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October 11, 2010



did you notice that the "colorful" part of the dress are actually the wizard of oz characters..(well they are pumpkins dressed as the characters!!!)...sooo happpy she likes it!!! and works well with a shirt under and leggings too!!!!



Adorable and soooo thoughtful! There are a lot of talented people out there! Just an incentive to make us all try harder!!
Thanks for sharing Karla. As always those big blue eyes are captivating! Yeh Sugarwings!!


This is such a gorgeous post Karla - I always love your photos and nice easy chatty posts!
I wish I had seen your post about this swap - I'll keep my eyes open next time for sure.
I've never taken part in one but I feel it's time to be brave!!!
Take care

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, Just love the dress
on Sugarwings. How sweet. Please keep her clothes for a quilt you might make her someday for her wedding gift or graduation. She will look back on all the fun she had with her Grammie.

Just asking, are you selling any Oz tags? {You made up}}}I did not get involved because i do not know how to make the tags. But would really love on, since i am a Oz fan. Please send me your address, i have something i must send you.


It has to be amazing to receive such fabulous work from so many artists.

I love the pictures of Sugarwings. It doesn't make any difference how much she receives, she always has such an awed look on her face. She will be amazed some day when she realizes that not all kids get such fabulous gifts on a regular basis.



My book was waiting for me when I got home from a weekend at the lake, and I was lucky enough to get TWO Karla tags, or a cover and a tag -- however you do it! WONDERFUL, beautiful work. And did I see a little Sugarwings in those Dorothys? Karla, thank you -- I'm thrilled.


How fabulous; So much talent! I am so happy YOU loved the little dog zipper pull! I thought it was so cute! Who wouldn't like it~ Thank you for all your effort; I am enjoying my tag book; off to email the gals that made my tags! Thanks for making magic, again xXx


Ohh it looks like so much fun. I just love the dress and her face is lit up with excitement! I am loving those pretty blue eyes. Such special times together!!


Karla, this is a beautiful post and I was so excited to see my clothespin and the tag I made you of sweet Agnes Rosebud with Glenda!!! Thanks for letting me participate, I had so much fun doing it and can't wait to get the book you made me.
Sugarwings just gets more and more beautiful. She is going to break a lot of boys hearts someday!!

Katsui Jewelry

Karla, Karla,
You are absolutely the best swap hostess! I love looking at the pictures of your tags and gifts. I am always amazed how the tags get more and more fabulous with each new swap. There are some immensely talented people out there!!!

That Sugarwings has the most beautiful eyes I have seen. Lashes...wow! They are so blue! I thinks she looks adorable in that dress. She is just the little fantasy princess! Sure makes me long for those days again.


Rose Brier Studio

I love seeing all the treats. And I always love seeing photos of Sugarwings. She is so beautiful.

In doing this swap I realized I love the witches. They really are my favs! Who wouldn't love a line like, " . . .my magnificent wickedness. . ." Thanks again for hosting it.


Wow, that really looked like an epic adventure for it all! Congratulations on only ending up with one lost book and Toto. I'm sure they'll be resolved in the epilogue (aka within the next week).

Thank you for sharing the adventure with all of use too!

Sandy O'Donovan

I'm thrilled, jumping for joy, so excited at my little Oz book. Got back from my camping weekend and there it was sitting in my mailbox with a note from my neighbor saying, "I'm waiting for you to get home so we can open them together".... how sweet is that? So that's exactly what we did. Ripping into the packages with big smiles on our faces in such anticipation of what tags we would get. OMG, we are both so happy with our tags....Mmmmmm so cute, so delicious, happy happy girls are we. Thank you Karla for hosting such a fun tag event, it was our first, but....certainly not last, can't wait for the next one. Thank you all for such creative tags, you've raised the bar for me, that's forsure. I know everyone must be as happy as I am with this adventure. THANK YOU ALL....and a big kiss to Sugarwings and her delightful Grandma. xoso Sandy


Hey girl... thanks for the sweet comments... your so kind! I received my tags that you sent and I am beyond delighted with them. Whens the next swap? lol

robin sanchez

Im new to your blog and I wish I had known about this swap.....I feel left out :( all the tags are so cute!!

What a cute dress on lil sugarwings....I have a grand daughter around the same age and she is so much fun!!!



Okay, I lied. But it was worth a shot. Love, love, love my tag book! Thank you, Karla, from the bottom of my heart! Bobbi


Sugarwings is the sweetest little girl, those eyes, my goodness!


Karla for President. With your organizational skills and sparkling personality who wouldn't vote for you? The Oz tag book I received is drool-worthy. Only 1 tag had contact info on it, so I shall say "I love everything, and all so different", here in hope all tag participants will read my thank you. OK, Karla. What's next? :)


Got my tags today! Have glanced through them and can't wait to really look at them. You did a great job with this.
How many participated???

Thanks again--



What a wonderful post Karla, so fun! And the photos of Sugarwings are amazing ~ those eyes!!!

Karla Nathan

Thanks I think she is pretty cute

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