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October 30, 2010



Hi Karla. I love that you want to, and do, have as much fun as the kids. For me, that is part of the liberation that comes with Halloween! Crazy fun is OK. Your White Christmas workshop: is that online or in a shop? 'Cause I'm feeling "white" this Christmas is the new green.

Lulus Lovlies

Love the post Karla, the pic's re all so great of your Halloween get together, looks like you all had lots of fun! Happy Halloween to you all! Marilou

sherry bamsey

What a great Grandmother you are!!! You are making memories for your little ones that they will always remember. Loved all the pics
So excited about your next class

Rose Brier Studio

Your pictures & video of the pumpkin patch are so sweet. I'm really gonna miss my kids this year. At first I thought the unhealthy blue glow was your photo program until I noticed the arms are not blue. Cool effect!
Happy Halloween


What a beautiful family you have and they are so lucky to have such a fun and ambitious Gramma like you. Sugarwings photographs so well, she's a beautiful little girl. She could be a model. Love the sweet caterpillar video. Happy Halloween to all of you !
:o) Sue


oh what fun you had Karla..looking forward to sticky door knobs in the future...love your agua makeup..scary lol

Miss Rhea

Love those socks !!! :) Sugarwings is pretty brave, you couldn't get me anywhere near that fuzzy creature !!! Lol !! :) Glad the day was so special and fun for ALL ! :) Hugs :) :)


Hi Karla,
What a fabulous post, I have such a huge smile on my face after reading this. Fabulous!!!!
Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween!


What fun!
I just saw one of those fuzzy caterpillars in my flower garden tonight. Your parties look like so much fun for all ages.
Happy Halloween!


What a fun Halloween week! Love the pics with the caterpillar...so sweet.

mercedes scott

Karla, I truly enjoyed the video of SugarWings and her new friend... don't you just love the innocence of youth? :) mercedes


Next year I'm sending my girly girl over to you, so she can really enjoy Halloween. She loves it (I'm not a fan, but I make the effort), and would LOVE your celebrations. My sister held a little Halloween & fireworks party for her last night - yey, no mess for me to clear up! - and my Little Pumpkin Fairy had a great time.
Despite the best efforts of the supermarkets each year, Halloween still isn't a big celebration over here in England, but it's nice to have dressing up parties. Have to admit though, felt a tad foolish leaving the house at 5 p.m dressed as a witchy/Morticia/spooky lady!

Happy Halloween xx


You throw the best parties!! Memories in the making. Looks like a lot of fun. And good luck with the cleaning up.

Dorthe Hansen

Karla, Oh I can immagine, the sticky doorknops, after all those small fingers, have been in yummy things,to eat.
Love you as paintet halloween queen-and the photoes of the kids, are wonderfull. WHAT A SPECIAL,AND HAPPY WEEK YOU HAD.
Wish you a wonderfull halloweens eve,dear Karla.

debbie york

I wanna come play at your house and wear blue eyeshadow all over! (Is that the trick to keeping the eyes wide open?)
Love the pumpkin patch and how that little caterpillar looks like a heart kiss.
Thank heaven for little girls...they keep us forever young!


Thanks Karla, maybe some iron in your diets for complexion color..LOL. You are remarkable with the children.!!
Love the pumkin scan, the dialogue was fun to read.


Oh Karla, you do the most wonderful things for the kids. Sugarwings is so adorable in the video!

I love your Stripey Tights!!

Happy Scary Day!

Jean Elliott

Just found your blog - love it. Your granddaughters are beautiful!! I used to roast the pumpkin seeds after we carved our pumpkins too (and we always had to make carmel apples when we did the pumpkins.) My youngest is now 34 and she and the other two (40 & 42) still carry on the tradition. You never know what these kind of things mean to children because you do them so they have fun but the memories do stick with them.
Can't wait to see your White Christmas!!


Ok--Now I am all cought up.
Looks like a lot of fun has been going on
in your neck of the woods.

Have a safe a fun Halloween!



Karla~you are THE MOST FUN! What a terrific grandma you are!!


You'd make a great preschool teacher. You know kids because your a big kid yourself. You are definitely in touch with your Inner Child. LOL


What a beautiful family!
Happy Halloween!


Love that bootiful glow you have going on!~ I want sticky door knobs~ Not yet, I can wait a bit longer...lol~

Great fun! I love how easy you make it look!
enJOY your Halloween~


What a lucky Mr. Fuzzy-Fuzzy to get to ride on Sugarwings' pumpkin!

"Seems like anytime you give kids an opportunity to do something themselves, they are pretty happy." There's a magic truth about life! So obvious it is easy to miss.

Glad you had a fun and successful party. No amount of makeup could hide all those smiles. ;->

Jenny Sellars

No new baby yet?? Hope Gypsy momma and baby are still doing well!!


Love it!....Sugar wings is adorable and you are unbelievably sweet!....love your costume from the top of your aqua tinted face to the soles of your clever stripped feet...you are adorable!

Laraine Atherton

How adorable.....I have tried and tried and I can't seem to get sound with my video. I wanted to post a video of my little dogs doing their daily bark and howl( for no paticular reason at all ) but the sound did not come through. I'll keep trying. In the mean time, I will enjoy my visits to your blog. You always seem to be having so much fun!
have a great day.


Looks like so much fun! It must be majorly amazing to hang out at your house, always lots going on. I envy Sugarwings her free and messy spirit. I grew as an only child of a no nonsense mom who never wanted me to get dirty or be messy, boy did I love summers on my grandmothers farm where messy meant merriment. You are a great grandmother!

Cami @ Creating Myself

Thanks for revealing your secret w/ your make-up...it's incredible! And of course Sugarwings is a little doll...LOVE her voice!

I hear ya about kid's clothes! I buy Caralyn's clothes while thrifting too but never have much luck w/ boys clothes so I gave up. They alwasy seem too worn or too plain. I've been accused of playing favorites but girls are just soo much more fun to shop for! ;)


Hi Karla, what a cute video!! I also got a kick out
of Pixie Pie's expression holding the candy apple. It
looks like everyone had a great time. I love your outfit
too. Do you mix the eyeshadow into foundation?


I was going to suggest a vitamin supplement, I'm relieved to read it's only make up LOL! I so agree about thrift stores for kids. I have to admit when the babies were around 1 I got carried away for a few months, Baby Gap, Gymboree, loved them all. But some outfits never even got worn. Soon finances & sense overcame me & we now hit Kid to Kid or the thrift store. It's crazy to buy new when you can buy almost new for a fraction of the cost. Same with toys. I find they love the treasures they find at garage sales as much as the new stuff. Your party looked like a hit, what fun making all that messy, gooey stuff! A kids dream. You are for sure in the Grandmother Hall of Fame! Lisa

britt-sparkled vintage charm

cute post!! I hope you had a fabulous Halloween!! Have a wonderful day!! Huge hugs!!! Britt :-)

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