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October 03, 2010


Katsui Jewelry

Yes, Karla, this makes me wish I were in the swap...sniff, sniff! Take a lot more pictures so people like me can enjoy!

I laughed out loud at Sugarwings and her multiple personalities. My "Sugarwings" still lives for Halloween (and any chance) for dress-up)


Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

Nothing like October!!

WOW! I can't believe all those tags! Really, really cute. I never even heard of making tags until a few months ago. At first, I didn't understand their purpose. Now after making a few of my own, I "get it". They're lots of fun aren't they?

Make sure to show your finished book!


Gretchen Peacock

Love your pictures. The swap looks fantastic!

Nancy Stone

Karla: I love the picture of your cat taking the morning sun bath. All you cat lovers out there, tell Karla how much you like seeing her cat.


wow, it must be wonderfull opening all those gorgeus tag,parcels up- and then enjoying a sunny,beautifull day,too-
I`m still suffering from a flu,that hit me thursday!!!
Happy evening, dear.


I have never ever ever seen that many tags in one place, and these are only " a smidgen " ???


It's a beautiful COOL Fall Day in Texas too. And you NOW KNOW how special that is after having some hot/hummid ones! I wish we could have spent more time together at the Blog Party but, it was sooooooooooo good to see you & Beth again. How long did you guys stay after the party? Did you leave the next day or did you get to go to Mauburger Farms opening day?

Those tags look amazing. I can't wait to see what all you do with them. Have a great time creating! HUGS!


Hi Karla!
The tags are spectacular!! Your articles in the newest Somerset Life are incredible too! I adored the Open Invitation article, and the Frozen Charlotte Fairies really got my attention! HUGS from Texas! Mendy


Love the piles of tags! Such a variety! Can hardly wait!
The doggies and the big cat all look like they're enjoying the beautiful weather too.


My Blessed Serendipity Life

All those tags looked wonderful! It will be so much fun for the people participating to receive their books.



All the tags are beautiful...no wonder you want to play with them!
I love jammie days! I even love when someone comes knocking on the door on jammie day (always happens ;) and looks at us like we're crazy! You're kitty seems to have the right idea...he looks super content sunbathing.

Grace P

Oh My! What beautiful tags. That is a very talented group! Thanks for sharing Karla. Grace xoxoxo

Diane Knott

Karla, the portrait of your Yorkie is so precious! Very frame-worthy!
Hugs, Diane


I am even more excited about the swap now!!'Love the little dresses on Dorothy!!


I spotted mine, hope you have fun making the books!!! I know you will. Isn't the weather just fabulous. I enjoy the cooler weather after the 100 degree weather. Love all the talented Oz cards you received.



The tags all look great.....good luck with the hard part!!

Anji Johnston

Oh jammie dayz - so few and far between for me. I hope you enjoy every waking minute of it though and the gorgeous week ahead of yo. Beautiful pictures btw - LOVE your garden!


Karla, The tags are fabulous!! Yes, now I'm sorry I didn't enter. Finally getting all my things organized so I can create! !reminds you of Friday night football games and Holloween! Brings back lots of memories!! Remember Candy and Carmel apples.....yum! Especially from Topsy's on the Plaza!!
Can't wait to see more of the tags! I love jammie days! I have more of them now since I retired but Sunday is especially great as a jammie day. I love to clean house in my nightgown, too!
Don't over do with the cards!
Sandy and Jen!!

mercedes scott

The tags all look so lovely! Can't wait to see the books you put together! Enjoy your wonderful weather (it's supposed to freeze her tonite!). :) mercedes

Cindy Is Crafty

Karla, glad to see mine made it to you. I hope you and Sugarwings enjoy the goodies and cannot wait to see my book! Thanks for hosting the swap again!


i just don't know how you do it all, karla:) the tag swap, texas, puppies, and the list goes on! it's all wonderful and i love to see what you're up to...


Southern Lady's Vintage

Yes, the tags all look so beautiful!

debbie york

Good gravy Karla...if I had to sort and organize that many pretty tags...well let's just say you'd find me sitting in a corner, bug-eyed saying over and over "Tag you're it"!
You must have some great organizational skills!
P.S. I'd probably rather be outside with the pups!


Wow Karla,
You have a beautiful rainbow surrounding you! Thanks for sharing, so fun to see them clustered together! I love
the photo of Aggie Rose, how adorable~! All of the tags are so unique and special! I hope you have enlisted some help, tag sorting! Thank you~xXx


The cottage looks lovely -- love the photo of your Purr baby! Hope my renegade tag arrived -- don't feel so bad about it popping in a day late or so, given that you're still collecting! I don't envy your task of combining the books... or maybe I do!


Oh, I am SO excited about the tags!!! Those piles look AMAZING! Your pup looks so adorable with that ribbon!


Karla, Wow! Love the looks of all those tags together...how fun it must be to open them all up. Your outdoor photo shots are so inviting....adore the gray tabby cat shot...gorgeous. He/she looks so much like our first kitty we had almost 30 years ago. Made me smile....Xo, Sue

Suzie Q

Was that a picture of Timmy as a happy FAT kitty? In any case, I'm jealous of the weather and the beautiful tags. I'll bet its hard giving them all back when they're so pretty.
I'm also glad to hear you talk openly about jammie days! I have them all the time (maybe I got it from you), and when I mention it, people look at me like I've just peed in public or something. I'll be having them a lot more when I get some footed jammies this winter!
Glad to see all is well.
Thinking of you! - Q

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