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December 04, 2010


debbie york

Girl I'm on sensory overload here in Big D! I don't know where to start commenting...so much to say. Your babies (including the four legged ones) are too precious for words...beautiful.
A million...get outta town! Boggles the mind!!!


The picture of SugarWings and Twinks is so beautiful! And I can almost feel the softness of Baby Mayara's skin through the screen. You are a lucky, lucky, lady, Karla! Bobbi

scrappy jessi

hey sweet treat,
i adore all these pics.
your new granbaby is an angel


Congratulations on getting a million visitors! I love your blog and visit often. I would love to win the goodie bag and the Christmas ezine. (I am too short on dough this month to participate on my own) Thanks for creating a lovely place to visit!!


karla..thanks so much for sharing your wonderful gifts and talents!! i have your blog on my favorites roll..love love those chunky baby thighs on sugarwings! precious! and mayara's sweet, peaceful innocence is beautiful! congratulations on the one millionth..i would love to win some of your creative art...


a million visitors....good for you, i love your blog and all the inspriation ideas/pictures....thank you so much!

Rochelle Gaukel

Wowwee! Congratulations Karla.....and, I am just in love with those bags you've been making!

Laraine Atherton

Karla.....You are a constant source of inspiration to so many of us out here in blogland. I am thankful every day for the many new people I come in contact with...without ever leaving home. Congratulations on your anazing number of visitors.


Congrats on reaching a million!! No surprise though, your blog is a delight for the eyes!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

One million? That is a great reason to celebrate! Well it's no wonder that you have so many visitors. I always love to visit you. Your giveaway is spectacular. I would love a chance.


Bunny Rose Cottage

Beautiful, Beautiful post!!! Mayara is gorgeous, oh my goodness!! I want to smell her head and kiss her so badly :) She makes me not be able to wait until my baby girl is born in April.
LOVE everything you make Karla, it is always so romantic. Those bags are so beautiful. Love the shoe too, wow!! Congratulations on one million visitors, that is amazing!!
Love and hugs,


Wow 1 million visitors awesome!! congrats. The babies furry and human are sooo beautiful.Those bags are really pretty too, as always a joy to visit your cottage.


Karla this little gem, looks so cute, how lucky to have yet another grand baby,you are.

Your bags, are also so cute.... beautifull-love the tattered looks-and the gorgeus flowers.Whomever winns one, with all the goodies inside, will be a very lucky lady---just as the winners here are.

I`m home again-Mathilde feeling much better-now covered in small wunds alover, that dear sweet.
Wishing you a happy week-end, dear Karla.
Hugs, Dorthe


Dear Karla
Oooh your darling little Mayara asleep under the table!!!!
Beautiful photos and I love how your little grandies are so much part of your daily life - lucky you!!

Your Christmas themed post is so lovely I don't want to leave.
With the snow falling and those gorgeous little bags trimmed a la Karla... I also love your tiny Christmas trees, we don't get those here, I would love a row of them on my mantle!!
Please enter me for your giveaways.
I'll be back v soon!

Christmas hugs
Shane x
ps I must get back to my sewing machine, I'm still making tree decs - white, cream, gold and silver with a touch of pink ribbon!!

cami @ creating myself

A million visitors....WOW! Congrats! I haven't been to anyone's blog in a while so I've missed all the drama. But I'll throw in my 2 cents...if I pay for a class then I am purchasing knowledge. Knowledge I am free to use however I want. That's why I like tuts so much. I can "copy" & still be legit. I'd never just copy somebody's design or idea that they posted on their blog but if I purchase a class from them then I am free to copy, teach the technique & do whatever I want w/ the knowledge that I purchased.
Anyway, that's my 2 cents & it's probably worth even less. ;)

Mayara looks adorable laying under the table! And I love to see all teh dog toys...looks just like home. ;)


Your baby and puppy are adorable!!
I love your blog and enjoy it every time I visit
Congrats on your million!!!
Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!


Becky H

I love your blog so much, and sugarwings and that new little angel are just precious. Way to go grandma.


One million congratulations to you Miss Karla, that is such an amazing milestone! Here's to the next million :)


Gorgeous those postal bags. Havent seen things like this in Sweden! I bought some bottle brush trees on your etsy store and writing about them on my blog now. So hopefully you will have more customers soon. Have a wonderful weekend /Therese


1,000,000 visitors who have come to visit with you! Wow, you are one popular lady and no wonder. Your bags are beautiful as are all of your creations. Keep them coming as all of us folks out here in the world of internet really love what you are making!

Rose Brier Studio

Congrats Karla on your millioneth visitor! I love those postal bags, they are wonderful! Next post I hit 100 and will have a giveaway. Nice to see I can just announce it and figure our what I give away later! I don't know how you do it all, blog most days, make beautiful art, be a hands-on grandma, but it sure inspires me. No wonder a million folks have visited you!


Congrats Karla..wow a million visitors..better get the bigger teapot out..so enjoy reading your blog...full of wonder, fun and kiddies...take care dear one...


One million congratulations! You're sooo popular.LoL.I started visiting because it's great to see the world through sugar frosted eyes.You brighten my day.Warm Blessings!~Amy


Flipping heck, a million? MILLION???? That is an amazing milestone, congratulations!
Very cute bags, I almost forget to mention them, I was so stunned when I read about your millionth visitor.

LuLu Kellogg

Karla, you always have the best eye candy on your Blog! Sue will be thrilled she won your Giveaway!

The photo of the wee one sleeping is just so peaceful and the one of Sugarwings and Twinks was just the cutest!



I would love to be entered in your giveaway. WOW...that is a lot of traffic. I just love all your beautiful photos, such a beautiful family and Twinks is sweet as can be too.
Such a fabulous post today.


Wow, 1,000 visitors is some number - congratulations! It's no surprise though - you are so prolific - you must work day and night judging by the amount of stuff you make! Do you ever sleep?!!! I don't know how you manage it but well done you.

Your giveaway sounds huge - I love your embellished postal bags and would love to win one. Please put my name in the hat for a chance. I visit your blog most days - I feel as though I know you well from your daily adventures!

On the strength of your post recently about the Jeanne d'arc Living Magazine, I had never heard of it but did a web search and managed to find a UK supplier so have now ordered it - can't wait for it to arrive. So, thank you Karla!

Barbara :)


Wowzers!! a million!! Very cool Karla :))
your grandchildren are so cute!! Love all your treasures too:) Have a wonderful weekend~~~

I am fighting a cold....I think I over did it this past week working...
but I am glad to have a little down time to catch up,



1 million? Wow.
I'd love the chance to enter your wonderful giveaway.


One MILLION?? Congratulations!! I am not suprised, tho, as your blog is always so entertaining, informative and inspirational. Great job!!

Christine N

I read your blog everyday and get so much inspiration from the things you show here! I really do enjoy your blog!


Hi Karla,
Best Wishes on your Million!! It is always wonderful to
visit your Blog. I love the pictures of Sugarwings and
Twinkle and was Agnes Rosebud curled up next to Mayara?
Have a nice trip.


Your postal bags are super cute, but not as cute as those precious babies. Wow, Sugarwings really HAS grown up hasn't she?
Congratulations on 1,000,000 visitors!!!


So excited to have won the Romantic White Christmas giveaway! Your precious little ones are just too sweet for words! It's really wonderful how you are saving memories with your lovely photos. Love the bags! ( and just keep telling yourself - sewing is FUN!)


Kay, Oklahoma City

One million! WOW! It doesn't surprise me tho - thanks for all the inspiration!


Congrats on the traffic stats!!! How precious little Sugarwings looks with her puppy pal and how awesome that you have another baby to go with your new puppy ;c) I can't wait for the details for your May event, I so want to drive up for it. Wonderful give away too. Travel safe and have fun.


Happy to say I am one of those million visits and have done my part to run up your numbers :^)
You've opened my eyes to - - -
say painting anything and everything at a drop of a hat
hot glue can be used in doll couture
use of imagination is mandatory
Holiday Hugs to all,


Oh what a precious baby. You are such a lucky Grandma.

Love your postal bags turned pretty bags. They are so lovely. And congratulations on one million viewers!!!!



What a wonderful giveaway Karla! And I just want to kiss those sweet little cheeks....babies are the best!


Soooo beautiful Karla!!!!
Babies and pretties ~



ok. i am entering with my fingers crossed.


Congratulations on reaching your 1,000,000 visitor mark.
I may not always comment - but I'm here for every new post. Love your work. Love seeing both your sweet grandchildren as well - they grow up so fast.

Please enter me in your awesome giveaway.



Your vintage postal bags are dreamy! Congrats on your blogging milestone.


What a great blogging milestone! Congrats.

A busy woman is who you are!!!



Loving your bags, your new baby and I still love your little Christmas trees. Can hardly wait for the details for your fun art weekend!

mercedes scott

Congratulations on your 1 millionth! I love your most recent post... can't decide what's cuter, your postal bags or the new baby.... it was close... but I think the cuddly little bundle wins! She looks so adorable; I know you must be totally gaga!

Kathy Uhrig

Congratulations on one millions visitors! That's an amazing number but not surprising since you write such a wonderful blog. I, for one, don't miss a post!

Jamie V

I am happy to find your beautiful and inspiring blog. I've gone back to read many of your previous posts! Lovely! And one million visitors - no surprise - you are very creative! Jamie V in MT


Holy Smokes! 1 million visitors???? That is awesome Karla. Please enter me in your giveaway. And that new baby and the "old" baby Sugarwings and little Twinks are just precious. Blessed you are my friend.


Elaine L.

Wow! A MILLION visitors.

I'm not surprised. Your blog is the first one I go to each day. I love your crafting, decorating, and family photos. Plus you're such a happy, kind person that I feel like there is hope and that all is right with the world after reading your blog.



Congratulations Karla, that is just awesome!! I am speechless..... and would just Love to win!!
Huggs, Nancy


Congratulations, Karla! I love visiting your blog!


Your grandbabies are so beautiful and magical. You must feel truly blessed

jeanine mayden

sugarwings has the prettiest eyes i have ever seen! thanks for sharing the pictures of the new baby. i just want to pick her up and cuddle. it is not odd that you lump the babies' personalities with the pups. i like it. those pups are special. thank you thank you for sharing and posting often. it blesses me. enjoy

Kim Hanauer

Hi Karla,
That new grandbaby is just adorable! I`d love to win anything you make!
Talk to you soon about the Moulin Rouge trip!
Have a Blessed day-
Kim :0)


The new grandbaby is gorgeous---just like Sugarwings!! I love it that they both have an adorable little puppy to grow up with. Darn, I want you to be my grammy too!! Haha!

Wendy Wirth

Isn't that always the case? Wanting to work on something else when we have so many other pressing things to do.
Those bags look gorgeous.


A million visits? Wow! Well, I'm not surprised! Congratulations, though!

Sugarwings looks just like herself as a baby -- not all kids grow up to be so easily identified! Love the personality/dog observation!



Your new little fairy girl is adorable, makes this grandma want to hold her and smell that sweet smell only new babies have.

WOW, Congratulations on 1,000,000 posts!!!
Well done and well deserved.
I have you on my side bar and will link you today :)

Holly Johnson

What a beautiful baby!!! I will be a Grandma for the first time, but she's not due until July 4, so I have to wait.. Congratulations on 1,000.000 posts!!

Nancy Stone

The new little one is so beautiful. One million visitors is a real milestone. Congratulations, Karla. I like the postal bags, too cute.

Sadie at Serendipity

Absolutely awesome accomplishment and one to be proud of! Thank you for all the wonderful information on your blog and for sharing your life as you do! Here's to a million more visits in half the time.....


Hi Karla

What fun giveaways this month. Congrats on the 1mil - that's amazing!!!

Have fun with all of your grands!



One million, wow, that's great. Your pics of your mail bags are over the top gorgeous. And love the baby and puppy pics as well.



1 Millionth Visitor. Thats awesome! Congrats.
Yous baby and puppy are so cute in that photo btw! :)


so many precious things in your blog :)

The Gypsy Magpie

Your postal bags are sooo romantic... love the beautiful trims you've sewn onto them. Wow- more than a million visitors! I think we should be sending YOU a gift for all you've posted to share with us. Thank you so much for the lovely posts, day after day.

robin sanchez

What a sweet litle angel you have there.

Wow congrats on 1,000,000 visitors!! I just love those cute postal bags and the trims on them.



no se si entenderas mi mensaje....per me encanto tu pagina, exquisitas las ambientaciones que logras.... compartimos el gusto por lo romantico y lo vintage

Wanda Contreras

Dear Karla: I LOVE your granddaughter idea of having a little party in front of the tree. I also love her tree. Looks like Charlie Brown but it is CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing your most precious moments of your time with Sugarwings!!!
best regards,


This year I want to do a white glittery Christmas tree. Now let's see how my guys like it!

Mary Miklasz

Congratulations on your new granddaughter and your 1,000,000th visitor, Karla! My baby girl just turned 21 Dec. 2nd! I don't have a blog, but I am a faithful customer and blog reader. Merry Christmas and All the Best in 2011!
Mary M. in St. Louis


I love seeing the things you and Sugarwings do together!! Makes me wish I could spend more time with my granddaughters!

Sandy O'Donovan

Hi Karla... I KNOW I was the one millionth visitor.... okay, maybe not, but close. Here's to tea parties, chocolate hot cocao...pretty cups, a piece of special candy to go with the drink....lots of love around the table.... and our beloved animals partaking in the glory of the party.... merry christmas my friends.... xoso Sandy O


I so love your blog.... Please enter me, too

Cindy Morris

One million visitors... WOW!! You are an awesome lady, Miss Karla! I know that I would love to win whatever you chose to put together.


PICK ME! I must have that frosted angora rosette!

Lupe Rosas

CONGRATS!!! I look foward to your blog everyday...so I'm not surprised at all that you have sooooo many fans!
Hear's to the next Million!!




One million...now THAT'S a milestone! Congratulations!


Wow! One million visitors! Please throw my name in the hat for these lovlies!


Wow, amazing milestone. Congratulations!!

Pinkie DeNIse

Oh I love to see what you've been up to...enjoy those beautiful grandbabies and the holidays Pinkie Denise

Debra Disney-Dior

One million visits. That's a LOT! Just think. What if we all came in and placed a dollar under Aggie Rose's collar? Ummm, I don't think we'd recognize her -- she'd be green and resemble George Washington! You'd probably have to call her Martha. Then again, you'd be a millionaire. If we came bearing hugs. Well, that'd be a million hugs and you'd probably end up looking like a peanut. Squished around the waist. Oh nuts! A million is a LOT! You know what that represents, Karla? A million smiles brought to the million faces that visited. A million friends. I'd say we ALL hit the jackpot! We have you and you have us -- a million strong! A million good wishes...a millions happy thoughts...a millions thanks for ALL you share with us. You're like "our family." We got to see Leand...oooops, Sugarwings grow from a sprite to a fairy. Now we have a NEW baby fairy to love from this side of the screen. We owe YOU! Thanks a MILLION, Karla. You are definitely one in a million. It wouldn't be hard to find your face hidden amongst a million other faces -- forget about Waldo -- it's all about the classy lady who sparkles.

Cheryl Dolby


I love coming to your blog because you treat your grandchildren the way that I always did mine when they were young. The traditions continue with me still, even as they are growing older. There is no wealth that can match the love of family.

Judi Storm

I'm so glad that I found your Blog! I have gotten so many great ideas, and injoy seeing what you and your little fairy are doing. Thank you for sharing. Judi in Wahoo


You and Sugarwings are creating such precious memories with your "new" Holiday traditions. She is so fortunate to have a Grammy that spends so much time with her and is teaching her love and patience (as well as decorating skills). May your Christmas be merry and bright!!!

Maija Lepore

Sign me up to win!!
The babies and the Dorkies are so darling!!!

Brenda Wright

I just happened upon your Blog...Fab!!! I love your Vintage Inspired look...for one reason I am vintage...hahaha..Can't wait to see what's next...Brenda...Vintage Bee Design


Wow, a million visitors, congratulations! I don't know what else to say, the number is so vast, it's so inconceivable to me, but I can see why that many people would want to visit here.

kim budash

Congratulations on One million visitors, that is truly something to celebrate! I love your vintage style and all the things that you do, I would be honored to win something from your blog. Please count me in, and even if I don't win, I still win by reading your blog everyday!! Thanks for the chance to win something truly stunning!!!!


That is sooooo awesome - a million visitors! I am so happy I found your blog for it is so inspiring. Thanks for all you do.


WOW...1,000,000 visitors I can't even begin to imagine how that feels, how awesome. Your blog is very inspiring. Thank you.

Jean Eakin

Wow, that is impressive. Your blog is always so much fun to read and I enjoy it everytime and I have really missed reading it. I have been playing catchup with it. congrats to you and Merry christmas, Jean in Virginia

Suzie Q

I won! I won!.... and I'd like to thank all of my fans for making this moment possible... (just kidding) -but it really is nice to win something for something as easy as saying hello to someone as wonderful as you are!
You were a great surrogate mom to me growing up, a great real mom to your kids, and I'm sure you're a wonderful grammy too. If anyone deserves a million anythings, it's you!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Congratulations on that amazing milestone, Karla!


Are you kidding me?!!! A million?! You are such a rock star! Lisa


It's me I'm back. I meant to tell you that I knew you'd find something clever to do with those mail bags! Mine are still sitting in a box. I think I really am a hoarder.
Love the pic of Twinkle & Lee Lee too. Gosh they grow up too fast. Lisa


Congratulations on One Million Visitors! What a milestone! I am happy to be among the multitudes!


Congrats on your blogging milestone! Wow! Love to read your blog and look at all the fun and fabulous things you do.


It is fun to hear how the puppy and baby personalities match up. Here's hoping the new set AggieRose and Mayara remain happily mellow together. ;->

And a big CONGRATULATIONS on your 1,000,000+ visitors! What a huge milestone!

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