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October 04, 2010



Your swaps are the best! I'm so sorry I was stupidly delinquent. Hope you got my package ok. There are some beautiful tags ....


Ooohhh! Can hardly wait to get my tags - they all look so beautiful! Thank you Karla for hosting this swap - it has been so much fun and obviously so much extra work for you.


Your instructions are so detailed and helpful. The tags look wonderful. What a great variety!


Karla, it is so neat to hear your process! I used to host swaps a lot, but not ones quite like this. I had a variety of methods depending on the swap type, but I think I would really enjoy doing one in this style! Your system is fabulous and it is so exciting to see you putting the tags together! I was excited to spot a couple of mine in your photos, too!!! :-)


You forgot to mention the medicinal properties of the wine glass kept handy. Swig.


And...wouldn't I love to be in that chaos with you. If I lived in the vicinity I would definitely volunteer to be your go'fer. My girlfriend and I used to have a newsletter party where we would assemble it and prepare for post...but NOTHING this elaborate. Girl, you need a helper. Or would too many hands mess up your mojo?

Sandy O'Donovan

WOW... is what I have to say! OMG what you take on with the swaps is amazing...such work, such time, such effort....and, done with such love. I so treasure you for doing these... I'm in for the long haul when you have more. I'm drooling over all the tags...can't wait to see what I get. You are so appreciated Karla.... your friend...xoso Sandy


Cant wait to see what you have done with all the tags. I know it will be something I will treasure.


Wow....I'm tired and I did nothing more than read your post.....:) What a job. You know I still have my treasured recipe book from that swap a couple years back....I still love it!


Good HEAVENS! I knew or I thought I knew what an undertaking it was. This was an amazing tutorial. I think I liked this swap best of all! Thank you for all of the work. Even if it's done with love, it's still a lot of WORK! THANKS!!



That is quite impressive! Good for you taking care so that each and every participant gets a great tag book. The care you lovingly put into your event is easy to see.

I had always considered myself highly organized. But maybe the truth is that I just have to put in extra effort not to mess things up that I'm working on. Hmmm.


Wow! You're so organized!

It looks like there were alot of beautiful tags in your swap!!


Wow Karla...that is SO much work for you! Thanks so much for hostessing...I really appreciate all the care you put into your swaps. Can't wait to see which tags show up in my mailbox!!!

Beth Leintz

Did it take you a really long time to hunt down all those tags? Are you SURE you found them all?

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I loved looking at the tags. What talented artists! You sure did a lot of work with this project. Hope you get some well deserved rest.


Cindy Is Crafty

Wow, Karla! What a labor of love! Thanks for doing it for us!


WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I'm tired just reading about it!!!! And thinking about it. And all of this on top of being Sugar Wings stand in for the Adventure of the day. The fur babies Momma, getting ready for Silver Bella & just coming home from a Road Trip(which I just posted a photo of you on my post tonight). I don't know how you do it all. But, you do it well my sweet friend. HUGS!

denise hahn

wow Karla I am impressed, this is great info if I ever get brave enough to host one!
and the Dorothy tags are IMPRESSIVE!

Wendy Bearden

You are just amazing. Keeping track of all those swap tags, doing and online workshop, treking around Texas, and all those other wonderful things you do. I need some of that energy. The tags all look wonderful and it is so awesome to see the process. I am so excited about my first tag book and you have made my first tag swap absolutely fantastic.
Thank you
Spells and Wishes,
Wendy from Wonderland

Robin Carr

It's such an incredible amount of work, I think it is so great that you do it. I still treasure my Alice tag book and look at it frequently. I am looking forward to getting this one as well. At least with all the work you are making a lot of people very happy!


Thanks Karla for showing us the process and doing this swap!
So much variety and color, amazing selection, from the peek!
I love your creative eye, I am sure everyone will get a magical book~

I can't imagine what the Post Office thinks of YOU; Do they shake their heads, bring all your mail in a sack?!





Let it be said "you did it BIG!!!"
You sound impressively organized to me.
If I lived close I would so storm your studio to help :)

mercedes scott

Whew... I'm exhausted just reading all your steps! You will need a mini vacation after this! The tags are all beautiful - can't wait to receive my book! :) mercedes

Christa from Chloe Rose

I've participated in one of your swaps before and hope to do so again. I'm impressed with your organization. Thank you for sharing your process.



Katsui Jewelry

Oh, Karla,
How I wish I could have been in this swap and your class. Hopefully things will settle down after Christmas. This was such a helpful post. I am not a naturally organized person either (lots of ADD genes in this family) and I really work hard on organization because it drives me crazy to lose things or not know what I have, etc. You went through step by step, what it takes. Someday I think I will take on a swap but not one with 100 people ;-) You really are amazing!!!



Morning Karla...you are so amazing...we have nothing like that in Canada...your blog community has amazing spirit..as do you...what fun...Lorraine


I can't get over the table full of lovely tags. I'm so excited for my book to arrive. That is a lot of hard work, girl! Thank you so much!


Wow, this post was almost as involved as the swap! Yes, I agree with everyone...you are awesome! Only someone who really loves what they do could undertake such a task. I had to bow up every pic to see all the amazing tags everyone did. Great job to all! Lisa


Oh I can't wait! I am so glad that I made it into the swap, and you seem to handle the task so well!

Jennifer Hayslip

Amazing Karla!!!! I swear you are the QUEEN crafter! You have it down to a science! You always impress me to no end!!! FABULOUS swap! I adore the wee ruby shoes. ;) XO,Jenn


Hi Karla, Oh goodness, the tags are amazing and so are
YOU for putting such a wonderful swap together. Sadly,
I couldn't participate but, Thank you so much for showing
them. This swap is truly a gift from the heart. Everyone has created such beautiful tags!! Twinkle and Agnes Rosebud
are adorable together! Rosebud is so tiny that I just
want to reach through the screen and give them both ton's
of hugs and kisses. Will you do that for me?
I look forward to seeing the completed tag books. Take


Oh Karla, some of the tags just look amazing. Can't wait to get mine! Thanks for all the care that you take to for all of us.

BTW - The photo for the swap was just the cutest!!!



How cool is all this? I loved seeing all the tags and hearing the process. This is my first swap, and I'm excited to have been a part of it. It was something I really wanted to do. When I see all your work, I have to grin that I thought it was tough to make SIX tags! haha... It was so fun to spy mine in the mix you have!!!! You rock, girl!



That's a lot of work! It's a good thing you work fast.



Karla, my-you have lots to do, here, --sooo many wonderfull tags, to mix, pack, and send- I`m sure the recipidients will make big eyes, opening those wonderfull pakages.
Happy wednesday, and hugs,Dorthe


Hey Karla...just a note, if anyone who reads this gets one of my tags, the lockets on my tags talk about how the first Toto was supposed to be a dachshund. Of course, the lockets are so darned hard to open, they will probably come loose from the tag if they are opened. Ah well, I tried! And the other tags are just amazing!!!!!!


To which all I can say is holy cow. I think I should have sent a MUCH better hostess gift! Really, you have my admiration for managing such a big swap!


oh wow so much work! I am glad I joined in. Nice to see my tags in your images ;-)

There was one totally divinbe tag, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I get one LOL

Stephanie O.

Loved reading this post and seeing all the photos of the tags and am very appreciative for you sharing your "how to coordinate a fabulous swap" tutorial. How interesting to see the behind the scenes look at your process and am amazed at all the effort you so graciously and generously put into the swaps...

Your swaps are one of the best to participate in and now I can see why---


Oh my! Thank you for sharing these photos of the whole process! It's amazing to see all the tags together like that and wonderful to see all the love and effort you put into making this a beautiful experience for everyone!

Rose Brier Studio

This is the best step-by-step for hosting a tag swap. And it's nice to show how much work you put into them, cuz you're a real peach to do this! Someday I would love to host a tag swap, but since the last 2 I have had to send next day air just to be a little (rather than a lot) late, I need to get it more together.

Thanks again for doing this, the tags look wonderful and I can't wait to see the finished product!


It's a labor of love for sure. Thank you for sharing all those details.

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