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November 18, 2010


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Congratulations, Karla! What a head of hair! Isn't there an old wive's tale about a baby having alot of hair - heartburn or something? Anyway, I'll bet everyone is glad she is here and healthy. I read the previous post as well, you had to know as soon as you left something would happen!


Oh Karla, what a beautiful baby girl! Everybody must be so relieved, and excited, and full of love for the little one, congratulations to you and the whole family!

Cami @ Creating Myself

You gotta call her Tutu...fits in w/ the whole fairy theme! ;)

I thought you might like this recipe for breakfast cookies. I made them for Shilah on the birth of most of her children...makes breakfast a lot easier for the new mommy. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Best-Breakfast-Cookie/Detail.aspx

Congratulations again Karla...aren't new grandbabies fun? I wore blue all week in celebration of the birth of the boys & pink for an entire month when Caralyn was born. (She is the only girl out of 5 boys LOL)


oh Karla, she is so sweet...yes her nickname will come to you...am so glad all is well on the homefront...my you cooked up a storm..today I am making bread, borsht on the burner and getting ready to make french meat pies on the weekend with hubby...so take care...your blog gives me a lift in a dreary week..


Karla, they looks so lovely, together, she is so sweet, and her name-beautifull-
You have been very bussy-cooking, looking after the kids, I bet you could use the "boring" day today, but also that your arms, wants to hold-again ,the kittle prinsses.
love your card, and the "glitter" you used, looks so gorgeus, and the box, so pretty and wonderfull, with your little christmas tree.
XO, Dorthe

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Thank you for picking my name! I'm tickled pink!
I think Tutu is adorable by the way and I do LOVE the name Starla....that is my kitty's name!
I adore your frame with the little nest....but everything you create is amazing!
You have much to celebrate this Thanksgiving!
Mother and baby are beautiful!
:) Laura


Congratulations on the new family member. TuTu is adorable.

Love the card. The sparkle on the nest makes it complete.


Congratulations, Karla! That is one beautiful baby!


What a sweet picture! Can not wait to find out her nickname...Sugarwings will have a real live baby doll to love!!! How is she handling the baby...she is at an age where she will probably really enjoy the baby. I sure hope so, just such a sweet precious baby!


She is absolutely beautiful and so is her name!

My nickname vote is Pixie, it lends well to her middle name, and goes well with Sugar Wings =0)


Hi Karla, Mamma and baby look so serene, you always have amazing photos! Starla is a fun choice, I'm sure it will be clear to you once she shows who she is:-))
Thank You! I am so excited you picked my name, I love roses, and these are darling :-)) I will drop you an e-mail...
Have a great day with baby....


oh karla...i'm thrilled to win a gift from such a special time!!! how precious she is!!! i love tutu, but there is something very special about starla!! either way.....you'll know!!

ox, meleen


Yes, they are breathtaking...sigh...absolutely gorgeous.


Missed the first post about the new arrival darn! But I'm caught up now.
She is beautiful! Congratulations to all!!!!!

Hope everyone gets some rest.


Alison Gibbs

Karla she is so sweet so how about calling her Sugar Sweet.
Don't really call her that but she is so sweet.

Sherry Williams

Your new fairy granddaughter is so beautiful, Karla...a true blessing from God. I am so happy for you and your family. I can't wait to hear the nickname you come up with!

Heather Kowalski

Congratulations on your new baby granddaughter Karla! She is just beautiful!!

xoxo Heather


What precious pictures and I love hearing how they chose her name!

I'm thrilled to be getting one of your beautiful roses ~ great karma, as you made them at the hospital just a few days after I was at the hospital with my new little one!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


I'm so happy for you Gramma Karla that your new little fairy baby made it into the world safely and that Mom is doing well too . I am very happy for you.
:o) Sue



What a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. I think one day she will look at you and gaze into your eyes and your heart will know her special nickname. I have never had a desire to do any felting but I think it is really pretty. I am most eager to hear about your May Day Celebration. Enjoy your new bundle!

debbie york

Being from the South, I'd probably try to say her whole name if she were in trouble...as if that precious baby will ever be in trouble. She is beautiful...and I don't always say that about newborns...but she is!
You're like a windup toy...you just keep spinning!


What a beautiful name. One doesn't need nickname with such a pretty name! I like the non-sugar options - she should have her own unique nickname. Starla is very sweet!

Brenda Kula

Congrats, Karla! That is one gorgeous baby! Loved seeing all the creations. She will be a lucky little grandchild like Sugarwings, to have you in her corner!


My vote is Sugar Star! What ever the name she will be precious and sweet. I am so thankful that all turned out well. I'm anxious to hear about your May thing as I'm definitely wanting to come. Jen, will be with me, too.

Celeste Hude

Ok, now I'm crying, just happen to be listening to Handels, Messiah while seeing mother and child and reading the info....... take a deep breath! The felted flowers are wonderful, how dow you get the sparkly's on them?
Celeste, The Victorian Tailor


mother & baby look just beautiful. I love her names, and the meanings behind them.

My gorgeous girl has four names! I couldn't bear to leave any of the ones that I really loved out, so just piled them all in there! ha ha! well, she doesn't have to use them all does she? I do though. When she is being a trouble, I hurl the lot out at her, surname included!

I don't think anyone was surprised really, I mean, my poor cat has three names. He is Dudley Darcy Dickens, and I use all three of those too. I just love lots of names!

Much love to you, and whatever you choose to nickname the new baby will be perfect.


Katsui Jewelry

How wonderful, Karla. That is a beautiful picture and I am so glad we got to see the gypsy/fairy mama! She looks so sweet and pretty and the baby....my gosh, what a beauty and all that hair. I love Sugar Star but all are precious and I know you will be a wonderful grandmother. She is so lucky to have you.


I am so happy, everything worked out and the beautiful addition arrived safe n' sound~ She is so pretty~

I like Starla :-D

All Things Beautiful

Congrats to the whole family. What a wonderful early Christmas present. God bless.

jeanine mayden

so glad all is well with everyone! beautiful - beautiful- enjoy and god bless you guys. thanks for keeping us updated! jeanine

Elaine L.

Beautiful Mommy and baby photo. Mom is really going to appreciate all the wonderful photos you take.

Cooking, crafting, decorating, doing for others . . . you are an Amazing Woman!

I'm hoping you will have some of the roses you made while you were waiting for Mayara to be born for sale on your site. They are beautiful!



Oh my gosh, she is just darling, so beautiful. I love Tutu for her nickname, perfect.

I am so excited to have been drawn as one of your lucky winners, the roses are gorgeous. Thanks so much.

The puppies are really sweet also.

Suzie Q

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you all to have such a beautiful and healthy new addition to your family. The pic of mommy and baby is precious. It would be a great one for you to paint for them.
Good luck with the nickname thing. I had one all picked out for Matthew and then started calling him honey-bear instead by accident. (I've tried to curb that as much as possible before he's old enough to be embarassed) In any case, I'm sure it will just accidentally slip out one day; and it will be perfect for her. What a wonderful way to spend your holidays though, snuggling a new grandbaby- have fun!!


Hi Karla, The pictures are just precious and I think
Starla is a cute nick-name. :) Blessings to all.


Of Sugarstar and Starla, I like Starla more. But then again I feel nicknames should be unique, not "Thing 1" and "Thing 2". ;-> Look forward to hearing which one the bunde of beauty becomes!

You've been a very busy fairy godmother to so many! May you be blessed for your bountiful heart, Karla. I know all of us feel blessed to have you sharing your life with us.

Gumbo Lily

What a beautiful little Mayara! I'm sure the nickname will click soon enough. Enjoy that sweet baby's breath.



Baby and mamma are beautiful! Tu Tu is cute and I also like sugar star- you will know soon enough what her "Karla name" will be!

Mitzi Curi

Congratulations to you and your family on the new arrival! I think her name is very lovely, unusual, and unique. I don't know how you've been able to get anything else done, with all of the baby excitement! Anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving.....you have a lot to be thankful for this year, no doubt!

Rose Brier Studio

I love Starla, wonderful moniker! My son has 2 middle names (mostly cuz one is strange, and the other a "normal" family name in case he ever became a button-down sort of guy). He loves them both. I'm sure Mayara will too. Congrats to mom, dad and all your family that she is here and safe and all is well.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

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