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December 18, 2010


Pearl Maple

Fabulous collection of photos to celebrate the holiday season.


You are right, Miss Karla. Nuthin' better than a fresh baked cookie. And your pretty angels? I made something similar and hot glued it to a pretty saucer. Viola. Jewelry holder. TA-DA!! Love your Christmasy posts. Alas, it will soon be over. Then the winter doldroms set in. (cue the Guard music from the Wizard of Oz) But we shan't think about that today!
Cheers - Kathy


Karla ~ Ohhhh how precious those babies are ~ There is nothing
like the sweet innocence of a child ~

I want to be in your art group!! I think maybe Lisa should start a branch off of yours here :)


debbie york

Have I mentioned I love school pageants, talent shows and plays? I do! I'll go to any and all...I just love watching the children's faces and the parent's love. It is always a wonderful time and those two are about the cutest I've seen! Sometimes I forget to sing too.
I'm thinking there is more in your eggnog than just cinnamon...maybe a little high octane! How on earth you do what you do and keep smiling (it shows) is beyond me. When you figure out how to bottle it...put me down for a case!
Merry Christmas from Texas...and enjoy the days to come!


Your angels are adorable!! Especially love their wings amd embellishments!!
Have a great time tonight!!


I love to see children events, their faces light up, parents are proud...everyone is happy! Grandparents, especially ;-D

enJOY your evening, food sounds fab, decorating sweets, chilled wine...Sounds like a wonderful evening to me!

I want some of what you are having, all that energy!


Adorable all the way around


aw man! if I park in your drive way would you bring me a big plate of that food? Love the dress forms.

Jean Eakin

Karla, I still think you need to bottle your energy and sell it. I know your party will be wonderful.
Adorable grand babies you have. Sugarwings is quite the young lady, isn't she?
Have a great evening,
Jean in Virginia

Kerryanne English

Merry Christmas Karla. I hope you enjoy your Christmas week of celebrations.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Sounds like you are having just the best time enjoying the Christmas festivities!

Susan Reaney

Oh, that beautiful Sugarwings! There are nothing quite as pretty as her eyes! Love those angels, too, Karla. I really am feeling a need to create right now. This might be the project!

Susan Freeman

I think it's really cute that Sugar Wings was having such a good time that she forgot to sing! She was just completely caught up in the moment ~ how perfectly charming.

Susan and Bentley


Dear Karla, what you all acccomplishe, you are ´fantastic.Kids- friends, art making--visitors for dinner---uuuhhhhh you make it all, and everything -looking like a million. Your dress forns, are wonderfull- and ofcourse I love them as angels.--I wish you a wonderfull sunday, with much joy.


Oh that top pick with sugarwings holding the baby is pure joy! The dress forms are neat my niece adores dress forms I have two in my computer room waiting to go to etsy whenever I get around to it she is always fascinated by them so we could do a project similiar with the premade paper mache ones(she's 8).As always thanks for all the inspiration.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Elaine L.

I love those dress forms, such a great idea!

It's interesting to see that Sugarwings is starting to look more like a little girl and less like a preschooler. She looks like she's easily distracted.

jeanine mayden

wow when you look back at older posts you sure can tell sugarwings is growing up. happens too fast. that new little fairy is adorable.
i love the maniquins! i most figure out how to do this one. my daughter gail is a seamstress and these would look great in her work space. you inspire so many. thanks for making a difference in this old world. Merry Christmas.

Gl♥ria/ Happy To Be

Karla, girl I always love coming by here and seeing all your great eye candy..I use to come and see you on RMS and you always inspired me...Love seeing your grand daughter...how the other little one doing...Go bake your cookies and have a GREAT dinner my friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


aw, such pretty festive goodness :o) I love all the photos, but my favourite is Sugar Wings post party! Poor little scrap looks worn out!

And I'm worn out reading all that you've been up to. You are one busy lady! x


I wish my season was as full of parties as yours has been! I am sadly lacking...but, looking forward to a cookie baking and decorating day with my son. Plus -- it's left me so much time for crafting and I'm eating that up! But your party pictures make me wish I was partying, too!!


A jolly Christmas time to you, too!

Just reading about everything you do exhausts me, then hearing about your enthusiasm energizes me again. The joy you find in your life is very inspiring!

Rose Brier Studio

Sugarwings looks like she is having so much fun. She makes me smile. I love the dress forms, they are really lovely and so individual. And honestly Karla, I have no idea where you get the energy to do all you do. Could you bottle it and send some my way. I feel like a slug! -- a happy, content slug, but still . . .

Heidi Meyer

Love all of the gorgeous angels! Soaking up this time of year is the best ever.
Merry Christmas to you and yours ~ Heidi


Precious little faries!

Have a wonderful holiday season.



So pretty~~I want to sit down and craft with you again!!~~~
Maybe in March? Hope so :))

Christmas blessings to you and your family sweet Karla...

Warm Hugs from Southern Cali,


Maija Lepore

Everything looks so good Karla!! Have a Merry Christmas!! Can't wait to see you again at Moulin!!

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