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November 22, 2010



Good Morning Karla..
Be still my heart! Your white is just simply beautiful, I love the banner, you've given me some ideas for my Christmas banner.. Thank you! As always everything you create I'm smitten with, just can't help myself, it's all so lovely. And, I'm all over the duct tape idea...ingenious! Show us more..show us more. You, a cup of tea and I'm a happy girl. xoso Sandy


Just beautiful Karla, Your cottage is one of my favorite places to visit.


I snatched up one of Lesa's little birds, too -- they sold out so quickly! I love your banner -- I think my favorite is Amy's bluebird. Me and birds lately. Your living room looks great -- I love the big doily in the sofa cushions thing!


Your living room is so pretty...you just have lovely, creative ideas in there! Love the crocheted throw under the sofa cushion, what a clever idea. And the banner is just spectacular!!

Sounds like you have a ball at your classes. I'd love to take one sometime. What a great way to spend time with a nice group of ladies.

Hope you have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving, Karla!



Hi Karla,
I really like your living room re-do and sweet Agnes
Rosebud just adds extra beauty! She is soooo cute.
I can't get over how much bigger Pixie Pie is since
the last time you posted a picture of her. She's a
cutie too. I just ordered a couple of your felted
rose brooches. They are so pretty. :) I'm glad you
had some for sale. Yaaaaay!!


your room is a beautifull place, and one to relax,and be still in--- Love it.
And the Silver Bella art pieces are all wonderfull,-love the birdie, and your roses,-came too late for the pink, and white welvet....
The girls looks to have so much fun..- so lovely both.


Everything looks amazing! No Christmas decor for me this year we are getting ready to embark on a whole house piant job and new wood floors! So I skipping the decorating this year! But it will be fun next year!


Your room looks great! I love the curtains.

simona ion



Your home is so beautiful. I read your blog faithfully, even thought I don't comment often. Just lovely...


Too Funny Karla! I grabbed THAT bird off the table,,,,,it was the LAST thing there! And As I was trying to pay for it the gal recording sales, (Not Lesa) said, "Oops!" It says, "Hold for Karla Nathan on the back." My comment was, "I KNOW who Karla is, I'll leg wrestle her for it, I can take her, I'm bigger than she is!"

And, I absoluted LOVE the comment about Mary E......I kinda did the same thing with Jenny Doh....But she was a dear, and I truly enjoyed meeting and chatting with her!

Your goodies look great Missy! I've been making more mini top hats,,,and cleaning, and grocery shopping! And it is SNOWING LIKE CRAZY!!!! Here in Washington? Unheard of!

(Package out soon! Check out the little Top hats if you have time...there may be one with your name on it after today!.....I've yet to post though!)

Hugs and Love,


Everything looks amazing, love your style. Gosh, the girls are just so sweet, thanks for sharing and loving your new etsy goods.


I just Love the way you did your Sofa, Great Idea and it is going to look like a gorgeous Winter Wonderland by the time you are through.
Huggs, Nancy


What a beautiful room, it is a magical winter paradise.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Your living room looks dreamy, Karla. LOVE your banner - so special. I tried to get one of Lesa's fabulous birds at Silver Bella, but it was so busy at her booth, I left and when I came back 15 min. later, she was completely sold out! Lucky you! p.s. my youngest daughter is completely in love with Twinkle and Agnes Rosebud :)


Beautiful creations as always and that swap banner is awesome. I love how quickly you can change out your decor but I am wondering do you have a huge barn for storage and how to you keep up with what is where? Love your style!


De-flowering - LOL... love that. Where o where do you get the energy?? And those Target drapes - are they new or previous season - O M G - Love 'em!

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla, your living room looks winter white beautiful! I love how you continually decorate and change up things. Believe it or not, I did the exact same things this past Saturday. I was BORED to tears with my living room, and got out a can of paint and went to town. LOL!! It's still coming together. I will post photos soon. ;)
The banner is beautiful! What talented ladies and a special memento of SB! Fab new Etsy goodies!!!! XOXO,Jenn


What a clever idea to tie your Silver Bella projects together for holiday decoration around your household.

And cute look with the silver-dipped sepia bottle brush trees. Makes me wonder what a set would look like if you also added in a variety of silver-dipped pinecones.


Your living room is GORGEOUS! I'm loving the trees, and those gorgeous roses would make beautiful hair clips.

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