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October 28, 2010



I am right there with you on wanting to do it all!!! But it looks like you really are!!! those pumpkin heads are too too cute! and the photos of you and sugarwings are great too!!! I am so excited at the prospect of the Spring Fling!!! It has me filled with energy just at the thought of it!!! Painting like a fiend today!!!


I am so looking forward to your next online class. I loved loved loved your first one and completed all the projects


It might be time for a trip to Kansas!!!!!! Anxious to hear about your May day extravaganza!!

Dawn Edmonson

OMG!!!!!! Karla!!! Those little punkin heads are PRECIOUS!!!!! Paper clay is so addictive isn't it?? I'm SO EXCITED about your art event and am absolutely HONORED to be a part of it...now...to get ready :) You are such a hoot in that last pic! xxoo, Dawn


Ooohhh, I love the "cute" calendar page...thank you!
Your Halloween party decor is amazing! The kids must have been so excited when they came in saw that set up. The pumpkins you made are too cute!
Love the pic of Sugarwings...so dreamy.


I am sooo looking forward to the Romantic White Christmas online class. Stay FOCUSED!!! ;-)

Sheila R

Oh, I have to hear more about your May day event! Do tell... quickly. Patience is not easy for me!


You almost made it to Halloween without orange, but for the kids party it looks like it was well worth it. An entire patch of pumpkin smiles, and those were just the extras! ;->

Good luck staying focused; it is always hard to do the unwanted-but-necessary things.

Kerryanne English

They are the cutest little pumpkin heads!
I love that you never waste a minute of your time Karla. Life is to be lived and living it is what you do.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


I want Boris and Peek please! You can just email me an invoice! :) THANKS! VERY cute pumpkins and love your spooky-fied photos!


Karla, Karla ,Karla...you are the energize bunny lol...that is so exciting about Dawn...have fun with your darlings over Halloween hehehe

Jenny Sellars

I so wish I lived closer!! I would have so much fun just sitting in your studio watching.....

lori oles

Karla...I will be there. I can't wait and I promise not to drive hom ein the same day!

Cindy Is Crafty

Karla, you must be the best Grandma that a little girl can have. I remember the time at my Grandma's, but it was never magical!


I know there is a road between Texas & Kansas... And I'd love to be on it. Or maybe the big silver bird. Lisa was telling me all about it & we were plotting ways to get there to play. Can't wait. Have fun at Silver Bella. And you AMAZE me with all you get done. I'm tired thinking about it all. And the pumpkins are adorable. You do the best eyes! Oh yeah... remember that whole scene about the eyes at Les Sirenes... Oh MY!!!!! HUGS!


It sounds so great with your May day art gathering karla - how exiting and your next online class too. Some awesome artist who will join you. Love the photos of your and those little pumpkin heads are too cute.
xo Tina


Hi Karla,

Oh, how I would love to be a part of you May 1 classes. As I live about 20 miles away, this would be such an opportunity to meet some of my favorite bloggers and artists. If you are not already full, would you put me down? I don't need details to say yes, I would just love to be a part of it. Your little pumpkins are sooooo cute. I know you had a great time at Curious Sofa, she has sooooo much creative talent in display, it is amazing! Have a great day, Linda


Karla, I bought that shirt, too, and am wondering what kind of glitter you used? Will it go through the wash?


Hi Karla, You have the best parties!!!!!! Even though
I love your Goth Halloween, I also like the bit of
orange that you added. :) Love Sugarwings pic as a
full moon and love your pic too!! I'm sure you had
a great time at Curious Sofa and can't wait to read
about it. Your little pumpkin guys are so cute!! Great
names. lol.

Katsui Jewelry

Oh, Karla,
So many fun things here. I love your costume! That is a great picture of you in your costume...so funny! You really know how to put together a good costume. I really think you have done a good job with your paper clay. The pumpkins are darling! I so hope that I can come in May.


Hi, Karla. I am ready to come to Kansas for your May Day event. I'm so excited Dawn has decided to come. I would love to take these classes. When can we sign up or get our name on the list? Sounds like a few more weeks?

Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

Andrea Villarreal

Looking forward to the next on line class. I am sure it will be as awesome as the Gothic Ghosts:)


Be still my heart! An art event at Karla's cottage with Lisa, Dawn, and Carol and I am sure the fabulous Beth will be on had too! Details, details, do tell us soon!

Obligations have kept me out of the studio all week long and YES I do wish I could push them aside and play! Have fun getting ready for your events and have a great weekend!


You are one busy lady. Your Christmas class sounds like my cup of tea!!! Can't wait to see it. Love all your pumpkin guys, you are so talented. Have a great Halloween.


I want in on the online class!!! Sounds wonderful!


Your May class sounds fabulous! I'm already looking forward to seeing pictures of the day.

I love that last picture of you! You look so crazed! LOL


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