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November 02, 2010


Niesz Vintage Home

Oh, what a beautiful store! And those chandeliers!
Its a good thing that I don't live closer, or I'd be broke. LOL
Feel better soon, it sounds like you're going to busy!
Kimberly :-)


White! Sparkly White! How happy you must be surrounded by it in that stylish setting. I could complain about being too busy with family, etc, to do any window shopping...but then I remember who I'm talking to. You are maxi-busy, with a smile. Sigh! Who can keep up?

Janet Ghio

Well that's exciting!!! Thanks karla. P.s. I received the Wizard of Oz tag book over the weekend! Adorable.


I love Curious Sofa at Christmas! Love all the white this year! Thanks for sharing!



Fabulous! Even that doesn't express how great Debi's store is! After looking at the pictures it revs up your creative juices! Thanks for sharing. No baby yet??


Hi Karla,

I keep seeing fabulous stuff from you Midwestern types. I think you are just one of our best kept secrets....but word is getting out. I think I might go into Curious Sofa and never come out! I LOVE IT! Hey, I'm having a lovely giveaway of Carolyn Westbrook's new book over at my blog and I'd love it if you'd pop over to check it out.

Take care,

P.S. I feel an online class signup coming on. White Christmas...aaaaaahhhhhhh

jeanine mayden

HI Karla! your friend beth and i have a lot in common. i have that same jacket and i named my yorkie button and i have a golden and lab mix. i love reading about your adventures. that store is fabulous! i can't wait to decorate for Christmas either. thanks for the great ideas. jeanine

Mitzi Curi

Oh, Karla, your pics of Curious Sofa are fabulous! I'm totally inspired by Debbie's plate collages, and you know what happens when I see something and get inspired (or maybe you don't), but anyway, I end up making a huge mess!!!! I hope you are feeling better soon,

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Karla, thanks for posting this. I so wish I lived closer to Deb's shop, I'd be there weekly.


Swoon, swoon, swoon!

Loving those Debbie embellished plates!



Curious Sofa does look to have a dreamy atmosphere. Made all the better by a best friend!

I'm sure your Silver Bella buddies will love it and Carol's and your homes.

amy thayer

o ooo take me!


Karla, this is a place to dream--So love all those wonderfull items, in white/cream/silver- so many thing I would love to add to my christmas....and my shop....
I can see this was a wonderfull inspirational trip, for you and Beth.
Can`t wait to see more about your .White Christmas, tomorrow, dear.
Hugs, Dorthe


I am as green as you were in the previous post!
You better take my butt there in May, I would also love an audience with the Queen herself. Maybe not, I'd make a fool of myself. Lisa


Wonderful photos Karla - I love seing the decorations from Curious sofa.
Sounds wonderful with the new class too.
xo Tina


I could quite easily live in that store, what a lovely place!


The Curious Sofa displays are SO beautiful! I could just move right in. :) Love the plates...and the wall with the cabinet cards too! Gorgeous.
And I'm a winner...yay! What a nice surprise. Thank you girls so much!

Kerryanne English

What a beautiufl looking store and such a nice photo of your bestie Beth.


Thanks for sharing the fab curious sofa...honey, everyone will be excited to see you...your home is so warm that they all will be happy upon visiting...have fun..

LuLu Kellogg

That store is so lovely. I just adore anything white and angelic.

See you next week at SB!


Sherry Williams

What a magical store!! Some day I will make it there!lol
Hope you feel better....those nasty colds are so hard to get rid of! The picture of Beth is adorable!

Nike Shox Clearance

If we are able to only come upon each and every other as opposed to stay with each and every other,then I wish we experienced by no implies encountered.


I will be watching and must admit, I LOVE Christmas decorations....as long as I don't have to do it.
I know you will keep it warm and wonderfully white!!!

Olivia Parazine

Oh now, this is super duper fabulous! Wowee, I love it and I see that Curious Sofa is in KC, not to far from me! Thank you for sharing and I am sure however your house looks it will be fabulous!

mercedes scott

Ok, so now I'm drooling.... thanks for sharing such a beautiful place! Can't wait for your white Christmas class! :) mercedes

Debbie Dusenberry

Thanks Karla! You forgot to shoot the pink champagne cupcakes... ordered just for you!


Witches to angels -- I'm with you!


Those plates were my favorite too! Beautiful, beautiful...

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