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October 21, 2010



Everything looked just magical! Thanks for all the photos so we could get a glimpse of the fun! oxoxox, Diane


Karla what a lovely magical evening. The mobile is so sweet, funky and unusual. I am loving the festive parties you throw. Don't worry girl I love your long post..it's like a long rambling letter from a friend...take care and may all the glorios fairies wear their magic over you....

debbie york

I could read and look forever...so don't stop on my account!
Girl, if I ran around and gathered in my office all I would come up with would be a handful of dust...and not the fairy kind either! What a magical world you live in.
P.S. Wouldn't a vintage umbrella turned upside down with the mobile attached be kinda gypsyfied over the petite wagon?


Looks like such a fun evening. I would love to be at one of your dinner parties.


You are such a creative little fairy, Karla. The family tree mobile is so cute. You spent a lot of time and thought to make this shower sooooo special. Love it all. You never ramble what you have to say is all good!
Hugs, Sandy

Katsui Jewelry

I lOVE it when you go on but I laugh my head off when you say things are "simple." This is fantastic! You are sooooo clever and sooooo artistic! And you had the shower, too. Hmmm...
I think you are incredible! Where do you get your energy?


Ahhhh~~~Fairy love~~so pretty Karla :))

Kay Ellen


That's what I love about blogging and bloggeresses (new word!) I've just been transported into fairyland - to this magical place filled with beauty, colour and harmony!!

The expectant parents must have been over the moon!
The fairy tree is amazing.....

I love that the whole family comes too and they will all have beautiful memories to cherish.
The children will forever talk about Aunt Karla's parties in fairyland - not mythical but real!

I don't know anyone who makes magic happen quite like you do!

Deborah Woodrow

Everything is so beautiful, Karla...the tabel, the house, the fairy tree... you do such lovely, simple, yet elegant work. GORGEOUS ! :)


You know, it is the loveliest table decoration I have seen in a long time, how absolutely magical, whimsical, gorgeous.


I love all your decorating Karla and the Fairy tree is a great idea, your family is blessed and lucky to have you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment! Marilou


Hello Karla...absolutely enchanting....thank you as usual for sharing....Lorraine


Love your tablescapes...beautiful and fun! And the mobile/tree...what a great idea! Looks like a fun shower.

I love your chatty posts!!!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Those little family fairy dolls are so cute! I bet everyone enjoyed finding their "fairy" self.


Mitzi Curi

What a fun party you must have had! You have such creative and fun ideas. The kids probably loved finding themselves "fairied" in the tree.


I want to be a fairy that lives in your garden! What a beautiful and magical party you did up. LOVE IT!



I love the casual, stylish parties, better to be relaxed and
let the party flow~ I hope the parents were thrilled with all of your creations~ Personal touches are the best, heartfelt and soulful~ xXx


The fairy family mobile is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Irma's Rose Cottage

Love the fairy mobile. The baby crib is so adorable!

Irma :)

Eileen Elder

Karla, it is such a joy to read & see your posts ~ what you do and how you do it. You may have even heard a small gasp when I saw the mobile you made. How cute is that? I love it! Your perspective on life and making everyone's day brighter are what makes you a very special person. God bless you and have a great weekend! ~~ Eileen ~~

Jodie (everything vintage)

Wow girl...where do you find the time to do this?
If you are hiring fairies to help you...I want their 1-800 number because they are going a fantastic job!

I hope to make something for Christmas with your class. I won't have the time to play for Halloween but I'm looking forward to playing with your class SOON and add a little bit of Santa to it ~ Romantic Style!!!!!!


Hi Karla,
Thank you for the shower pics and everything looks
lovely and magical. The mobile is adorable!!! Please
bottle up some of your energy and send it my way..ok? :)
Have a fun and wonderful weekend.

Cami @ Creating Myself

Magical is right! The fairy family tree is incredible...what a clever, wonderful idea! Your creativity never fails to amaze me.

Laraine Atherton

Dear Karla......as usual everything you touch just turns to pretty, pretty !!
I will now be on the lookout for a baby basket to paint and use to hold my doll collection in my spare bedroom. You keep giving me ideas of things to do!!
Have a great weekend.

Rose Brier Studio

I love how much you accomplish in a day/week. I'd say it inspires me to accomplish stuff, but I am still as lazy as before I discovered your blog, LOL. I love reading and looking tho! The mobile is wonderful and will be a fun thing for the baby and her family to look at!

La Donna


Robin Thomas

Unbeleivable. They will love seeing these.


I think your parties are more fun for being on the casual side. Then no one spends time fretting over which fork to use or other kings-table manner. Instead all get to enjoy your welcoming, creative home.


I love your chatty posts! My favorite photo was those cute boys in the perfect poses for the mobile! Your parties sound perfect -- casual, relaxed.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

The baby shower you organized is fantastic, Karla. Love the decorations you made - you're amazing!!!

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