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October 27, 2010



What a great job you did with your baby shower. I love your fairy tree with stranger babies and all! Your husband is too funny. He sounds like mine. My Jeff finally "get's it" now that I am selling some of my creations in my shop .lol
Now he just encourages me to do more.
Your spring party sounds like so much fun, I wish I could come. I know it would be so much fun. You never know,maybe I'll make it there.
Hope all goes well with Mama's birth and the arrival of your new grand baby girl. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.
:o) Sue

Judi Storm

"Demented paper doll games," love it. If they ever got it they would want to play too. I do hate the stink-eye I get when I bring home a treasure. However it thrills my soul when he says "that use to be..." HA.
As for next spring, I'm sure your house isn't big enough for all of us. But the ladies that don't fit will just have to watch me, through the window ;}

Judi in Wahoo


I always moan to myself when I stop here to make a visit. I moan because I've left it so long and yours is one of my favourite blogs to visit. Then I feel quite pleased about it, because I have so much good stuff to catch up with! :o)
You are one busy lady. I hope your new grand daughter stays put until it's the right time to show her face. Love the tats on the back of your DIL, so pretty.

All of your decorations are gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Have a happy Halloween weekend xx


I think that is so funny about your husband asking who the pictures were hanging from the tree. And him showing someone else's magazine layout is one of my favorite stories of all time. Yes, funny how the guys just don't get it. God bless em, they try. I didn't get nearly as much worship as I deserved around here when my Life article came out. Just same ol 'what's for dinner'. Did they not realize I am a star??? LOL Well your a star in my world Karla. I can't wait till May, if this shower is any indication of your 'laid back' style I cannot wait to see our little event! Lisa

Cheryl Dolby

I love the parasol winged babies! Relatives or not. LOL
You write so honestly and from your heart. I love coming to your blog. I always said I didn't care to hear about anyone's family but in your case, I feel like I'm living vicariously through your eyes. I'm even watching for when the baby arrives!



It is all so pretty. Love the cute babies with fairie wings. /Therese

scrappy jessi

and heck ya i want to come and play!!!!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!The gumball machine-amazing!

Kim Hanauer

Karla, May sounds like fun! I would love to be there. It gives me enough time to try to work it out. Your babay shower was adorable! You are just so creative. It sure gives me inspiration. Thanks so much! Kim


Oh gosh, I would LOVE to come to a workshop at your studio. How much FUN would that be??!! I think I will start working on my husband to convince him a trip to the mid-west for May Day would be a good thing!

Suzanne Duda

You know I'll be there!!
xo suz

Jennifer Hayslip

PRECIOUS Karla!!!! I adore the banner!!! So so sweet with the little children and babies, and your gumball centerpieces is FAB!!! Beautiful display and vignette!! XOXO,Jenn


Wow everything looks awesome! The banner is adorable. You are such a talent Karla. Susan

Cami @ Creating Myself

Say WHAT? A workshop @ your house w/ you & Lisa & Carol teaching...where do I sign up? ;)

Oh yeah, got so excited over your event that I forgot to cmpliment you on your beautiful table. And you know I'm a fan of unique names so I love, love, love Mayara...beautiful!


How totally sweet!

Diane Knott

Oh, Karla, it all looks beautiful! Love the "babies"! I am totally drooling over your luscious curtains and chuckling about your sweet hubby.



The shower decor is wonderful...I am sure everyone had a great time. I sure would like to come to your event in May...will have to check my kid's athletic schedule first. It sounds great!!

Nancy Stone

I really like the fairy baby tree. You think of the cutest ideas. Happy Halloween

Katsui Jewelry

I just love it. I am learning new ways to use basbinettes and tulle!!! And I can't believe that doll Rachel made. So cute!!! I know it will be appreciated.

I still am loving the idea of you Spring Weekend. Would be so much fun!!!

I am not sure if I told you there is a giveaway on my blog, jewelry designed by Robin Thomas (A Nest with a View) and myself. No strings attached!!



debbie york

Pick a house...any house...just as long as it's pink and white! I am rolling!
Precious party decor and FYI...I totally get you!

Laraine Atherton

I soooooo want to come and play at your house. Your tablescape was completly charming. I love the idea of using the doll cradle and bed to hold the dishes and things. Charming as always!!


I was so disappointed to miss the party you had with the Silverbella girls and I would *love* to come create with you in May!


Karla what a beautiful job you did on this sweet PINK baby shower...I just love the way you always think outside the box girl and use what you have and it all looks like magicial when you get done...and I can't believe you never made whip cream before oh YUM!! Hope you have a GREAT day my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


This shower decor is one of the sweetest I have seen~ just charming! And the story about you husband and the pink and white house was hilarious...


Hi Karla... The baby tree is fantastic!! Those little paper umbrellas make it crazy cute!!
I love victorian cabinet cards too... people do say oh, who is this, and look like I'm crazy when they are not related:-))
Though... I think demented paper dolls has a cool ring and could be a popular idea!!
Thanks for sharing your too cute tablescape, your ideas amaze me!

LiLi M.

I love the baby shower tree!! The best part of this blogpost is of course the story of your husband showing the magazine to his mother XD!!!!
Too bad you don't live around the corner, I would certainly be your first guest then! Have fun and still sending you and all your girls positive vibes while waiting (and maybe labouring).


Love the shower fairies and all the decorations! Definitely the hostess with the mostess!

Also, finally got my Somerset Life and loved your Peat Pot article (and the other, but especially this one!) I have been motivated and have been making peat pots like a crazy lady. I'll post some photos soon, but all I can say is you're an inspiration!


Your husband comments had me laughing out loud! Love your decorations and thanks for the smiles!

Eileen Elder

You are too funny Karla! I love all the hanging fairies on the tree, family or not. The whole shower theme was beautiful! I love cabinet cards, and my brother and husband already asked me why I would hang and keep pictures around my house if I did not know the people. Are they kidding me????


Dear Karla...reading your blog is the highlight of my day..I saved some willow branches from the tree that fell on the neighbour's car..oops...Sweet baby shower for a sweet baby...take care..

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, I hope your daughter in law know just how special you are. Your house is very pretty. It takes time and money and lots of efforts to do all you do for her and Adam. A big Thank You is in order.
Anxious to read about your new grandbaby.

Leanne Shawler

ooh that May spring thing sounds like a lot of fun! I think your problem is what are you going to do when you have more than 20 people signed up!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I love how you used doll furniture on your table. Just darling! I would be signing up for your class if only I lived closer. It sure sounds like fun.



Your shower looks like quite an amazing event all over again! Have you already done a tutorial on cottage baby showers for a magazine? It would be great article, coming from you and your abundance of creativity.

And another workshop in May? Your 2011 calendar is getting busy fast!


What a beautiful baby shower. Just magical. Seriously, I could see a beautiful tabletop book published which features all your creative hostessing photos. Or even one on how to be the bestest Granny ever...or a chapter book with a little of this and a little of that. You have that special touch! Your May Day event would be a blast to attend! Thanks for all the great inspiration...just loved all the different vignettes created for this special event! Xo, Sue


First, I must say your husband showing his mom someone else's home has me LMAO!! The shower is so special! he little fairy baby tree.... could not be any prettier! Your family is so so lucky to have you in their life, Karla!


Sugarwings must be one great Momma to her babies with all that great vintage furniture to play with. Love how you used it to decorate with - you are such an inspiration!

Hope all is well with the Momma to be and baby girl.

They are in my prayers.



such an adorable baby shower...you really do make the most fun out of everything! The banner was definately worth the extra trouble to hang...gorgeous! How fun to have another fairy baby on the way to teach and love and play with! God bless you all:)


The shower decor was adorable!!!! LOVE the fairies! I had lunch & shopping with Lisa today & your event sound like so much fun! I need to save the date. I've already got Jenn's event in OCT on my calendar. Oh my I can't believe how much fun we will be having playing at all these things! HUGS!


You make everything look so special. I can't wait for all the baby pics that are going to be posted.

I'm sure your workshop will be a success!



Karla! Precious Shower decor!!! And I am with Cami, where do I sign up??? would love to know more about the event!!! Sounds too fun!

Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl

So So So excited to hear you are not only coming to Jenn's event, but teaching!! YAY!!
I need me some nathan!!!
xoxoxo, Tiffany


Darling decor, Karla!

And as for your event, already talked to Lisa, I am THERE.



What a great idea for a baby shower. The baby tree is the best! I also use "stranger" pics for my ornaments but I love yours. Thanks so much, your blog is great!


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