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December 13, 2010



Oh my goodness so many pretties I can hardly stand it!! l
and your puppies..melt my heart:)



Always so many pretties over here, Miss Karla! And it does look like you have your work cut out for you, but it's still so pretty in your studio!!


Welcome home! I signed up over at Rate My Space and voted for you...5 stars on every room!! ;-)
Love all the vintagey goodies you posted~always and inspiration!


Welcome back dear friend..love all your goodies..you are like me..happy with the new grandbabies so I have little ambition to hurry myself along.....take care..


LOVED all the goodies you showed us. I'll have to have a look in your shop!!!! And that studio looks framiliar!!!! Too close to home my friend. But, I don't have the excuse to stay up late to clean. DARN! Hope you'll stop over to see our new puppy. I know you are a puppy fan. Beth stopped by yesterday. Agnes Rose & Button are getting so big. HUGS!

Christine N

You are so lucky to find all these beautiful things!!! I look and look but then from time to time, pay so you can mail your goodies to me. :) But it's really about the hunt!!!

Kerryanne English

I love a studio filled with creative clutter and dogs... just like my own!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Welcome back to blogland Karla!!!
I just love your studio, so full of goodies it's like heaven to me!!
Agree about the lamps, but you'll weave your magic on them in due course.
Enjoy your night out with Sugarwings - really a 'forest' in the play - WOW!!!!
Christmas hugs to you all
Shane x


Glad to hear you returned home safely after a wonderful trip. I love all those little pink figures and I am not usually a pink kind of girl. Silly me, WANTING Christmas goodies on Dec. 13th! Have a great week!

Rose Brier Studio

The felted nests are so dear! And I really want to learn how to make those rosettes! All the things for your shop are wonderful. Can't wait to hear about a play with a forest, rocket & bunnies!
Welcome home,


Karla, There are always so many pretty things to see on here. I so like the little trees. Also, I just love the pic of the dogs...so sweet.

Elaine L.

Sugarwings is such a good little friend and playmate for you. I'm really looking forward to sharing in watching the baby grow. More baby pictures, please??


Karla, great that you are back home again-after a wonderfull trip with your husbond-and a bussy one I can tell.
Love the roses, they looks beautifull in the red silk-
and the felted nests, -just how sweet are they!-love you used coffe---
Also love the trees ,--I have put mine up in a little vignet in my sitting -room-I`m very happy for them.
Your doggies looks so happy to see you ,:)


Lisette aka Liszha

Oh my, oh my, how many beautiful things can you put in one post..................I didn't know where to look and got all excited about all this beautiful things! Love the roses you make, love the book that was sent back............let's keep it short..........love it all!


Hi Karla!
I love the little test tubes(?) with the pretties inside! I've seen you do that before, but today I realized that they might be pretty as tree ornaments...like an icicle. If you've already thought of that, shhh, don't tell me, I'm feeling all puffy about my creative moment - ha! Also LOOOOOVE the pinks in your previous post...I keep wanting to use those colors in my house, but I'm a chicken. I did go shabby chic in my living room, but I already had so much stuff around in the pale blues, silvery blue, gray blue, etc., that I went went that. Someday I'll get brave and do it..I just love all the white, creams and shades of pink. But for now, I'll just drink my coffee in the morning and jealously drool over your photos... : )



Oh, I know the feeling alright. Every year, EVERY year, I'm surprised when Christmas rolls around on the 25th. Now, really. In 54 years of living you'd think I would have that one all figured out! - Kathy


Did you get to read the Host? If not, please email me when you do...I really want to know what you think of it! Bobbi

Maija Lepore

Welcome home dear friend!! I really can't wait to see you again at Moulin Rouge!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Just love your bottle brush trees, Karla, and the spool you are using as a stand! Everything looks great ~ I wish I had a nice big room like yours just for me. I could see you painting those lamps and changing the shades.


Love all the wonderful photos and cool projects!!


Morning Karla...Ohhhh I want to come to one of your craft days!!! I`m either in California or B.C......not quite close enough...it looks like fun..& I would get to see you sweet house....have a good day...Lorraine


Hi Karla, I'm glad that you had a fun and relaxing
trip. Oh......Twinkle and Agnes Rosebud are too cute
and funny.
I'm sure they missed you a lot.


ooh. I feel like I've rolled in sugar whilst drinking champagne!
I LOVE your posts. Full of pretty, girly, sweetness :o)

I'm glad you are back. It's always sheer pleasure to catch up with you :o) xx

Susan Reaney

What pretty things, Karla! Your bottle-brush trees are just too too cute!

jeanine mayden

i love the bottle trees!! wow your studio! the last time i saw a post of it you had just finished cleaning it and moving things around. hahaha! that's what it is all about. mine gets that way everyday and i never leave til it is in order so i can throw things about the next. love it. those sweet little yorkies-i'm sure they will keep you company tonight whilest you get ready for your friends. they probably planned the mess for more time with you. enjoy


LOL! "Twinkle throws fun stuff down for the puppy to play with..."!!!!!!


Hi Karla!

You take the most fabulous pictures!

I've finally gotten some down-time...well...am forcing myself some down-time...so I can catch up on some blogs. It's so funny. I went over 40 years without ever reading blogs, now I've been connected for under a year and miss it so much after just a couple weeks!

Reading and looking at other artists' work is so calming to me. I wish I creative friends like you, to invite over and have a craft day with. Unfortunately, none of my friends, God love them, are creative! I'm not complaining mind you. If it weren't for my super-smart financial-minded friend, I'd still be in the 10th grade trying to pass Algebra.

Merry Christmas!


It's interesting how different the result is when you change the materials used, like how the same song sounds different when played at a much slower speed or with wind instead of brass instruments.

And I always think it is a good sign in life when you are too busy doing wonderful things to have the time to talk about all of it. ;-> Good luck with listing/selling on your shops!


I love that chaos in your beautiful craftroom. So inspiring!! ;-) I guess only an artist understands that lol.

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