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November 12, 2010


Sandy L.

OMG!!!! That hat is sooo outragously adorable!! You will be the "bell" at Bella! Can't wait to see the creations you all come up with this year! Have fun!


Oh my gosh that is gorgeous gorgeous !!


Well that hat is manifique! Love it!!! Bet it will be the prettiest one there! Have a great time and take lots of pictures....a room full of women in creative hats will be a spectacular sight to see!


You will most certainly be "crowned" Queen of the millinery ball! I really love the Papa bird in the top hat. Love how creative you are!


Spectacular!!!!!!! Adorable!!!!!! What more is there to say. It is a work of art! Hope you are having a blast!!!!


Totally LOVE IT!!! Hope you have a blast!

Amy Cooper

Karla, You never cease to amaze me. It is beautiful.


I certainly hope someone will take a photo of you wearing this magnificently royal creation! And be sure to post it later!

debbie york

I'm picturing you sashaying in with that crown of whimsy on your head! Is it kinda like that I Love Lucy episode with the Vegas-style headress?
I want a tiny top hat!!!
Have fun.
P.S. Gypsette?

Jenny Sellars

So fun! Can't wait to see a picture of it on your head with your eyes OPEN!! LOL!


What a fantastic creation!!! That hat is so fabulous!

Julia - Vintage with Laces

OMG, Karla, this hat is just awesome!!! What an amazing creations!
Have fun with the Silver Bellas!

Account Deleted

beautiful! i really love it!

Wanda Contreras

Dear Karla,

I LOVE your hat!!! I can imagine you walking around and showing it with your contagiuos smile!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

best regards,

Leanne Shawler

awesome. :)


What a fabulous creation! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Looking forward to your Silver Bella photos.


ADORABLE! You will be the Belle of the Ball. Have fun & I can't wait to see the photos! HUGS!


It looked great on! Your artistic ability amazes me!


Wow! That is a fabulous crown hat. Congratulations on making such a lovely frill to cap off (pun intended) your Silver Bella time this year. Looking forward to the pictures of you wearing it at the event.


Magnificent, eccentric, outragious, fantastically fabulous......... and I so want to see you wearing it, lol. And photos just won't do it, it has to be a video, we just have to see you strutting your stuff, ahem, gliding serenely through the crowds.




I love it! It's perfect for you :o) x

mercedes scott

Karla, such an outrageously wonderful hat! Can't wait to see pics with you wearing it! "Papa" birdie, I've decided, is "metro-sexual" thus the wonderful hat! Just signed up for your Christmas e-course yahoo! :) mercedes

Rochelle Gaukel

I can't wait to see a picture of you wearing this hat! It is so adorable....and can be used a decor in your home after Silver Bella! :)

Olivia Parazine

Simply heavenly! As always you are oh so inspiring for me! Love it!

Elaine L.

I don't know how you're going to wear it, but I love it! I'd love using it as a centerpiece for a table.



Your a rock star Karla! Your gonna look like a Vegas showgirl with that humoungus head piece. (don't forget the g-string) can't wait to see pictures! Have fun! Lisa


Your a rock star Karla! Your gonna look like a Vegas showgirl with that humoungus head piece. (don't forget the g-string) can't wait to see pictures! Have fun! Lisa


Only you could take something like that and make a masterpiece out of it. It is just awesome. Hope you are having a wonderful time and hope you take lots of pictures to share with us.



So beautiful and creative and fun! Love it. I hope you have a wonderful trip.


you will look fantastic i really love your bird cage hat and just so love reading your blog.
My grandaughter came to stay and had the biggest smile when she was on the fire truck her comment to wearing a dress was" yuck" so no fairy wings, here and the photo I tried to take with flowers has a big bottm lip, Oh well she is defiently her mothers daughter .


Hi Karla, ooooh....I hope we get to see pictures of
you and your pretty hat! I thought of the I love Lucy
showgirl episode along with the comment from Debbie York
above. Just strap it on securely. :) :) :)
I know you must be having a wonderful time.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Oh my Karla,
It was so lovely to meet you in person and sit and chat with you last night here at Silver Bella!
Your talents are amazing and your generosity and fun loving spirit makes you a pleasure to be around!
I will post your give away on my sidebar!
Safe travels home!


Karla, thats for sure a fantastic hat-
fabolous, is it with all you added. Love the pink birds, altered so beautifully, and their crown-and hat.
I would too,so love to see this on top of your head, dear.


awesome hat.


Your creations never cease to amaze me Karla!! I love this crown!! Hope I am not too late to enter the giveaway! Am terribly behind reading all my fav blogs but am trying to catch up on a few of them! Yours is such an inspiration to me!


you have the best imagination!!! everything just turns out beautiful!!!!


Absolutely gorgeous ♥

Tania - Grange de Charme

I really fell in love when I saw this master piece ! How we say in France "Chapeau" !

Terri Gordon

I love your beautiful hat, so wonderful. Have a great time. Terri

Dawn... The Bohemian

So imaginative, creative and lovely!

Dawn... The Bohemian


Karla - This is amazing! Lol - I think baby has two mamas too! I hope you enjoyed yourself. I'm sure that hat made you the center of attention.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, Karla, Karla!!! Where do I begin?!! It was just incredible finally meeting you and chatting with you at Silver Bella. This hat of yours was over-the-top beyond beautiful and amazing. And looking at all of your projects, finished (!!!) and on display that final night was the icing on the cake. What can I say? I am star-struck and simply in awe of you :) p.s. I SO appreciate all of your wonderful encouragement

Thespoena McLaughlin

I love it! Perfect and whimsical and fun!

Jami Miller

Wow, Lori's crown is transformed! It turned out great, and looked fabulous on :)


A friend of mine linked to your blog from my post in which you were mentioned and said she wept (or wanted to weep?) at all the beauty. I couldn't agree more!


I love your Hat on Parade! I especially love the teeny, tiny hat on the bird! Too sweet!

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