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November 07, 2010



Never a dull moment at your house! Glad Twinks is safe and sound!!


What fun!! Looks like Christmas Tree extravaganza for sure!!
Adorable post Karla :))

Kay Ellen

Katsui Jewelry

What a fun post, Karla. I can't wait to see you at Silver Bella and I am so excited for Romantic White Christmas !


Ohhh, peekaboo baby better not come while you are at Silver Bella! I'm leaving for Ft. Worth early early tomorrow and will be back for daughter's last dr. appt. on Wednesday, so watch her water break tomorrow instead!! Maybe not, she says she thinks her little man baby thinks she has a "welcoming womb" and may not come out even on induction day next Monday unless we are all pulling on him! :0)

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Fun photos! I've been bleaching trees, too!


I used to have such fun playing Cinderella with my daughter when she was Sugarwing's age. It sure helps get the chores done and they think they're just having fun.



My goodness Karla, SOOOO MANY trees, I would be happy if I could only buy a handfull here in the shops, to play with----please I want to be one of your lucky buyers when they are finished :)
What a wonderfull week-end you two (3) had-how I totally envy you, you two being so physical close, that she can visit so often----not nice-but I doo.
Your fall looks ,so pretty-here we are almost on cero every morning-that means no eating outside ...but cosying up-inside.
Have a happy and bussy week-dear.


Cinderella never was as lucky as Sugarwings. How fun, I think I remember her helping you last year, too.

The fall colors there look almost unrealistically vibrant. Including the pink smores, mmmmm. What a wonderland you live in!

Prayers and more prayers that peek-a-boo baby, mommy, and all the family there stays safe. You too, Karla! * hugs *

Cheryl Dolby

What a sweet post. Pink marshmellows..how wonderful. Good luck on your new fairy grandbaby.

Olivia Parazine

Ha, my little one sings whistle while you work while trailing after me painting, cleaning, playing etc!!!! Cute post, prayers for mama and baby.
I almost lost my breath with the picture at the end! I have to do a shoe this year! Love it!

LuLu Kellogg

LOL Karla @ "Dirty Dirty Dwarfs" *covering my mouth laughing*
I just about spit my coffee out on that one!

Sugarwings has got to be the most beautiful child I have ever seen. It is so special that you are able to spend so much time with her.

I am so glad the wee pup is ok, albeit a little dirty!

See you in a couple of days!


Debra Ganas

Thank you for starting off my Monday morning with a delightful post. Sugarwings looks precious in her ruffled skirt.
The difference between you and me is you do it, I think about it. I bought a couple of packs of trees last year after reading your instructions. Yep, they are still packed up, unbleached, undyed, unglittered. Got to go find those trees. If Karla can do 240, I should at least be able to do 2 dozen. lol Thank you again for the inspiration.
Have a great week.


Love your little fairie's outfit....tennis shoes, striped tights, and a frilly skirt. So cute!

Jenny Sellars

Sugarwings and Peeka Boo! Perfect fairy grandbaby names!


oh you are giving Sugarwings such gorgeous memories to remember when she's older.

She looks superb, and I love that you get her working. I get my little girl to help me (have a superb pic of her intently cleaning the front door last week!), and often tell her she's lucky we don't have a chimney, or she'd be up there cleaning that too!!! ha ha ha!

have a great time at Silver Bella. Hope that Little Rascal baby stays put a while longer :o) xx


Cinderella is so cute...dirty, dirty dwarfs lolol...oh my newest grandbaby is keeping things so interesting for your family...thanks for sharing your weekend with us..take care..

Teresa Raines

Bleaching trees?! I'm so excited!!! I have 12 trees that I now want to bleach white... woohoo! What do you use to dye the trees?


Your little Cinderella looks like a good helper to have around. :) What a pretty day!
No doubt the little peek-a-boo princess will come while you're at Silver Bella...she seems to have quite a sense of humor already. :) It would be the icing on the fairycake to keep you on your toes for 6 weeks and then arrive when you're out of town.
I'll keep sending prayers for Mama and baby...hope your fairy doll arrives soon!

debbie york

Dirty, dirty dwarfs or dirty, dirty doggie? I'm glad Twinks made it back safely.
SW's is precious. Looking at her busy in the kitchen dressed up so cute...June Cleaver would be so proud! I think y'all are Cinderella and Wonder Woman and I also bet you sell out fast!
P.S. Pink marshmallows...only you!
P.P.S. Keeping Peekaboo in my prayers.


What a lovely day! And it's good to see Agnes Rosebud again! (I have to admit, Dirty, dirty dwarves cracked me up!)

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I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

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