Hugs from Dorthe


How exciting! The mini workshop will be a delightful thing to look forward to over the next year.

Fervent prayers in the more immediate month(s) that Mayara and Mommy are healthy!


Morning Karla...what gorgeous.pics...these beautiful enlightened girls our sons bring home are so fabulous...so much more cerebral & conscious of themselves... I`m 65 ,but have learned so much from my 2 sons choices...we are here to learn aren`t we?..we are waiting for baby ..your are so great about keeping us informed,thank you for sharing your very busy life with us...Lorraine

LiLi M.

Beautiful photos Karla, even yours (just kidding of course ;-)
I'm sending positive vibes to all your girls!


Are those actual tatoos of butterflies on her back?? Best wishes for a safe birth.


Mother of six! WOW! She is beautiful! I love the photos! Good luck, I know you can't hardly wait! Best wishes to all involved!

Jennifer Hayslip

Beautiful photos of your Gypsy girl! SO magical and pretty. Her butterfly tat's are beautiful as well. I will keep her and the baby in my thoughts and prayers. XOXO,Jenn


Those photos are great of the gypsy mama!Poor girl! I was in labor with my son for 6 days every night from 10pm till 6am they would go to every 15 minutes and then during the day, every half hour! I was miserable and worn out! Lets hope that sweet baby comes soon!


Dear Karla...lovely pictures ..will keep your newest fairy in my thoughts..take care..

Rose Brier Studio

Beautiful mama. She and the beloved baby are in my prayers.

Jenn's Fairy fest is so tempting. I've always been sorry I didn't attend her first one. And all the teachers are very special ladies!
xoxo ~Marilee

olivia parazine

This event sounds fabulous...I would love to go! The preg pics are just darling!

Kerryanne English

Those photos are so beautiful Karla. Not taking anything away from your photo taking skills, but don't pregnant women just glow. Such a magical time. Hope all goes well over this last part of their pregnancy journey.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


She is a beautiful girl, and the pictures are adorable....I pray that she and baby girl will come through it all just fine...I bet SugarWings is excited by it all too...I hope she gets along with all of her new siblings...that is a lot for a little fairy to accept in her life...I hope it all turns out to be a wonderful fairy tale...

Kris Pare

Those pictures are wonderful and sending warm fairy wishes your way. I loved Jenn's first event and working to arrange to come to Asheville--gosh, it's just up the mountain from me.


Awww, she's so beautiful...she just glows! And capturing her tats in the pics just makes the photos look even more magical...love those butterflies!
I'll be praying for both of your precious girls.


She's a beautiful girl. I will keep her in my prayers!

I am so excited about Jenn's event. That will be in my home state so I will definitely be able to come! That is so awesome that you will be teaching!



What gorgeous mommy to be photos those are, she is just glowing! Keeping you all in my prayers for baby's safe arrival. I agree, you can't ever have too many people in your life to love. Many blessings on your new little one!

Jenny Sellars

Darnit! The 25th is a GREAT day for a baby!! (my birthday) Good luck! You guy are all in my thoughts!

Robin Carr

Finally something wonderful I can go to. I live an hour and a half from Asheville!! This is so exciting. Hope your grandbaby arrives safely. My 2 year old granddaughter was in a car wreck today and I know how scary it is when you are worried about those babies.

Katsui Jewelry

She is so beautiful. I do love photos of pregnant women! I hope the rest of her pregnancy goes well. Oh, you are the perfect teacher for the fairy program. It looks like a wonderful event! Have a great time. There are so many fun programs going on right now, however, I am just trying to get the darn SB swaps done. Next year, one swap!!!!!!!
P.S. There is a lovely joint jewelry swap done by myself and Robin Thomas (A Nest with a View). We would love to have you come and sign up.


Beautiful pictures!

It's such a blessing for a mother to love the woman he brings
home. I think it's so exciting that sugarwings will have a little sister. My nephew is 8 and his brother is four. They are such good friends, now.



Hi Karla,
Oh the pictures are lovely!! Sending good wishes
and prayers. You will be such a fun teacher at the
Once Upon a Dream workshop.

Cheryl Dolby

As usual, I love the photography and your sentiments. "You can never have too many people to love." How beautiful. Good luck, thinking of your family now and hope all goes well for a beautiful baby.

debbie york

I didn't look that fabulous before I had children...much less afterwards!
Hope all is going smoothly. Mayara...perfect name for a gypsette.

Deborah Woodrow


Love the pics of your sons beloved, and grandchild to be !
Hope & pray everything goes smoothly.

Also, love the idea of you having a teaching class, in the upcoming craft event. I know you will blow them away !

Love & prayers,


She's a beautiful young woman -- and I'm so envious of her fertility! I love how you said your family works together, and you're right: you can't have too many people to love! Congratulations on teaching a class next year -- it sounds like a lot of fun!

andrea singarella

Looking so forward to the event and seeing you, Karla!
My prayers are with baby and mama....hoping for a quick and healthy birth.


I love how you embrace your world and those who flock to you!
Gyspy Mama is beautiful; I will be happy when the new baby has arrived, safe n' sound!

The class sounds wonderful I live in NC, might have to try to get to this one. I think it is 5hrs away, west in the mountains! Lovely country, so they say(I'm a transplant from New England)~


Hi Karla, Wow what gorgeous photos of the mommy to be!! I am always so impressed by the family photos you have for memories! Those butterflies are beautiful:-)))

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