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November 08, 2010



oh Karla, you are so busy..times are getting exciting aound your neck of the woods...


Can't wait to meet you in person at Silver Bella! I should be packing and getting ready...
I'm nervous and so excited - this is my first year.
See you in a couple of days!

cami @ creating myself

Keeping Mayara in my prayers Karla! Have fun in Silver Bella...you lucky, lucky girl! I'm going next year!!!! *crossing my fingers*

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Those pastel Christmas trees are cute and that necklace is fabulous!



Wow! That is a crazy amount accomplished, good job!

Thank you for the baby update. Prayers that things still continue safely.

And have great fun at Silver Bella.

Cathy Kizerian

What lovely trees and such a fabu necklace!! I hope you don’t hurt yourself wearing it, LOL, because it looks heavy!! And please send a message to the Fairy Gypsy Baby that she must arrive before you leave for Silver Bella!! Have fun and give us a full, picture-filled report. Yes, I know you always do..... :-) Hugs, Cathy


Wonderful trees Karla. Have a great time a silver Bella.
~ Tina


Love those trees. They are so hard to get hold of here, the only ones I've seen this year are very garish colours. When you say bleach them, is it normal household bleach? If so, I would give bleaching the garish ones a go.

Enjoy Silver Bella, I love your necklace. And Fairy Gypsy Baby, stop worrying your Mummy and Fairy Grandmummy! :o)



Oh, I hadn't thought about the possibility of the baby being in distress with the on-again, off-again labor. I'm so glad they checked with a doctor. I assumed they were having a home birth with a midwife. Know wonder you've been so worried.



Karla, they are yummy- and I have been in your Etsy-please check my message there for you,dear.
Your "new" necklace is a wonder of beautifull charms-fantastic.
And so good with your daughter in law-much more secure, when checked--I hope for a soon to come baby.
Have a wonderfull Silver Bella trip--you are once again envyed :)
XO Dorthe


Love your gorgeous Christmas trees with the Karla touch!
Wow your necklace is stunning. How do you do it all - superwoman!!!
Have a ball at Silver Bella and look forward to your photos from there.

LiLi M.

Every time you post I think; The baby arrived! We still have to be patient. That all is going well is great news of course, I'm still sending the positive vibes! Have fun at Silver Bella, you lucky girl!


My goodness, 240 trees! They are all deliciously pastel and sooooo gorgeous. I love them.


I'm in love with those pretty trees!! Glad to hear all is well with the new grand.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Oh dear, Karla, this is definitely a crazy time for you. Babysitting, creating, packing for Silver Bella and waiting for your grandbaby to be born. I had false labor a few times with my last one, so I can imagine this is really hard on your son's Beloved.


So glad fairy-baby is hanging in there. That is good news!

I've been bleaching trees, too and probably will never finish everything I need to do before my show next week. This working for a living has its downside when you're trying to get something pulled together quickly. My fault -- had I not procrastinated... ah, yes! Good luck at SBella!

debbie york

This was a beautiful post from start to finish. Beginning with the trees (which must be fattening as all get out, they look so delish)...working to that gorgeous necklace...and ending with good news about the Peekaboo baby.
Keep us posted.


I'll bet you feel much better. It's always the unknown that's the hardest. Hope she makes her appearance soon!

Love the trees!

denise hahn

duh I never thought of bleaching the trees, brilliant! I love your necklace/bracelet. I can not wear bracelets so I do this often. Have fun at silver bella!

Cindy Morris

I made trees too! Aren't they just a messy kind of fun! I love looking at their sparkly yummy colors. Your necklace/bracelet looks amazing! Hope you have a new grand baby soon...

Jenny Sellars

The trees are awesome! And I am so glad the baby is doing well. We know you will tell us as soon as she is born!!


I am so happy to hear the baby news! Today is her due date, hopefully it will happen today! Then she and I will have the same birthday! (only 49 years apart, hee! hee!)
Have a great time at Silver Bella, your trees look wonderful! karen.....


A new grand baby soon !! how excited you must be.

Lovely gentle forest


Karla ~ So glad to hear everyone has been checked out by the doctor. This grandma knows what a relief that is for you. ENJOY your time at Silver Bella. Can't wait to see and hear about everything next week!!!!!

Katsui Jewelry

Karla, First of all, I am so relieved to hear the good news about your grandbaby-to-be. Much better to get that news from the doctor. I hope it will be soon. I would guess that she is exhausted...anyway...I would be!!!

Your trees are just BEAUTIFUL.I have a bunch to do but I am sure mine will never be as pretty as yours!

See you very very soon! I am so exited!



Love your wonderful trees and oh-so-beautiful necklace!! Any chance you might do a tutorial on creating these trees? Thanks for all the inspiration and glad to hear that things are going well with your new grandbaby. Hope you have a wonderful time at SB!!


I'm so glad that both of your girls are doing well!


Your trees are darling. I bleached a bunch and dolled them up for Christmas one year. Lots of work. Enjoy your trip to SB!



Tomorrow is the day!! It's my Mom's birthday (she'll be 89) and a great day to come into this crazy world of ours! Prayers continuing to go skyward for a great delivery! Love the trees and necklace.


A what a magical forest!

Best wishes for a healthy birth soon and enjoy Silver Bella! I'd be over the moon excited if I were you. :)

LuLu Kellogg

Oh Sweetheart....you are one busy girl!

I am glad to know that the baby is doing good. I am sure that is a weight off your mind.

See you tomorrow!


Hi Karla,
LOVE your pastel jungle. Wow....that was a lot of
work but, you had a sweet little helper. :) I'm
glad to hear that all is well with the little one to be too.
Have a super, super great time at Silver Bella and safe
P.S. Your necklace is gorgeous and I wanted to tell
you that the picture of all the pastel trees would make
great Christmas cards.

Kay, Oklahoma City

Love the trees, very best wishes to mom & baby, thank you for the give-away and we'll see you at Silver Bella! Woohoo!


So glad the baby is okay! That is the best news. The necklace is wonderful! And those trees! Be Still My Heart!


Gosh girl, you have your hands full! Thank goodness everything is okay with the baby. I hope Silverbella is everything you want it to be. You've been a major SB Ambassador, I know you enjoy it so much. Have a great time & maybe we can swap stories when you return. Lisa


Oh bottlebrush trees!!! I bought a bunch of them a few years ago, and I love them!! Thinking of buying more from you so I guess I will have to hurry before they are all sold out. Blessings to your family /Therese

Mitzi Curi

Those bottle brush trees are gorgeous! Your little helper made them extra special, I'm sure. Hope you have a wonderful time at Silver Bella, and that all goes well with your new grandbaby.

ugg uk

I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

Freda Butler

Have a great time at Silver Bella you lucky gal. I will be waiting to hear about your new grandbaby when she finally decides to come. Sometimes they just have their own agenda and will come when they are ready.

I must go look at the bottle trees and decide what I need. We just arrived in Florida for the winter so am still unpacking and getting organized. I am also going to sign up for the Christmas fun.



ps - those 2 little dogs are so sweet and innocent looking you just have to take their pics.


The trees look DELICIOUS, just like a sherbert cone forest. Wonderful news about the baby, I know you will be thrilled to get to meet her in person. I love looking at your blog, it is a great way to start the day!


I hope you had a wonderful time at Silver Bella! You deserve some R&R after all that work!
Wishing Mama and Papa all the best with the home delivery!

Nancy Collins

Good luck at Silver Bella! Enjoy it all. Wish I was closer so I could maybe get there. Everything always looks
awesome..all the fun making stuff. I love the little pastel trees and the necklace is great. I might have to try one of those. Blessings on the expected arrival of your new little one! Babies are so wonderful! They just do something for everyone's love and happiness.
Smiles and Blessings,

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