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December 21, 2010



Wow! I LOVE the placemat idea of the vintage pages! That is GENIUS! It all looks absolutely beautiful, as usual!


AHHHHHHH I am in awe at your beautiful
Dang it I want to live closer and be
your friend :)
Thank you for sharing with us!!



Beautiful and very creative. Lots of thought and love goes into your work!

Cheryl Stoneham

So pretty, Karla! Enjoy and a very Merry christmas to you and your family!

Sherry Williams

I would never tire of your table scape, Karla! It's amazing, just like you. I think you must be the most creative person I know!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!


All so wonderful! Great ideas..LOVE the hot cocoa bar..
Great idea to fix everything the day before..What was your menu?


Gorgeous! Your guests must feel like kings and queens!


Wow! All those neutral colors blend so well together. There's such a romance to it.

I see you like Tasha Tudor. Have you ever seen her "Take Peace" Christmas video? Can't get any more scrumptious!

While I was visiting my friend, Beth, a few weeks ago in NYC, I found some Tasha Tudor books in her bookcase and was surprised she even knew who Tasha was, let alone have some of her books. Turns out, her Great Aunt was friends with Tasha and Beth even has a signed book! I didn't know whether to strangle her or be happy for her!

Beth Leintz

I saw a hen on the table, and I thought maybe one of your Santa hat decorators had left it there- but now that I know there were two other hens somewhere else on the table, it makes sense.

And of course, if I had thought to introduce myself to the hen, I would have known they were French...

LiLi M.

This looks sooo festive Karla and your placemats are soooo clever!
Have a Merry Christmas and a lot of joy with your lovely friends and family!


Morning Karla...your table is stunning..as usual..your creativity shows in every thing you do...lovely...Lorraine

Amy Thayer

Time after time...You never cease to amaze me!


Oh dear Karla, your table continues to be so very beautifull,-with the changing seacon theamed things--LOVE it. And your wonderfull room, is so fantatsic.
Karla, I wish you a merry,and happy christmas, with small and big family members, -and sends you a christmas hug, all the way from Denmark.

Kerryanne English

Love, love, love your tablescape Karla.
Merry Christmas,
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Very pretty! The room is magical. Merry Christmas!


It's amazing how creative you are re-using things to make them new all over again. I'm so glad it is as fun for you to enjoy as it is for us to see. Thank you for sharing!

Christine N

This is in your studio? I love it!!! You have such a gorgeous way with white, glitter and all thing shimmery!!!


Always so fun to see what you do for the holidays. Christmas is when you really pull the stops out! Love it all. Cheers and a wonderful Christmas to all of you! Have fun with that new baby, Sugarwings, and all the new little persons running around you. - Kathy


I would just love to have a place where I could keep things set up for the 'season.' I might entertain some...not much but some! Karla, everything looks just lovely, you certainly have the magic touch. I need you to teach me..;j

Rose Brier Studio

What beautiful decorations. I hope you all had a wonderful time. You are lucky you can keep these tables and centerpieces up. I think everyone who comes to your parties are lucky you do!


I need to learn how to change decor that fast!! It looks gorgeous Karla!!
Huggs, Nancy


So pretty, Karla~ sounds like you are really enjoying all the fun! Merry Christmas!

Elaine L.

I love your effortless decorating style. I've definitely moved in that direction. It's easier to add to ones current decorating style rather than to pack up things in order to be able to replace them with decorations.

The thing that impresses me the most is your treat cabinet and coffee/drink cart. I am on the lookout for a cart.

By the way, today is my Birthday! I'm 59, today. If it weren't raining here, in CA. I would be able to see the eclipse of the moon.



Love your room Karla, every bit of it. Your table is awesome and the treat cart idea is adorable. Have a very Merry Christmas !
Hugs, Sue

Terry Moore

Oh My, So much eye candy. Lovely, Terry

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Beautiful, Karla! It looks so fun and festive! It is great that you have the room and tables in your studio to set this up.

gabrielle messina

Ahhh Karla, I wished I lived next door! I'm in love with the tree you made Beth!


Vacation and catch has stood in the way of my visits, but I'm thrilled to sneak in a quick look at your beautiful holiday displays! Love them all.

Sending you and your family beautiful Christmas wishes. I look forward to catching up over the holiday.

Jean Eakin

Beautiful, beautiful and such a creative table. You still have "the gift" of knowing what to put together to make it wonderful.Merry Christmas!
Jean in Virginia


So pretty, Karla! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas together!

ticia fountaine

OK... so where do you live and how do I get to be on your guest list?! Just lovely, not surprising at all coming from you who seems to me to be a lovely and very magical person.
The merriest of Christmas to you and your sweet family,
Tricia Fountaine

Debbie Beracha

Karla, Christmas sounds wonderful. When are you going to Disney? So exciting. I am going to try to meet up with Slade when he is in Orlando in February and take him to Universal to see new Harry Potter attraction, fun !!!!!!!!

barbara Jean

I'm just going back through old posts on some fave blogs and checking out Christmas decor.

How did you get your JOY cards old looking? I have the game they are from, but mine are new and shiny. Were yours like that??


barbara jean

PS hope you do not mind me making them for my store this year. OK?

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