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October 08, 2010



Arrrrgh! Too many of my friends have fallen to peer pressure lately and deleted perfectly valid posts.

Karla, you are a lovely lady. There was nothing wrong with your post. To the contrary, it was full of your support and care of your dear ones. Frankly, if people reading it couldn't see the love that was overflowing because of a little dry wit, they need to take a deep breath and re-read what you wrote.

Your blog is about people and experiences, not technology. Your dislike for the technology was an opinion, and there are no wrong opinions. Wrong facts, sure. If you want to post about how you've been educated on technology and have a greater regard (or disregard, even!) of sonogram pictures then go for it. But no one, NO ONE, should be punished or suffer prejudice because of an opinion.

Please strongly consider restoring your post. The new family member is beloved, of that there is no doubt. And my opinion (pay attention, it's an opinion!) is that if my parents had that kind of pre-birth story to tell about me, I'd enjoy the laugh, especially as I know it would be accompanied with a hug and reconfirmation that I was born just lovely the way I turned out.

Sandy O'Donovan

Karla... I think there was NOTHING, I say NOTHING wrong with your post. You were being the sweet funny lady that everyone so treasures. When I saw that it was deleted this morning, I wondered what went wrong.... Well, there always have to be those few that take things way to seriously, can't see the humor within the story. I for one thought your story was a delight! A new precious grandbaby on the way....OMG what could be better!!Love and laughter sent from my heart to yours! xoso


No need to apologize Karla. That you adore EVERY member of your family (some of them not even your family by blood, but by love) should be obvious to anyone who reads your blog.
I was going to make a little joke back and say it looked like she was already playing dress-up with her Grammie, but I was giggling too hard. I'm sure your new little one will get a giggle out of her picture someday too!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh hon...you don't need to apologize at all or delete your post!!!! You were just being funny!!!! I'm so sorry sweetie ~ we all know you always joke around on your blog :) hugs and love, Dawn

Jenny Sellars

PUT IT BACK!!!! I thought it was funny and obviously full of love!!

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, No need to apologize, i thought your last post was not upsetting. You cannot always listen to what others say. My goodness, i just love hearing from you.

Lulus Lovlies

Karla I would have personally left it on, it shows you great sense of humor and I thought it was hilarious, I knew you were being funny and I personally loved it, sometimes people just take themselves too seriously, it was not offensive to me and someone was being over sensitive over it! Hugs


Oh sweet Karla! There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with your previous post!! It was VERY clearly aimed at the 4-D sonogram and NOT your new sweet baby girl!! I agree whole-heartedly that they are not all they're cracked up to be! The picture of the baby girl my friend was having made the baby look like she had Popeye size arms! Everyone got a kick out of the pictures & thought they were funny but it was NOT directed at the baby and everyone knew it!

I'm so very sorry that people get their panties in a bunch and cannot see what an amazing mother & grandmother you obviously are and that you were just being candid and funny in talking about the PICTURES, not the baby! =)


Karla, I feel about the same way you do regarding sonograms.
Found absolutely nothing offensive in your thoughtful post.



I loved the post karla , I love your sense of humour ,it was a great post . Donna


Dear Karla
Please put it back as I've been AWOL from blogland for a wee while (self inflicted abstinence to re-assess my time!!!) so I didn't see your post in question.

For goodness sake I get the gist of it - some people just don't have a sense of humour - their loss - not yours.
It's YOUR blog for goodness sake.

I always love your posts as there is usually something to have a giggle over and brighten up my day!
I ALWAYS feel good after visiting you!!!!

Take care
big hugs from Aotearoa (Maori name for New Zealand
Shane xox


Now I really want to read it!!! I know I would have loved it.....send it to me!

Deborah Woodrow

Nothing wrong with it, KARLA... WHOEVER DID NOT LIKE IT IS OUT VOTED !
We (your blog followers) all knew, what you meant, and what you were trying to say.
I know exactly what you meant about the sonograms...they aren't just to a newborn baby, either.
But, it is nice to get to see them before they are born.
You are fine with your opinions, and your blogs are lovely to read. Take Care.


I didn't leave a comment on the post you deleted but I thought it was cute and funny. The good Lord knows you love that baby and who ever thought it was offensive...they need to get a life!!!

Leanne Shawler


Your blog is your own and I got the humor in it, but you can't please everyone all of the time. Each of us have little burdens that sometimes make it difficult to see the funny.

So if it makes you feel better to remove the post, I respect that. It's your blog. It's my privilege to read it!

Much love,

(OK, is it weird getting "much love" from someone you don't know from Adam? Probably.......)

Sheila R

I hate that you think you have to delete your post. It was filled with humor and so much love. Too bad that person can't see the beautiful Grammy, Mom and Wife that loves her family to pieces.

Marge Utley

Good grief. Some people have no sense of humor. I thought it was funny! And everyone knows you love the baby!!


Oh, Karla. It is SO SAD that people cannot find the humor in life. Your post was NOT offensive..I thought it was so sweet! That grandbaby is going to the luckiest ever to have a grammy like you!


Did I miss something? I saw the post, loved it. Was just too busy dealing with my blogger woes to comment. I wish you hadn't deleted it. I would love to know who pressured you because I would say something. I don't usually get political or put myself 'out there' blogging but this kind of thing just makes me crazy! People need to losen up & get over themselves. It's a blog for crying out loud. And it's your blog & all anyone has to do is click away. You are a rock star Karla & the coolest blogger I know. If anyone has a beef, send them to me. Lisa


Oh, honey!


Dear Karla,
I hope I`m not one of those ,who made you delete your post,
I knew exatly what you meant, reading it,-and also (as I told you) can`t figure out the sonograms,realy- Whom could seriusly, not laugh of your post!!--also I`m with the ones saying, -noone else than you deside what to write in your own blog, dear.
Hugs, Dorthe

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

There was nothing wrong with your post. IT was obvious you were talking about the sonogram and not the baby. Unless it was the mommy-to-be who was offended, I don't see why you'd feel the need to take down the post.

Try not to feel bad. You did nothing wrong.


Natasha Burns

OK maybe it was my Aussie sense of humour but I thought it was cute and funny and not offensive at all.... I agree with the above comments - I think you should put it back! It's your blog!! Nobody who reads it or knows you would ever think you're being offensive. Argh, makes me mad to think someone or some people have upset you enough to make you take it down.
Put it back up!!!! xoxo

Katsui Jewelry

I have a quirky sense of humor...I thought it was funny. You clearly adore this baby! I am sorry you took down the post. I wish you would put it back.


I didn't see anything wrong with your post - those sonograms are kind of weird looking....


Aw, Karla...I thought it was such a cute post, done with love...some people have NO SENSE OF HUMOR!


Oh Karla, people just need to LIGHTEN UP!!! Sorry you felt the need to delete the post - although we haven't met in person yet I can't wait to meet you because your beautiful personality shines through. Hugs!


Say whaaaaa?
Good grief, did the PC Police issue you a citation?

I thought the post was precious, and you certainly had nothing to apologize for.


Miss Rhea

I saw your post and thought it was darling and funny !!! Good Grief, we need MORE laughter in these tough times. Your Granddaughter will be adorable when she gets here, just like Sugarwings :) When my son was born, he had a face only his mother could love and that's the truth !! lol !! Luckily he got better looking a few weeks later :)


Reminder....this is YOUR blog!!!

denise hahn

Wow I would have never have imagined anyone would be offended by your post. Sorry someone made you feel bad about it. I mean did they think this baby would grow up to see an archived post from their grandmother and all of a sudden get self conscious- yes it's that ridiculous!

linda marcov

I did not read it either, but Karla, is it not refreshing to see just how many people support you and that in this horribly PC world we live in there are still some who can find laughter in most things... you stay true to yourself, dear lady.

Amy Cooper

Karla, we have never met, but I follow your blog and now I feel prompted to comment.
Your post made me laugh. I related it to a similar thought I had with MY OWN SON. He looked terrible in the sonogram and if we can not laugh at things, or have opinions then what has this world come too? My son is 19 and a beautiful person, despite being 19.
I feel you do not need to say sorry to ANYBODY. If you can not say what you feel, then is it REAL what you say?
Hang tough and have an opinion.
(wow, I have never written anything like this before.)


I'm so sorry about the grief you rec'd about your post. To those who don't get your sense of humor...why do they read your blog???


I enjoy every post you write... and will be looking forward to many more...


DANG! I missed it ;) Sorry you got such flack. I am sure it was fine. People can say what they think but so can you! I know your family wasn't offended.
Hugs, Lisa


We can all see that no one is more loved than SugarWings and we're positive your new one will be also!! There are always those who will take offense to anything. I'm certainly not very politically correct either...you know I posted my sweet up-coming one's sonogram and hinted that it looked kind of "halloweeny" in black and white with a skull!! then called him a little pumpkin!


I hope someone doesn't read yourndiary and ask you to tear that page out! Same difference!
I thought the post was cute and funny and full of the good natured humor you always show!
Sonogram pictures are horrible and I don't know anyone who has never taken them seriously!!! Little baby-wings will laugh at this one day!

Anji Johnston

...and all of the above! I for one LOVED the pictures and knew exactly what you were talking about. When I had my sonogram with my son he looked like a little devil! But he is now my angel.
Rest easy my friend..


oh c'mon people puuuullleeeezzzzz get over yourselves! Karla, that was hands down the most hilarious post I have ever read and I was secretly hoping to see my grandbaby in 4-d soon to see if she also has a clown nose. You silly girl!!


Sorry I missed it Karla. I know I would have enjoyed it! We all need humor in our lives and to not take ourselves so seriously. (Apparently not everyone realizes that-lol.)
Keep that wonderful sense of humor of yours, and PLEASE keep sharing it with us!!!!!!!


I didn't even see what you wrote, but from all the explanations, I know exactly the kind of situation you were in...I've been there before, and it's heartbreaking.

You're just writing about what you're thinking and like you said, it never occurred to you that anyone would think anything different from what was on your mind, at the time. AND THEN when you find out that someone misunderstood you, you're shocked that they would even consider you were saying something like that..."that's not me...that's not something I would think". I just hate that...you're hurt because how could anyone think that of you and she's hurt because how could you think that way? I hope the hurt is healed with clarity, so no one is now being guarded - that can happen so easily. Everyone is so afraid to trust. She just wants to know that you love that baby, and you need to know that she realizes that you, of all people, could do nothing BUT love that baby.

Maybe you can find a place to laugh about it with her...the truth is, it was something that was misunderstood, not actually something that happened.

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