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October 17, 2010



Karla,so glad that the contractions have stopped and the baby is waiting to make her grand entrance.
I must admit your picture is petty goulish! You did quite a number on your picture!! Spooky!


Glad the baby is doing alright. What a blessed child to have you for a grandma. The class sounds great. We are not done with harvest yet, so my "play" time is limited.

Tres Jolie Bebes by Sharon Lee Dube

The romantic gothic ghosts class is awesome. It is sooo much fun!!! Thanks for more photos to incorporate into more ghostly projects. I'm looking forward to the next class which Beth has given a peak of. Can't wait!

Beth Leintz

Did you get your haircut? Something looks a little different.


Just stopping by to play a little catch-up. So glad that the new grandbaby is putting off her grand-entrance. Love the comparison photos of Sugarwings and GrandPa from year to year.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I love the Karla Zombie!!!! Stop by and see my beautiful Bella Yorkie on my latest post.

Enjoy your Sunday,

LiLi M.

Haha, Beth just cracked me up!
You are sooo scary!


UUHHH Karla, please come back, as your own you!!!!this is kind of scaring!!! :)
The little free one, is so cute, thanks a lot dear.'
Hugs, Dorthe


Fun images! I am just finishing up the items from the Romantic Ghost class and hope to have my give away of them up by the end of the week. It was really a fantastic class! I highly recommend it to those who might not have taken it. Thrilled to hear that the baby and mommy are both doing well. I hope you have a great week.

denise hahn

love the self portrait!

Katsui Jewelry

So glad to hear that Baby Mama is doing well, the contractions have stopped and the wee one is fine! Whew! What great news! You make the BEST Zombie! I don't know how you did that but it is fantastic!

Suzie Q

I have to ask... did you make your new fairy grand-baby a onesie with wings painted on the back?


LOVE the baby photo!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!! And the spooky are too spooky. Soooooo glad to hear the new baby is doing so well. HUGS! Charlene


You better quit it!! Didn't your mom tell you that your face is going to freeze that way!

Anji Johnston

You look stunning dahling!!! Thanks for the pics!


Your zombie self is too fun, Karla! LOL! Glad to hear all is going well with the little one! XO


Hi Karla, I was reading along very nicely and when I
came to the end of your post........and saw your zombie
picture, I truly gasped!! lol.... OK....you scared me. :)

I am so happy to read that Mom and Grandbaby are doing ok.

debbie york

You've never looked lovelier...JK! I could play on Picnik all day.
Happy to hear things are OK.


I love the Karla Zombie!


Very fun images!


I was SO not prepared for that last image of you. Thanks for the pix!

Laraine Atherton

Thanks so much for the free images. I must say....I have never seen a smiling zombie, and I love zombi movies. You are the Happiest Zombie I have ever seen.
Glad to hear the newest baby is resting and growing strong.
Please say a little prayer for my daughter and her family, who are going through a bad time.

Rose Brier Studio

Karla I'm so glad the mama is not having contractions. My first was born early (a long bike ride and then the sauna. What was I thinking?) and weighed just 6 lbs, but he was fine and gained weight quickly. Today he is sturdy and tall and reminds me a bit of Sugarwing's daddy. He has also developed a "thing" about zombies, so I'm gonna tell him how to make his photo look as good as you!

Really glad things are harmonious. I wish I could wave a magic wand so you wouldn't worry.


You make a horrifying zombie. *shudder* I prefer the fairy grandmother version.

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