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October 14, 2010



Wow!! How time flies!! They look like they are having a lot of fun!!!Tell me where that pumpkin patch is. Do you know that between KC and Maryville there is a little town called Punpkin Center!! Brings back memories!!

Kris Pare

Those are precious! Little one and I do that every year too. I know we just celebrated little one's 3rd birthday and I still can't believe how time has flown--it's sad but I almost cried again when I posted pics-sigh..I already see some of what's to come in the teen years :)


You are the Best Grandparents!!!!
My sentimental pumpkin moment was,..... watching my teen dig the two BIGGEST pumpkins out of the walmart bin.
LOL we don't have patches like that where we live.


Oh Gosh Karla,
I cannot belive how tall she's getting. And yeah, Grand-dad is a hottie even if he doens't recognize his own house in a mag. I've got one day to finish 25 kits, work a school carnival & nurse my husband back to health. Think I'll make it? LOL Lisa

Eileen Elder

Sweet pictures, and just think, one day she is going to be as tall as her grandfather! YIKES


Very cute. Which patch is this one?

Happy Friday!



Hi Karla... Funny how you ended your post with a "flashback photo" cause I was looking at the first photo and thinking how her profile looks more grown up suddenly:-) She is a beautiful girl! How luck she is to have all these amazing photos of her childhood:-))

debbie york

They do grow up so fast...seems like even faster than their parents did! What a wonderful way to chart her growth...pumpkin style...love it! There is nothing sexier than a granddaddy holding his precious g'daughter's hand...nothing.

Katsui Jewelry

She is the cutest punkin of them all. And grandpa is really looking good. I am so touched by his love for your Fairy Baby, too. So sweet. These years go so quickly, don't they?



It is fun to see the pictures of different years by each other to see how things have changed and how they are still the same.

I look forward to the challenge of spotting the pumpkins you picked out among pictures of your home during the upcoming weeks.


What a lovely tradition! I bet she has oodles of fun ( you, too, lol ).


Such adorable pictures! I know what you mean about them growing up so fast----my little granddaughter is 7 and although I wouldn't have it any other way, it does tug at my heart to see those baby, toddler, little girl days fly by so fast! And, isn't it great to still be so in love with your husband? We have been married 49 years and I still think he is one hot grandpa too!!


It looks like a wonderful day!

Laraine Atherton

I too get a tear in my eye when I realize how quickly my own grandbaby has grown. I wish they lived closer so we could see each other more often.
The wizard of Oz tags arrived and I have posted them to my blog. They are Wonderful!!!


I love this, the magic of fall, the growth, the photo of the same two every year. A wonderful way to record the magic of her youth~


Awwww, she IS growing up fast! Just think, next year at this time there will be another tiny one to take to the pumpkin patch! How adorable will that picture be!?!


Wow hot grandpa...yes she sure is growing up..so sweet and creative..take care hot grandma


Pumpkins and Munchkins. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

olivia parazine

oh, she is a doll...my littlest is almost 4 we still call her the baby! thanks for sharing your pics


Oh my gosh -- that last photo just pierces my heart!

Amy Cooper

This would be a photo I would put into a special frame and pull out each year in the fall. My kids 17 & 20 love looking back at the special young day photos I pull out each season.
It speaks loudly.

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