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October 18, 2010


Rose Brier Studio

The Gypsy Wagon bassinette is great! I love the colours. Smart sign for the little ones and drivers. Have fun at the shower, food sounds yummy.


Adorable karla! Miss you & our food I mean craft days. Fyi koolaid is a great dye too :) easy n cheap!

Eileen Elder

So pretty! What a sweet gesture for the new grandbaby, and original too! Love that much needed sign you made too. It is sure to make the drivers look first.......have a great night Karla!


Karla, That looks just perfect I know Mother to be will be thrilled! oxoxo, Diane


oh Karla I love the gypsy wagon..I repainted and cleaned our old bassinet. I made a new foam mattress covered with lovely fabric...my granddaughter was able to sleep in it for 3 months...what fun the baby shower is...maybe someday I'll come and have BBQ with you...take care..

Eileen Elder

I meant to say the colorful sign would make the "kids" look first..... :-) talk about paying attention!!!

Karla Nathan


oh my gosh!! look at that bassinette!! Adorable Karal!!Love it!

My Mom sells sheets of sealah for some aquatic swimsuit clients~~I think the sheets have an extra super bond for chlorine...but the Sealah role should hold your mattress pad just fine:)
If you ever need to remove any of her tape products she sells a product called UNDO and it won't hurt the fabric.

Any one interested can check out her blog is: http://www.sealahtape.blogspot.com
or her website to order is: http://www.jodeesinc.com

Thanks for the shout out!!


Looks like the rainbow duty, continues~ How fun n' vibrant~

I hope your gifts are well received and the shower is a huge success! The food sounds fab~ xXx

Katsui Jewelry

oh, karla, what a perfect and perfectly beautiful gift! hope the shower goes wonderfully well!

Lulus Lovlies

Karla that is a great bassinet, I love it! As for the sheets,I found pillow cases work well even if you have to buy king size or queen. They sell individually in Walmart and Ross if you are near either of those, Easy Peasy! Happy Grandparenting! XO Marilou


It's perfect for your little gypsy princess!!

Judy Adams

Karla, your talent continues to amaze me!!! I5 has to come from your Mom's family as the Downeys sure don't have that eye for art, wish I did!! Your sisters share it too, I am so jealous.


Oh, Karla, the bassinet is so beautiful! We had a plain white one like that back when our kids were tiny and before we knew all the baby things were so unsafe. We loved it since we could roll it from room to room.
Baby showers are so much fun! Sounds like a lovely menu!
Jane - Jacksonville


What an adorable bassinet! What about some tie-dyed sheets! I think it is just the thing for the baby! I love the sign and how many of us could just whip it up in just ans hour! You are truly talented, my dear!
Have fun tonight!!!

cheryl comfort

Stunning job on the baby bed. I had a tighter weaved version of that one for my two grandchildren. It was wonderful to wheel it to whichever room I was in while they napped :-) Happy times- happy times~ I'm so glad to hear the baby has decided to wait awhile longer before making the big debut.


I like your Gypsy Baby bed and your two sided sign, beautiful work!!!

LiLi M.

I think it's time to add some color to my life again and that's why I love love love the gypsy baby bed, it is sooo late 60ties early seventies and reminds me of my happy childhood. A very happy and cheerful baby is going to sleep in there! The signs are great too, too bad that such a thing is necessary.

Cheryl Dolby

That is the coolest baby basinette I've ever seen. Great job! I love the colors. The sign is also wonderful. How clever you are.


The bassinet came out GREAT! It's bright and so happy! Something every baby should be surrounded by, especially starting out. I LOVE it! The sign is also adorable!
There is a tiny little town here in Colorado called Louviers. They have a sign at the entrance to their town that says,
- SLOW -
Lots of Kids
None to Spare

Your sign reminded me of that great statement!
Hope you have a wonderful time at the shower!



The sign and baby bed are WONDERFUL! Can't wait to see the rest, after the shower!

Laraine Atherton

The baby bed and the sign are wonderful. I don't know when you find the time to be so creative but I am always inspired and impressed when I visit your blog.


Love the hand painted sign! What a great idea.

Jenny Sellars

Love all of it!! Hope the mommy likes the bassinet!! It is beautiful!


OMGoodness, this is darling! I hope the gypsy mama loves it and the work you put into it. What a lucky lucky baby to have such a crafty Gramma as you.
I have a similar bassinet that I thrifted that Hannah uses for her stuffed toys. This might spark a fun make over as she prefers brighter colors :)


Just reading about what you did in a day I'm exhausted...but exhilirated, too. That bassinet is beyond captivating. Your little Agnes may not want to part with it.


HEEEEEEEEEE (jumping up and down very excited) and now to convince Karla we need to make a real gypsy wagon to have a slumber party with all the fairies in!!! I LOVE Mayara's new lil bed!


The bassinette is just fabulous, bright and cheerful, vibrant and full of fun. A very special little bed for a special little darling.
The sign is such a good idea, visual reminders often work much better than verbal instructions.


The bassinet and sign are wonderful. We live on a street parallel to 291 here in Lee's Summit and it always makes me nervous because people come speeding through our block at 40-50 miles because they are trying to avoid the lights. I have called the police for more patrol, been to city council meetings to make the signs visible or to add speed bumps/humps, etc. Nothing has gotten the city official's attention. I just know one of these days someone on our block is going to get hurt/killed or have a close call. The sign is a great idea - maybe I will see about getting something like that put up at the end of our drive.


I love the baby's bassinet! One of the really long king sized pillowcases should fit as a sheet. And I know what you mean about exercising the mind by doing something out of the ordinary. I'm just finishing the last row of an afghan for a Christmas gift that is not in my usual colors, but I know the recipient will adore it. I can see that it's pretty, but it was a real stretch for my brain. :) Supposedly that brain exercise will keep us young!
Have a great time at the shower...the food sounds amazing!


A deathtrap, I love that!! How lucky for the kids to have their own muralist (is that a word?) Lisa
Ps I'm sure the shower will be awesome!

Anji Johnston

Every thing you come across Karla - you turn into something magical. How lucky your family is to have you! Have a wonderful week ahead



I love the baby bassinet! You might want to use a red, purple or bright pink sheet.

I'm glad you made the sign. That alley street sounds dangerous. Too bad there's not a fence across the yard.



Hi Karla,
The baby bassinet is very unique and so sweet. What
wonderful designs and colors. Is that little Agnes RoseBud
in there? : )



I don't know how you always seem to do it all ! You are so talented and busy busy all the time I'm sure ! I love the beautiful bassinette and the adorable sign for the kids. I'm thinking of you and new grand baby's arrival and hope all goes well.
hugs, Sue


Karla you're an inspiration - love your gypsy bassinette and the colours!
The signs are fantastic and hard to believe you finished it in such a short time - speedy gonzales!!!

Your blog is always a fun stop off during my blogland visits and always, always you inspire me.
Please come and visit to see my latest post.
Take care

ps - Oh boy the food for the baby shower sounds so yummie!!!

debbie york

I wish I had a tenth of your talent and imagination. How precious is that teeny gypsy wagon? I also wanted to tell you I saw the photos of the shower and was blown away. Does your mind ever shut down...and do you dream in color or glitter?


You are crazy talented, you know that, right? The new baby bed is as delightful as living in a garden with a flower for a house. And I can hardly believe you made that caution/stop sign for the alley in just an hour. Amazing!

I'm going to get food now, your meal plan for the baby shower made me hungry.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

That bassinet is just gorgeous, Karla! Not colors I would think to choose if given a choice, but it really looks great! I love the sign you made for the alley/road, too. I can't believe it only took you an hour! I am horrible at drawing and painting this way, so I always appreciate those with talent.

Rebecca (Becs) Middleton

The bassinet is beautiful! I want to paint the one I had for my kids now.

Here's a great tip to make bassinet sheets:
King size cotton pillowcases fit over the mattresses, at least mine did. I sewed velcro across the end so my matress was flipable and so the sheet would stay on good.

Tye-dye them in rainbow colors with the tye dye kit you can buy at Walmart. spray/squirt the dye on freshly laundered, DRY pillowcases that you have rubber banded for patterns. When completely saturated in your favorite colors, pop it into a ziplock baggie and microwave for 1 minute. Let sit overnight in the bag- next day rinse out color in COLD water till rinse water runs clear and heat set dyed case in a high heat clothes dryer. Wash in cold-dry in heat- this keeps color nicer longer. The microwave and dryer combo help your new bassinet sheets keep their bright color- well, that and washing in cold water.
Have fun with the new gypsy babe!



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