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November 15, 2010



Looks like you all had a wonderful time...love all your photos~~~
congrats on the granddaughter too!!



Best of luck on the new baby! :)

Looks like who had a WONDERFUL time, and love your projects with all the hugs!

Is that chocolate ice cream with a top hat? I love it!


So glad to hear the baby arrives tomorrow! I'm thinking Momma's breathing a sigh of relief too. After all the work she's put in these last few weeks, I sure hope her labor is quick and easy.

Your Silver Bella projects look wonderful! What a score on the wallpaper!...those bags look huge!


Aww! Best of luck to the exhausted parents! Can't wait to see baby wings!

Kim Hanauer

Karla, you are definetly the energizer bunny! Your projects are so inspiring just as you are! With the baby and white Christmas, not to even mention your stores, don`t let your batteries run down! Take care of you- loved the photos you emailed! Can`t wait for the baby news...
Big hugs, Kim :0)


You KNOW I'll be thinking and praying for the baby tomorrow!Number six may go quickly!! I'm so excited that she will finally be here!!!!!!!!!

Susan Reaney

I am so glad to hear about the baby plans. I can imagine how relieved you are. This, indeed, seems like a good plan!

Anxiously lookng forward to the class. I know it will help get me through the let-down after Silver Bella. Such a good time. Thanks for tagging me for the photo. Would you mind if I put it on my blog?


Congratulations on success all around you! Wow sounds like you are a very busy grandma.
I hope you take it a bit easy at least while in the waiting room LOL. Beautiful pictures on this Post. Hugs, Diane

Jenny Sellars

You will all be in my thoughts! Everything will be wonderful and we can't wait to meet the next little one!!


Looks like you had a wonderful time, Karla! Can't wait for more pix, but first the new baby! Hope all goes well for Sugarwings II and her mamma! You'll be one busy lady - no time to unpack/unwind - but what a blessing you are to all the little ones.

mercedes scott

Karla - how exciting that your new grand-baby will be here tomorrow! I know you've been sick with worry; but everything will turn out just fine, especially now that they are in a hospital... We'll look forward to all your pics! Can't wait to see all the SilverBella beauty; I'm hoping to attend next year! Take care of yourself as well. :) mercedes

Jodie (everything vintage)

I'll be hoping for a wonderful delivery!!!! Congrats in advance new granny!!!!
love all of your sb creations!!!! fabulous!!!!


I will be thinking and praying for a safe and healthy delivery tomorrow. I know you are all ready and anxious to hold the new fairy baby in your arms. Your treasures are amazing. I love the little teacup lady... I am still planning to sign up for the white Christmas tutorial after payday!!! Hugs!

Olivia Parazine

Congratulations on your future beautiful grandbaby and on some gorgeous creations! I LOVE this look! I have been bitten by the altered art bug! Prayers for you and your family!

Kerryanne English

Silver Bella sounds fantastic and I look forward to seeing the photos but even mor eexciting is the baby news... I hope by now you have set eyes on the newest grandbaby Karla.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Karla, sounds much more safe with the baby to come,now- I know how you feels, and the parents will be happy, too.
the projects you made, looks gorgeus, a little cupdoll, how cute is that,-can`t wait to see the rest.
Take care, in all this stressfull time, and remember to relax, dear.

Elaine L.

It looks like everything is working out for the best. Let's just get that baby safely here. I'll be saying a prayer for her.



Can't wait to see all of the pics.How exciting waiting for the new grandbaby.Hope you DIL feels better soon.The projects all looked dreamy.Harvest Blessings!~Amy


I came by for a silver bella report! It's 5:30 on Tuesday morning so I know you are gearing up. I hope everything goes well. So excited for you!


Your projects are beautiful as always Karla........ I'm soooooooooooo wainting to hear your baby news and hope that everyone will do well.
:o) Sue


I hope you got a good night's rest, despite all the excitement and the worry. I'll be thinking of you and your family today.

Silver Bella sounds like such a fantastic event. It'll be great to see some more pics.

And YES! lol, a giveaway for the Romantic White Christmas peeps sounds great, woohoo!

Judi Storm

6:10 a.m praying that ALL goes well, moma gets some much needed recovery once that sweet baby comes out so she can finally see what all the fuse is about, (she sure has been impatient).

Sheila R

Praying everything goes well! Can't wait to see the new Sugarwings 2!

Nancy Wethington

Karla, it was so good to meet you at Silver Bella. You are a doll - and so very talented. Already signed up for both your on-line classes!


Yippee! We get to meet the baby!!!! I can't wait to see her! I am happy that you can finally rest easy too!! Happy babysitting and I love all your photos! hugs! karen....

Thespoena McLaughlin

Can't wait to see the pics of the baby and Silver Bella! Thanks for sharing!


Morning Karla...congrats to you all ...thank you for letting us know...take care of your family & yourself...Lorraine


good luck with your sweet new granddaughter! my niece did her number 5 baby's birth at home......I prefer the hospital, too! :D deb from Maine

Sandy O'Donovan

Thinking of you today...a fairy baby is about to make her entrance...Good luck to your entire family... xoso Sandy


So glad the fairy baby waited for you to return. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Rest up if possible and can't wait to see the family addition.


Oh Karla...fab pictures...sending angels to watch over your family...so excited to see Sugarwings 2...


Karla your art is always beautiful and coming here everyday helps me get my creative mojo going. Good luck with your newest fairy grand daughter I'll keep your family in my prayers.


Karla, I'll be saying special prayers for your son & his love and the new baby. Hope her delivery goes smoothly and fast. Ours came on Thursday ~ 4 days before she was to be induced and he is a lil handsome hunk!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


How great to hear you had the best time ever at Silver Bella!

Prayers that Sugarwings Two comes safely and the whole family is well. * hugs *


So glad you had a wonderful time and mostly that Fairybaby is on her way! Hope all goes very well indeed!


Oh Karla, wishing you happy baby times and waiting to see the photos! How much excitement can one Bella take, I tell ya!


looking forward to hearing about the newest fairy.
May God's blessings be with EVERYONE!!!!


Christine N

So many lovely, vintagey things!!!! I'm going to sign up for the class as soon as I get some things done.

I hope the baby is here by now and all is well!!!


Many blessings for your new grandaughter!

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