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December 02, 2010


Mitzi Curi

Wow, Karla, that's quite a post you created! There's so much to comment on.....but first, I have to say I've been following the controversy on Dawn's blog, and haven't commented on it there, but have to just say here that I agree with how both you and Dawn feel about reproducing work, hopefully with a new spin on things to make it your own. For example, I was so inspired by your cuff bracelets you blogged about awhile back that I ordered some metal cuff blanks and proceeded to create a dozen of my own, which turned out much different (I used vintage wallpaper, no fabric) but still would never exist if it weren't for your idea. Whew. Anyway, I also want to compliment you ladies on your lovely creations, especially that new fairy grandbaby. She's a keeper!

Karla Nathan

Laraine Atherton

Thank God for the internet......without it we would not be surrounded by lovely things and artists we admire. Who has not seen something and said "I could make or do that"
We try and in the trying we make it our own. It's pretty hard to truly make something without putting a little of your self into it.
I am with you Karla....If someone Likes my art and would like to copy it...I say go for it. In the end, it just makes the world more beautiful.


fabulous post!
I bought a Magnolia Pearl book on Amazon earlier this year. I'd never heard of MP befor (so not heard of in the UK), and while many of her looks were a bit too much for me, I loved the basic ethos and the mixing of textures and fabrics. Gorgeous. So I LOVE your bags!

Must just say, please forgive me. I don't check my yahoo emails as often as I should,and I found your reply RE the bottle brush trees. Thank you SO much. I shall try your technique as soon as I am able :o)

Have a lovely end to the week, from a very thick with snow England!

K. Winch

hi I bought Betz White's book based on your rave review .. warm fuzzies and no where in it does she write about making the roses I've seen on your blog very disappointed !!!! I wish I could return the book.. since I do not sew and only wanted to make a few flowers.........:(

Sandy O'Donovan

BABY SWEET BABY! Cuddle, hug, kiss and smell...there is nothing like a new precious baby. I love what you said..you kept it short, sweet and too the point. Go Karla. xoso Sandy


Thanks for backing Dawn and Lisa up..I agree with what you've all said. And you have helped me feel a little bit better as an 'artist' trying to create a little beauty in my way~being inspired by you, Dawn and Lisa!!
Thanks, too, for sharing your lovely day with your darling grandbaby and son's beloved!!

Lulus Lovlies

This is a great post Karla and I agree with everything you said! The way I see it ten people could make the same thing and they would all look different once they put their own spin on it! This post of yours should be put on a main blog somewhere so more could read it! By the way, how many children fairies do you have in your family and could you send me your address so I could mail something for your holiday, I'm just an old Grandma that would like to share if you don't mind. Holiday Hugs, Marilou


Awww...baby M. is a doll!
Love the bags you girls created! Especially oldest grandgirl's bag...it looks like something I would carry. :) It's so much more fun to carry a unique bag/purse.
As for the rest...I'm so sorry Lisa had someone grouch at her for something like that. Her style is beautifully her own...you can't borrow style.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Great, great post, Karla. The sweetest little grandbaby, gorgeous creations (especially love the old tie pouch on the bag), and many words of wisdom on creativity and creations - you are bang on!


Karla what a great post!you already know my feelings on this subject.Your new fairy grand baby is so beautiful!! and the bags are really cute. You couldn't possibly have left out the little boy,anyway why shouldn't a boy have a bag to carry around his prized possessions? 7 bags in nine hours is fast...it seems like you had a really beautiful and fun day.


such a sweetie..I have read Dawn's post,reader comments and your post...not sure about the background of this issue but it seems that if we make something in the style of and acknowledge such that's good enough..we all put our own creativity on things learned..it is good to discuss conterversy..thanks friends for doing just that...love the bags !!!!


Hi Karla

I've read both your post and Dawn's post earlier too. It's a shame that this has to be addressed. Me? I love seeing what you gals and other artists come up with. After creating projects from the White Christmas Classes I'm ready to add my own spin on things too. I tend to play follow the leader first to learn techniques before venturing out on my own.

You new fairy gandbaby is simply beautiful. Enjoy that new baby smell and crafting with your Gypsy DIL!


Karla Nathan


What fun bags and such a great idea to fill them with small gifts, the kids will love them! Up until now I have remained quite about the recent negative events here in the land of blog. I have been dismayed over this whole situation. I agree with you, it is a joy to teach someone a technique and then see them light up with joy making their own creations. The point of teaching to me is to inspire others to create. We first learn a technique by copying and then we spread our wings and fly with it all on our own. I am glad there are still many sweet, sharing, caring souls out there.


I love all your bags...agree with you over the whole owners-rights, but....that baby is just GORGEOUS!! and those cheeks and lips...perfect!!!!!! hugs! karen....


The bags you fashioned are fabulous! Isn't it fun to create with someone you love! You always do such beautiful work and I know you have encouraged many of us readers to try our hands at our own renditions. Thanks for your beautiful blog!!!

Cindy Is Crafty

Carla, the bags are lovely! The only time I was ever ripped off was by another crafter. I made some crocheted flowers and she asked me to sell them in her shop. My good friend's shop was literally around the corner from her shop so I told her that would not be a fair thing to do. She ended up buying one of mine and taking it to her shop so she could copy it. She put a tag on it to make it seem like another lady made them. When she was out of the shop and another lady was there I asked "oh does the lady that makes them for (the other shop) make them for this one, too. The lady replied, no the owner makes them. I was totally ticked! She knew how well they sold at my friend's shop and wanted to make some $$ off my work. I am still ticked as they were an exact copy and I knew her motive!


You can never start them out too soon at a craft day ! !

Love your bags - looks like a pretty productive day.

Enjoyed your take on the subject of Dawn's blog post.

Holiday Hugs,


What a great post. First of all the picture of Mayara & Gypsie Girl....I can't believe that baby just laid there sleeping under the table while you guys sewed away. Yes I can. LOL And the creations, beautiful as always.
About the rosette tutorial & Betz, I just have to laugh. I can't believe that happened on this post. It really does show you that EVERYONE gets their inspiration somewhere. This incident was pretty horrible for sure, I never thought my name would be involved in something so bad. I always try to look for a lesson or silver lining in things & in this all I can say is blogging is AMAZING & the people are the BEST! The friends I have made & the inspiration I get everyday from everyone is worth anything that happened. I mean that. I will never stop creating, it's who I am. I will continue to learn from all of the wonderful & talented people who share with us all. I can't wait to teach with you in May! Lisa

Karla Nathan

Elaine L.


I love all the bags, especially Gypsy Girl's diaper bag and the boy toy bag.

Mayara is precious! I want more pictures.



Hello Karla...love this post...I can actually smell that gorgeous baby girl..the bags are sooo sweet ...those girls have a great teacher...you disclaimer is totally unnecessary...we all are here to learn & some one copying you is the best compliment in the world...everyones work is always a little different..dont you agree...enjoy your work...Lorraine


Karla ~ Mayara is sooo beautiful!
I love your bags, they are very MP (with a twist of course).

I need to say - over the past year that I have been lurking around blogland, I've seen so many neat things I've wanted to try. Until now I've not been sure about using the ideas I've seen. Now, thanks to you, Dawn, Lisa and lots of comments I've read in the past few days, I can't wait to get started. Just wait till May...I'm going to bring all my "stuff" to show you guys.

Marilyn in Missouri

Dawn Edmonson

What a precious new grandbaby Karla!!! So fresh from Heaven! I always loved the newborn stage...it's so fleeting isn't it? They grow like little weeds.

I've always felt so strongly about this art issue sweet Karla, this negative situation was the perfect time to step up and stand up for a precious friend and for what I believe in. I understand perfectly about copyright and exact copying of artwork. The sharing we do here in blogland of techniques and ideas, then others putting their own spin or style on the same type of art, is the beautiful thing about blogging. If you prefer not to do this, privately show your work in galleries, do not sell tutorials or publish it on the internet.

I had no idea how many friends in blogland were paralyzed from creating for fear they may step on someone's toes! I hope and pray that bringing this subject to light will cause a wave of creativity!!!

Thank you for your sweet words and support dear friend,
hugs and love,

LiLi M.

Hi Karla, I totally agree with you. With access to the world wide webb only a few bad ideas stay with the artists. The others will inspire, sometimes you are more conscious of that than other times. Sometimes you have an idea and before you can make it somebody else has done a similar thing, so when you create your own idea is that stealing? I just love your appeal: let's share!
Your newest grand baby really is too cute. I love those photos! And I love all your bags too. I bought one similar to the Magnolia Pearl bag in 2001 and we don't even have Magnolia Pearl over here, now who's idea was that bag? ;-) There is always something unique especially with these kind of purses. Have a great weekend!


I agree we learn from what we see,touch and feel and many people have shared ideas.Just because one person is luckier to broadcast or be picked to be featured or teach does not mean another has not been doing similiar as gifts for friends years before.Looks like you had a delightful day with your DIL I'm always impressed with the beauty you share.Warm Blessings!~Amy


Wow, girl! You stirred something up here. I hadn't read any of this when I posted yesterday how to dye tiny Christmas trees. I mentioned that I'd originally seen it on your blog, with the appropriate nod to you with a link - as well as stating that "I haven't had an original idea since 1969!" And that's the truth. To be honest, I am not sure even Martha (or her staff) has had truly, TRULY original ideas. You know? Stuff you see goes into our little computer chip brains and comes out later, different, but ours. Ever TRY to exactly reproduce the Mona Lisa? Well, good luck on that one. Yup - this is a soapbox for me and I'll step down now. Here, here to Karla and I applaud you my dear. Now, I want to take a good, long look at those purses...hmmm.....I think I can do that.....

Cheers! - Kathy

Sheila R

I so agree with you Karla... Well said! I can't wait to find out more of your studio workshops with Dawn, Lisa, Carol and yourself!!! Saving my pretty pennies!!!

Karla Nathan

Show me your purses if you make any! And those trees are not my idea by a long shot. I saw it first on storybookwoods and she saw them on mamaandjack and who knows where she saw it. Those are all over blogworld

Sent from my iPhone


Karla, I have missed your entry about the birth of the newest fairy baby, so gratulations and best wishes!!!


Well said, Karla! I'm still pretty new to the blogging/art community (although I've been sewing and such forever), and am always a bit anxious about the whole copying/inspired by idea. One of my early posts featured a lace jacket I made after being inspired by Magnolia Pearl (I had it on at Silver Bella). Seeing Robin's and others creations finally gave me the courage to use some of the treasures I have been collecting. LOVE the purses you made - sounds like you had a wonderful day.


Laura @ 52 FLEA

First of all....sweet, sweet baby!
Love that tie pocket you made for your grandson's toy bag! That was super clever!
Happy creating, Merry Christmas!


Hi Karla, I have to agree with you and everything in this post is so well said. I love Lisa and her work, she is a very talented girl with lots of inspiration and would never copy from anyone's work. I also believe we are playing in blogland to find inspiration and anyone of us should be happy and proud if someone took one of our projects and incorporated their own ideas into it.

Your new darling fairy baby is so sweet, loved seeing her in the sewing room. And the purses are awesome.

Your sweet package arrived in my mail today and I adore the beautiful flower pin you sent me. It is so soft and beautiful in all those gorgeous pastel shades. Thank you so much.


Oh Karla, Mayara is so sweet and beautiful!!!
I love your hand-made bags, they are lovely and I can't
get over the serendipity necklace. So meant to be yours
after all. : )


Great post, love the bags, love the new baby on the floor... Rachaelxo


The baby looks as healthy as can be-- God bless her :-)

Everything looks so fabulous! I've been making a steady stream of "stuff" just to keep busy as the holidays are approaching faster than expected.....

Those are super classy ladies not to point fingers. I would point fingers-- nicely, but I'd be pointing none the less :-P


Amen to that Karla!
You said it perfectly :)


Diane Knott

Karla, beautiful creations and a beautiful, thoughtful post!
I just went over to Dawn's and read hers too.
Copyright issues are sensitive ones! Basically, no one can copyright an IDEA. So once someone comes up with an idea, anyone can take that idea and make it their own. And that is actually the BEAUTY of crafting because it helps make the world go round and round! Sharing, inspiring...that's why I blog and why I love other bloggers with my mindset. If I come up with an idea, I love doing tutorials on my blog and then seeing what others do with it. I know I've made someone happy. Hidden deep inside this topic is something we should all think about...the lonely, possibly depressed person who is inspired to make something based on an idea she has seen on one of our blogs...it could be a life altering experience for her - all to the good! Who wouldn't want to do that for another person! It's more than crafts, isn't it. You never know! :-)
Hugs and thanks for the post!


Here, Here! Bravo commentary and so true. We all get inspired, we all learn from copying and then suddenly, copying isn't any fun anymore -- we put our own spin on it and it is ours -- and our teacher's. You (and many others) have always been extremely generous with sharing your ideas and tricks. I've learned from that. Your generosity is without compare but it's lovely to hear your take on it.


Karla, you put into words so well, what I feel on this subject!! Thank you!
And your new fairybaby is soooooo beautiful!!

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