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December 07, 2010



Good Morning Karla...your house looks stunning ..you party so fun ...I miss my really home in B.C. this time of year...& my family...but the warmer weather in Desert Hot Springs ,wins ...this 67 year old body ,hates the cold anymore...enjoy it while we can...blessing to Elizabeth Edwards & her family...again enjoy every day...have a great time away...Lorraine


Hi, Karla! Your living room pic is just making me swoon! So beautiful! Love My's stained glass star ornie and her new nickname! The tea trolly with all the goodies on it makes me wanna come visit!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Jenny Sellars



Looks like a wonderful evening!!!! I'm like you... my reading is not "book club worthy". I read trash novels in the bathtub at night & magazines (usually Somerset, Romantic Homes, Victoria...) with my morning coffee. Have you been to the site Food for Thought? Jain does an amazing job reviewing books & then cooks something featured in the book. Her photography is STUNNING! Check her out & please tell her Charlene sent you. HUGS!


Wonderful & Classy. Coffee bar sounds delicious.Going to check out your hgtv space.Warm Blessings!~Amy


Karla, you and I must read for the same reason - purely for entertainment. I enjoyed reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, as well as the other two in this trilogy.

Your party arrangements do look inviting it's no wonder everyone ready to do it all over again.

I see that your first Commenter today lives in Desert Hot Springs, I grew up there. What a small world.

Holiday Hugs,


I know what you mean Karla..high-brow, low-brow, it's all reading...love your new nickname Starbrite...have fun away

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Your home is gorgeous! I bet your party goers loved your home as well.



Karla I think I have never seen so wonderfull party settings,like yours...
Also this time with your house so beautifull decorated ,it is a feast,to look at.
I love your "angel" on the table, with the trees and candelabra, and the foots looked gorgeus, yummy.
Also love the star,with Mayara-
Hope your getaway, will be great and cosy,dear.

Janet Ghio

Wow!-Impressive book club meeting!! My book club meets at the library and we don't even meet in December!!


Your home is so beautiful, love the Star with your new Star Brite, your coffee bar is out of this world yummy!!! I love coffee and tea. Have a good time on your trip.



Karla, your house looks beautiful and the food looks yummy and is beautifully presented.I wish I had read at least one book this year haven't read a book in two years.I used to be an avid reader but a chronic illness causes fatigue that makes it difficult to concentrate. I'm going to mosey over to hgtv and vote for your gorgeous home. Have a great trip and I'll be looking forward to drooling over pictures of your home while your away.

K. Winch

have a safe trip looking forward to seeing your Christmas house


What a pretty coffee bar! Have a great trip!!!

Freda Butler

What a great idea with the coffee bar. Must remember that.
How about 1 million comments. Unbelievable but with your blog I can believe it.

the star with the baby is really neat. What a keeper for her.

Have a great time in Virginia and be safe.




Your home is stunning and so festive, the perfect setting for your book party!

I can identify with you in the book reading department. Since blogging involves so much reading, I have been reading books less and less and when I do, they are 'quick' reads. Nothing to mention! ;-D

Your coffee station looks wonderful and all of the food so tempting. Where do you find the time to discuss books?

Have a good trip!



You have a beautiful home and sure do go all out when entertaining, everything looks just perfect~ Have a graet time away. Hugs, Diane


Hi Karla,
Love the name Starbrite!
Love your lovely decorated home!
Love...the coffee bar!
Love.........the pretty bottle of 150 year old Grand Marnier!!
Love.............little Agnes on the stairway. : )

P.S. I would also love your turkey meatloaf recipe...
I'm looking for one. It sounds so good.


Sounds like a fun time.
Have a safe trip.


Lisa Super

Beautiful. And I hear you on the books that don't make too many book club lists. I'm crazy about the "Nerd" series by Vickie Lewis Thompson. They are the absolute funniest romance novels I've ever read. Check them out when you feel like a gratuitous read.

Holly R. Moore

Your home makes me sigh. Such elegant beauty. Thanks for the chance to win.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Absolutely fabulous!!!

Christine N

Your holiday decor is so beautiful I'm definately heading over there to give you some votes!!!


Sounds like you had a lovely time! Sorry that you didn't have a book for the White Elephant Exchange, but you can't always read top-notch literary titles every year. And if you did, how would you know since you have nothing of lesser quality to compare against? Besides, having too many good blogs to read sounds like the perfect reason to me. ;->

Thank you again for sharing your party with us all. Travel safe this week!

Elaine L.

Two things caught my eye. The first was the stained glass star with Starbrite and the other was the "bottle of 150 year old Grand Marnier"! It was the Grand Marnier that was 150 years old and not the bottle, right? Uh, where might I obtain a bottle of 150 year liquior. That would surely make my Christmas.



Omygosh I LOVE that gilded candleabra!! So beautiful with your tablescape!
What a fun and festive party you put on..lovely idea with the 'coffee cart'.
I'm impressed that you can get thru one book a month! I don't know how you do it with all your art, grandbabies,dogs,blogs,and house!! You should do a tutorial on how you manage it all!! ;-)
Have a great trip~I'm off to Rate my Space 'cause I can't wait and I will be sure to vote for you!


Starbright is the perfect name for the new little one. May she be blessed with all the good things the Earth can offer

Karla Nathan

Yes the grand marnier is pretty special. Someone gave it to my husband. I sure wouldnt spend $250 on alcohol!!!but as a gift? Im lovin every drop!!!

Sent from my iPhone

Wendy Wirth

OMG!!! That picture with Agnes hiding under the cart is sooo cute!


Good Morning Karla! Your home is lovely, as always... That is a space where I would be delighted to be crowded a bit during the holiday festivities.
Probably old news to you, but I recently read (and re-read, as I devoured it too quickly the first time) The Host by Stephanie Meyer (I think...the woman who wrote Twilight). If you haven't read it by some chance, it is really good...I can't believe it took me so long to hear about it! Bobbi


Seriously gorgeous!!! Oh how lovely everything looks.

Ricki Jill Treleaven

Karla, I am so excited to read about your Book Club! I am a member of a Book Club called the Dixie Divas, and I blog about our meetings and what we are reading, etc.... I will be posting our selections for 2011 on my blog later this weekend.

Your home is so pretty. Everything looks so festive. I know your book club members enjoyed themselves, and are now in the holiday spirit after visiting you pretty home!


What a setting for a book club... your decor is AMAZING... I have gotten so many ideas from looking at your blog!!!

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