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November 26, 2010


My Blessed Serendipity Life

I love her so much I just may make one. She is really cute!



Now your teacup fairy looks dressed for the cold weather! We had a peaceful, easy Thanksgiving, too.


Karla, I am so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know you heart jumped to your throat when you dropped your precious Tea Cup Fairy! I'm so glad you were able to fix her good as new & that you liked her better than before! Also, so glad to hear you will be at Moulin Rouge in March!!! Can't wait to see you! HUGS!Charlene


Oh Karla, I would have been sooo sad if I had dropped the teacup fairy. I'm so glad that you were able to repair it. I
have done something similar so many times, too. She is adorable both before and after!!
Can't wait to see what you do tonight with the decorations.

Patty in Kansas

Karla...I've been away for ten days, and caught up on your lovely blog...congratulations and blessings on your new little grandbaby. The blog photos are gorgeous, as usual. Happy Advent season to you and your family. Patty in Kansas


Have fun with all the decorating! Hopefully the teacup will be the total items broken, even if it did turn out fancier from the repairs.


Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving Karla.
Your teacup fairy is so pretty - great project.
xo Tina


I have tons of the frozen charlotte pieces,old trims.teacups and such but I never know what to do with them.I love your ideas but mine would never look so chic.Love the beauty in all you do.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a shame you dropped her, but you did a fabulous job repairing her and making her look even more beautiful! I love her colors and Im sure she looks perfect with your decor and dreamy home! XOXO,Jenn


Gorgeous, I am sure I say that about everything you make, but it's true!!!!!
She turned out beautiful!!!!
Margaret B


I love that! Thanks for sharing your inspiring creativity.

Oh, I can just envision a tree decked out with tea cup fairy ornaments! Hmmm. Wonder if they'd be too heavy for a tree? Perhaps play tea sets would work?

Diane Knott

Aw, Karla, think of it this way...we're all cracked vessels and it's what gives us experience and character. Your little fairy has character. :-)
Hugs, Diane


Karla,dear your tea cup fairy are the cutest little one, --I`m so glad you could make her fixed again, and even look better than before-the head dress you made her is gorgeus, and so is her skirt.
Did sweet Sugar Wings fall aslep, so you could get out all your beautifull christmas things?--Hope you show some to us?
Have a lovely evening decorating,Karla.
xo Dorthe


I was lucky enough to see your lovely tea cup fairy the night of the farewell dinner at Silver Bella. Beautiful! and I have to say your new "embellishments" make her even more charming :)
I just finished mine - adding some crystals to the strips of lace and fabric on the skirt. Definitely one of my favorite projects as well!
Have a wonderful Holiday!


I just did a post on my blog with your lovely bottle brush trees. the teacup fairy is gorgeous! Congratulations to the beautiful baby! /Therese

Olivia Parazine

Ohhhh she is a dainty beauty chips and all! I always say it is good luck to break something! I worked for 2 weeks on my teacup chandelier then dropped my camera batteries on one of the saucers, it glued right back together. Ohhhhh, I can't wait to see some pics of your house!


Darling project! Hey, after you get your place done can you make a run down here and do mine? I would love to see your magic decorating skills at work. I am thinking about decorating, only thinking about it mind you. Happy decorating!


"like chum in the water starting a shark feeding frenzy" Oh I love that - and KNOW that feeling. When life gets in the way of our creative pursuits!

gabrielle messina

Your teacup fairy is soooo pretty! I'm happy to see you could put her back together too! Can't wait to see your home all decked!


hi Karla !!! No matter what she is gorgeous and so glad you were able to glue her back together ! just love her! so glad you loved the class !!!
happy decorating for the holidays !!


So glad she turned out better than before! Enjoy decorating!


If I hadn't been in the holiday mood already, I would be now! Simply lovely. Glad your holiday was a good one.

Karen Davis

Love your work! Makes me want to create!

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