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October 09, 2010



Oh my gosh Karla ~ that is so very exciting !! I adore your home !!
I pretty much am wishing that I was in Kansas right now to come get some of that yummy stuff in your used to be antique shop ~ it looks wonderful !
Where in Kansas are you ? I love Kansas ~



Wonder if Brad's up for another trip to Kansas? Wow, I would love to load up our old truck with those goodies!
I have seen some really neat chicken coops online lately. I mentioned the idea to Chris (hubby) recently, who pretty much wouldn't even consider it. Oh well!!
Can't wait to see what you do with yours! :)

Riased In Cotton~Carol

Wellll My Goodness~ I should make a trip to Lawrence to see if you have anything left~ WOWOWOWWOW~ I just about fell over~ I hope you're leaving those cool curtains up too!!! Congratulations on the articles~ it always is a pleasure to work with my buddy:)))

xoxo, Carol


Dang girl, I want ALL that stuff in your shed!
I feel a road trip coming on.

Big congrats on your features!
I have the mag with you and Lisa in it, but I need to grab the one with you and Carol...another favorite gal!



Hello Karla...I want it all ...can you ship it to B.C...I would throw rocks at my grandmother for that shed & all the junk(sorry)..great stuff in there, have fun and I hope it goes to real good homes...ITt is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend..yummie turkey..Lorraine


ahhh - - do you think I could justify my air fare from the Uk to get over to you tomorrow before everything gets snapped up?




I have seen your articles and love them! I made a Charlotte fairy peat pot and love it and must post it on my blog soon, thanks for the inspiration! Good luck with the cleaning and I would like a door if I lived closer to haul it home. Looking forward to a few chicken coop photos in the future.

Suzie Q

That's the scary spider-shack chicken coop? Much better white, but yes, it would be hard to hunt for eggs in all the stuff. Of course, it is kind of halloween-creepy...
or maybe that's just my old spider-shack ptsd coming back to haunt me. Chickens are great. I highly recommend feather-legged bantams. The look like miniature russian chickens with boots on.


I cannot believe that room!!!!!! I can't even read the text because I'm foaming over the pictures. I can't believe Beth Ms Interior Alchemy herself hasn't moved into that shack! I want the chair,...and whatever is hanging the windows. And you are so sweet to show my story, I was honored to have a story in Karla's Life. LOL Lisa

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Too bad I am not closer. I would love to help you unload some of that "junk". I wonder if I clicked my ruby red heels together and wished I was in Kansas.....


Andrea Tarling

I love the coop! I would turn it back into a little shop!

Christa from Chloe Rose


I wish I lived closer to Kansas....I'd pull up my pickup and load up! You have such beautiful things.




I'm with all the others! I'd take any thing in there. Love the posts, doors and the headboard. It all looks like great stuff!!!!!!!! you have great trash!! Wish I could hop up there but I got to work at the clinic two days next week......sob! sob! Will be anxious to see who gets all the treasure!!


Sweet Karla, we love you! Can't believe you are going to put chickens in there!!!! But have a good time! Will buy the issue of Somerset Life (?) even though they cost a fortune. But for you, anything!!!! Your Friend, Bobbi


I wish I lived close enough to pick through your good stuff.



Toe breath! Karla, that is so funny!! I loved the magazine articles~ CONGRATS!!


I just recieved the mag. when I returned home, from looking after Mathilde, and the two artickles about you,and your wonderfull art, are beautifully done.I love the book you made from that old Greenland thing- that you can hide, and write inside-so gorgeus.
And dear, Karla, I understand the young mother,-one is toutshy, and scared when expecting a child, and there is not much place for fun...in that. Happy you are both understood again :)
About, your "junk" you would´nt even have notised me,being there, if I lived close--so fast I could drive, "all" would be gone with the wind--and me.

Happy sunday, Karla.


We definitely love you, Karla!

Congratulations on the articles, that is extra fun to be in two magazines at the same time. Have you been keeping your record of printed materials/recognition updated with those great resume-worthy achievements?

And a big Good Luck getting the shed cleared out. It's always hard making sure that things that still have good usability get to people who will value them.

Southern Lady's Vintage

Good morning Karla! Wish I could head to Kansas and free you of all of that great stuff! I have the new Somerset magazines. Congratulations to you!


Everything looks so great in that chicken coop Karla. I´m sure everything will be snapped up.
Congrats on the article. I have the mag too, and it looks awesome. It´s actually your peatpot creations that got me into playing with some of mine again. Working on some black and white Christmas ones.
xo Tina


You're a very inspiring artist Karla and I should have sent you an email to say how much I enjoyed both of your articles in Somerset Life.
I especially love your Vintage book on Greenland and how you re-created it in your signature style with vintage wallpapers, cards, ribbons and the like - so beautiful.
I wish I lived in your vicinity, I'd be camped outside waiting in case there was some of that stuff left over to go out on the road!!!!!! Sadly I'm a good 8000 miles away...

Please come and visit me where I've just posted pics of the card I've made my darling french granddaughter!!!
Take care
Shane xo


You do realise that I am sitting here crying into my cup of tea after seeing those pics of your shed. All those gorgeous things, that chair, and I am a few thousand miles away......

That is one heck of a big chicken shed, btw, how many are you going to keep in there?

Jenny Sellars

Load it up, head to Raleigh and we will work a trade for all the hats I can find between now and then!! LOL! Have fun cleaning but be careful of your back!!

mercedes scott

You've had a busy week! I wish I lived near you to stop by for some of your "stuff"....(sigh) You will be making some people very, very happy! Congrats on the Somerset articles -- they are well deserved! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy (actually, both). :)mercedes

Eileen Elder

Hi Karla ~ Congratulations on your articles in Somerset! And that is going to be one NICE chicken coop. I can bet is is going to be prettied up in some way ~ even with the chickens in there! Would love to put some of your leftover "junk" in my antique booth. LOVE IT! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Eileen


Dear Toe Breath, (ha!ha! I just had to say that!)
Congrats on the Somerset Life articles! I bought that issue to read at work during the SAT's and was happy to see you were in there!
I, too, wish I could scrounge thru your leftover junk but I would be happier to just meet you and Beth in person and play in your studio!
Hugs from a person who has also suffered from toe breath a few times in her lifetime! karen.....


oh, someone is going to be soooooooooooooooooo happy!!! digging thru all that gorgeous stuff!

olivia parazine

Oh my gosh where do you live, I am in my car on the way!!!!! Seriously, I would do something with it, looks like gorgeous treasures to me! Congrats on your article! I just adore all of your creations and your beautiful blog!


Are you kidding?? I want to live in that chicken coop with all that stuff! I am enjoying my Somerset Life also. Have a great week. Susan

LuLu Kellogg

Congrats on Somerset Karla!! Do you have the Somerset Holidays and Celebrations issue? My Silly Moon belt buckle is on the back cover! I am so happy!

I love the area you are cleaning out. When we move to our new home I am getting my husband to build me a little Chicken Chapel. I want to have my own eggies!!

Silver Bella will be here before we know it! Can't wait to meet you!

LuLu xoxo


What a cool shed! And such fun junk! If I were local, I'd totally come check it out! Congratulations on your publications and I am glad to hear that you pulled the post for the Mom and NOT for some cranky reader. Mom is a good reason - random meanies are not! LOL! I also wanted to let you know that I received my swap tags and they are fabulous! I will SO be doing more swaps with you! Thank you SO much!


Been waiting for this issue -- well, I know where I'm stopping on the way home! Congratulations!


You have some large treasures in that wonderful space!
and WOW~~~ congrats to you, Lisa & Carol!!

I can't wait to pick up the new magazine!

Kind of warming up again here today 90 degrees...

Have a good week Karla:)



Why can't things like this happen around me, so I can pick up stuff like this. Just the way you have that room with stuff piled all over the place... It kinda has a nice feel to it... I know crazy, but it really does.... VERy Shabby. Hehehe YOu must of had it fix up really cute at the time.

Congratulations being in a magazine..... how exciting!

Enjoy your Day*

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