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October 23, 2010



OH I get this post! I am just trying to take some time everyday to ENJOY life...it really is like a vapor...

natalie hansen

Oh Karla, I know just what you mean...the days just seem to be gone before I know it. (except these last few months, which I want to be done, and seem to drag by.) But I love your son's take on it! I know that at least creating is good for mental health...at least it is for mine!
P.S. Wish I could have come to KS before SB to play with you girls...But I can't wait to see you in Omaha! NAt



I have the same problem with time and seem to go so little done. If intentions counted, I would be accomplishing so much. Hope your Halloween party is a good one!

Sheila R

I so understand!!! There is just not enough time in my day! And here I am stalking blogs instead of laundry and the other 9 million things I have to get done today.

Can't wait to see you at SB!


Karla, I feel the same way. There is just not enough time left in the day. I have decided to take the rest of the year off and doe some things I want to do instead of making myself nuts.

I just love the picture of the kids in the back of the truck! They are all so darling!

I am so excited to see that you are going to have another online class! YIPPEE!

Have fun with Sugarwings this weekend! I will see you in a few weeks at SB!


Wanda Contreras

Dear Karla:
I LOVE YOUR POST!!! I agree with you 100%... Where the time goes???? Tell your son "the Guru" that I like what he says about aging!!! I'm going to start creating so I don't get old, I wish is that easy, LOL!!!!

Thank you for always sharing with us your life and your georgeous grandaughter!!!


Loved this post, Karla. It's all about how we spend the time we have! I've been crawling around on the floor all day (not falling down drunk, just playing with my 21 mo. old grandson!). I'm so tired and really need a nap now, but I'd rather check out PS posts and say hi to a few bloggy friends, and you are at the top of my list!

Tell Guru son that I love his take on not aging while we're in the zone! :0)

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Katsui Jewelry

Oh, Karla. You make me chuckle. I don't think I know anyone, in or out of Blogland, who gets more done than you and who squeezes every bit of life out of her days. If only staying in the "Zone" could make it so. That sounds just like something my hippie girl would say...haha! Time just marches on. We do the best we can. Being disabled has really given me (way too many ;-)) lessons about what I can and can't accomplish anymore. In fact, I was much like you. Please know that this is not a "scold" or "know it all"...I would love to be back where I had tons of energy and did three jobs at a time. I just want you to know that you are doing so well at life and creating and grandmothering and decorating for parties and teaching at new workshops. Don't even forget the marvel that you are.

Katsui Jewelry

I sure hope you still do that Christmas class, though... White Christmas...just perfect!!! I will forgive you if it is too much ;-)


I hear you and share your pain "sister girlfriend." ;o) (my friends HATE when I say that...hee-hee) Seriously though, time does fly by. When you are Sugarwing's age the summers last foreeeeeevvvveeeerrrrr..... Now - they are gone in the blink of an eye. My grandfather used to say, "Keep on keepin' on." That's what you gotta do! Time will pass whether you are busy or not so it's a darn good thing you are so flippin' busy!! ;o) Have a great weekend. - Kathy


Hello Karla...you will have to live to be 100...just to get it all done...I work with senior`s & you would be surprised what you cn do in a wheelchair...LOL...I do so love your blog...I`m addicted..it`s the third thing I check evryday...after my email..& the Canadian dollar...Lorraine

Janice Rehmeyer

I often wonder to myself how you do so much in each day. You are one busy girl. I try to pace myself but somedays i have more to do than others. Winter time i seem to slow down because i do not have outdoor work to do.
But i really enjoy staying busy, i am so much more happier.


I never have enough hours in my day! There are so many projects I want to work on, but I'm always working on inventory to sell! Gotta eat!! LOL!!


Make a day planner and try not to over schedule yourself and stick to it! And make time for yourself were you just to stuff for you. Love you.

Rose Brier Studio

I'm with Suz! You put me to shame, all you get done! Your post reminded me that during my grandma's last month, she complained that she didn't have enough time to do all she wanted. May you live to be 96 as she did, or more!

Anji Johnston

Karla - if you read my post a few weeks back - I know how you feel! I was complaining about the same thing and have not found a solution for it yet! Any tips? I have decided to give up on housework (it just gets dirty again anyway), disposable clothing, fast food and catnaps. None of these have worked yet but I am a determined soul and will find a solution. Now if I could just stop wasting my time thinking about how to not waste my time life would be perfect!
Happy weekend


I sure hear ya girl. I just have so many things I need/want to do and I feel like life is just whizzing by in the blink of an eye. Oh well, must finish cropping pictures which is not actually on the list and then get to bed.


Elaine L.


I'm always amazed at how much you get done and how fast you work and yet you spend quality time with Sugarwings. I think you're doing great!


Diane Knott

Oh do I hear you, Karla! I'm waiting for the government to pass the 48 Hour Day Law!
Here's the thing though...you're really busy with wee ones! That always amazes me how you gals with children and/or grandchildren still manage to get so much done. Kudos to you!
Happy Sunday!


Karla, I just said goodby to my daughter ,grandkids,and son in law- and as you said: where does time dissapear? they were here for 4 dayes- gone ,just like that- and I so misses them-especialy my little Mathilde--and ofcourse I did not make anything else,but having a lovely time with them...so now--I have to produce,--my mood is not for that -today.....
The photo of Sugarwings is fantastic-
Sunday hugs--Dorthe

Kim Caldwell

I feel all your sentiments Karla. Sometimes it is important to remember to savor everything. . .



Cheryl Dolby

What a lovely post. I enjoyed seeing the children, the artwork and really love your guru son's advice about the zone. Hopefully he is right since I'm in the zone more than not.


Hi Karla

I just love to come by and see what you've been up to. The bassinet turned out beautifully, and I love your idea of a family mobile.

I'm running out of time myself it seems - but we seem to get the hafta's done don't we.

Hope that you're not stressing too much.



Sounds like you have you have one of the best problems in the world: Too many good things to separate out so they all blur together into one big, happy moment.


Gosh you sound like me right now. Except that you actually DO list your items in yoru shops. I have boxes of stuff that I need to sell one way or anohter. A booth is not the option. Too stressful, I agree. I like the guru's theory, maybe I need to stay in my zone more, heck the kids are old enought to make food! Lisa
the pictures from the party...AMAZING! The gypsie family tree is just the coolest ever. Your too much Karla, "I'm not worthy"

Laraine Atherton

What is that saying....oh yes.....The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.
Have a great day and don't worry about getting older..It not so bad and really beats the alternitive. Every day we open our eyes, is a blessing!

Karla Nathan



My husband and I just had this discussion over the weekend, how time seems to be flying by and how did we get to where we are so fast. I hope the Guru son is right, maybe I can run to the studio and erase some wrinkles while creating ;c)

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