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October 01, 2010



Karla, Yippee-yi-yo! I can't believe I guessed close...a very scientific approach mind you, 88 was the birth year of our first child. Thank you so much! And you did get a great deal on those beautiful french net curtains. They look like they were made for your windows. What I wouldn't give to get my sticky paws on some of those beautiful pieces in your corner cabinet! Thanks again! Sue

robin foster

Wow! the french net curtains are gorgeous!!


Why for was there no picture of the bra with melons?? LOL What a HOOT!!! It looks like you girls just had a complete and utter blast. What a fun time! Love all the pictures you've had. Flea market weekend here. I'll try to catch up with you. hahahaha! - Kathy


Oh, Karla -- there is way too much drool on my keyboard right now! How wonderful -- I have to send the doll dip photo to Jane Rosemont who specializes in photographing doll heads! Maybe she can make one out of her subjects!

Katsui Jewelry

What great treats! I think I just decided to go by "Sue" ;-)

I love to see you all getting together and having "artist treats" for your kindred spirits. I think you still get to buy though...

I love those curtains. I have never heard of French Net but it looks beautiful!!! It fits right in your house!

Suz (aka "Sue" ;-))


Girl, those curtain panels look even more dreamy than they did in person! They are perfect. I would have loved to have some like them, but my cat would destroy them in no time.

Beautiful images from Warrenton, too.
I miss you guys!!!

Brenda Kula

You gals sure look like you were having lots of fun! Those baby booties are indeed precious.


morning Karla...love those booties o.k., so what happened to those gorgeous lace curtains that you brought last year? i think you couldnt live without those ones either, right...I`lltake them!!! see we remember...have a great weekend ...Lorraine

Cheryl Stoneham

Oh...so exciting! Thanks for being so generous Karla! I can't believe how many flowers you got in that basket. You are not only the hat whisperer but now we have to call you the millinery mistress!!!



Thanks, Karla! for your sweet words! Hope the new mom enjoys the booties!
I love your curtains! They look fabulous in your dining room. I have something similar in my bedroom and never get tired of them.
wish I could have seen more of all the goodies but them there is always next spring and maybe by then I'll have some money to buy some droolable stuff!


Jodie (everything vintage)

Why do you keep making me more and more lonesome? With every photo I see of our wonderful weekend in Texas, I get more and more lonesome!!!!

Your room is beautiful with those "French lace" curtains!!! It's the cherry on top as it was alreay gorgeous before. Don't you just love Lisa for turning them down? ;)

i still haven't unpacked.
matter of fact...i'm smelling something aweful coming out of my suitcase. maybe a hint of urine?


Okay, that's it. I want them back! The lace panels that is. I knew I'd cry when I saw how amazing they would look hanging. On second thought maybe you need to keep them, my boys would try climbing them ala spidy & then social services would get invloved. It would just turn into a big ugly mess.
Isn't Cindy sweet? You could see more of her if you taught at PC...hint hint. There is a class on southern skin care I believe.
Wow, the final count 250??? Your scary Karla, forget Spiderman, you have super powers. Lisa


Oh, my gosh! I'm so excited that I won your giveaway.
You made my day. But, then again, coming to your blog every day always makes my day.


Diane Knott

You gals had too much fun! It should be illegal! ;-) And, Karla, I love your dress!!!
Hugs, Diane


Really, over 250 flowers on 89 clusters? Wow, that is a LOT. Almost as amazing as all the smiles it brings you when you dig up such impressive bargains.

It is always a delight to see your life so full and happy. Thank you for spreading the magic with the rest of us!


Oh my goodness, that basket of flowers took my breath away! And the french lace curtains. 2die4. What a time you had. Thanks for showing us. I feel like I was there and that is the fun of blogging. Happy October!
The Polka Dot Rose


LOOOVE those curtains! They are dreammmmy! And that basket of flowers! So much beauty, Miss Karla! Of course the friends were the most beautiful part!

Laraine Atherton

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. So many beautiful things...so little time.
Glad you are home and well. I usually need a day of rest after a trip and lots of fun...but then I'm old ! Ha!


The curtains are spectacular! Also, the doll head is a real hoot, I bet none of your pals ever ate crackers from a crown before...must be nice being part of such a "royal" crowd! I enjoy your blog so much, it seems like everyone is having a nice visit when we log onto your site. Thanks for all the beautiful ideas you toss out. Karen

beverly h

Congrats to the corsage winners! Love the new curtains...

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