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November 03, 2010


Beth Leintz

Oh my gosh, this looks like the most fabulous class ever- I can hardly wait to get started, sign me up- I want to sit in the front row!!!

(Yeah, my arm hurts a little from patting us on the back too much)


Oh, So Beautiful ~ You're So Creative, You Sparkle.... Loving the Glittery touches, Silver & White


ooh, I'm so glad I stopped by today. As you know I'm having my 'white month' (which by the way, I think is perfect for January too and am already planning to do the same again!), so your photos for this and the previous post just fill my heart with joy :o)

Utterly beautiful.



Woohoo, yes! Done it! Yippee! Can you tell I am just a little bit excited about this workshop?

Kathy (Sweet Up-North Mornings...)

So charming....
Been working on a little white Christmas of my own today!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Love stopping by here,
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Zita - Mlle Magpie

This looks amazing, Karla. You and Beth have done a fantastic job. I particularly LOVE the shoe!!!

Andrea Villarreal

Just signed up. I loved the Gothic Ghosts e zine and this looks just as fabulous:) Hang in there Karla. You are much more patient than me I tell you! I won't say too much else about that:)


Beautiful, I love the things you are creating !! I wanted to say I love what you write about your work, but I do want to hear about your "real life" too, I care about your work, but care about you and "real life" too, and thinking of you, and know everything is going to turn out fine for new baby !!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

So pretty and sweetly old fashioned.



It's all so beautiful! and please don't apologize for bringing your real life into the blog pages. We all have "stuff" too, you know!! Life should always be about sharing.


Dear Karla,
I so understand you being worried about the baby-I would have felt the same,--but I think Beth is right- they are grown ups-knows what they do,-and will hurry to the hospital, if something worries them. Stay calm,dear-*****
I knew I had to be with you in this new workshop-and it looks wonderfull- love white-oldfashioned-glittering christmas--so here I am -signed in and payed.
Can`t wait to start,


Sweet Karla, I don't post often, but I read daily. Your work is stunning.

Now I just wanna say...try not to worry about the wee one. Hang in there and soon you will be rocking both Sugarwings and another baby girl.



Don't apologize! It is good to let your friends know when you are struggling, and that includes blog-friends. That is when we get to step up with * HUGS! * and prayers and well-wishes so you know you are not struggling alone.

Also, Congratulations on getting the White Christmas classes together. ;-> I think of the teasers you posted I liked the sheet-music slipper the best. To me it embodies the happy fairy tales of magical princesses.

Rose Brier Studio

Your class projects look charming Karla. You and Beth have really done a great job. And I love the personal updates. Worry does help usually, but I don't know how to stop doing it myself, so you'll never hear me complaining! I look forward to seeing the projects your students produce!

debbie york

The whole world knows I'm not an artist of any shape, size or form, but what I wouldn't give to just be able to sit in on one of y'alls classes. It is all just breathtaking!
Love everything and I can't wait to get a full-on gander at the feather wreath.
P.S. It will be fine...fretting is just something we mothers do exceptionally well. Comes from years of training.


I'm off to sign up now. Hope I have enough time, if not there's always January crafting for next year right?

Prayers are still coming your way.


All those ornaments are fabulous-so delicate and pretty!


wow, the White Christmas classes will be so special...the work that you and Beth have done is amazing...take care of yourself..I pray that your grandbaby will be just fine...cheers

holly abston

Looks amazing, Karla. I posted about it on my facebook page today.


These are beautiful!

Elaine L.

I can imagine how worried you would be about the baby. We worry more about things we can't control. But remember, the baby's mommy has a lot of experience birthing babies and has had healthy babies so far. That's a plus.


Katsui Jewelry

Dear Karla,
I so understand your worries but I am glad Beth is there to help you calm and relax a bit. Soon this time of worry and anxiety will all be over.

Oh, my! Can you two put on a class! Sign me up right now! I am just dazzled and excited. I may not be able to keep up as I have a holiday jewelry show next but I will eventually get those wonderful projects done!

Less than a week until Silver Bella. Sending off a big box tomorrow. Whew!

Hugs and prayers for calmness!


Karla, You shouldn't worry about your "real" life or daily diary postings...I think we all want to hear how you are getting along.
As usual, your work is absolutely gorgeous!
Baby girl will be just fine...
Prayers and good thoughts,

Olivia Parazine

Oh wow! This is gorgeous! Our cottage sale is in Branson, MO! I am excited about it, trying to balance handmade with vintage and hoping everyone will like what I am creating. Your items are fabulous and beautiful as ever. Prayers for the new baby and family!

Kim Hanauer

Karla, I`m so excited about this e-zine! I am signed up and ready to go! I hope mama and baby are fine. Still praying.... Kim :0)


Beautiful Blog! Love all the Romantic White Christmas treasures!
Gran-Babies are such a blessing...my little Hannah is the light of my life! Wishing good thoughts for your family on the arrival of that sweet one!
Have a great Thursday!
Tammy :-)


Oh lovely, Karla! I'm hoping to join!
Personally, I love it when you share your worries along with your joys~it makes you more 'real' if that makes any sense! ;-)
BTW, if you're craving any more white, I'm having a little giveaway on my blog!!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

All so lovely!!!

Andrea Villarreal

Wish I could advertise it but I have no idea how to insert a button been trying for the last hour:( And your files aren't jpg so I can't even do a picture. Sorry.

Air Force Ones

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today


Absolutely enchanting, Karla. I've missed such a lot on your blog while I was ill, then catching up at work. But this was one worth waiting for! So glad that it's so far, so good with the baby. Fingers crossed.

Kris Pare

Sending you warm thoughts as I know worrying is a frantic time consuming business :) Expert worrier here. This class sounds so much fun! I will be joining as I plan to have a sweet white christmas even if I'm in the South!

Jennifer Hayslip

WOW Karla!!!! Romantic Christmas is enchanting and BEAUTIFUL!!! The color palette is so soothing, dreamy, and peaceful! Truly gorgeous projects you and Beth created! The shoe is my fav!!
Keeping Mommy & Baby in my prayers!!! XOXO,Jenn


I completely understand your stress about the new baby..but if it makes you feel any better..I went into labor at 27 weeks and then again at 30 weeks. The whole ~ FULL blown stop the labor, shots every 30 minutes, hanging upside down in a hospital bed for a brief period of time and then bed rest for 6 weeks (With 3 other children at home)...brought me the most beautiful wonder of all times ~ right on time ~ in fact...at that point she got stuck and didn't want to come out..lol. Everything will be completely as intended and you will have the most beautiful blessing when the time is right...and I am hoping that is AFTER Silver Bella!! :) Can't wait to see you in a few short days!XOXOX


Oh it's gorgeous -- I can't believe how you two have managed to collaborate on something so beautiful and detailed...with Silver Bella coming up, and while expecting your new grandbaby! You are both amazing. I know it's hard not to worry, but try to keep breathing and never stop hoping and expecting the best!


This is so beautiful...you are two very talented ladies...


Hey i am suuper boy

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