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January 28, 2011


My Blessed Serendipity Life

What a great idea to put your closet in your laundry area. Cleaning out the closet feels so good!



Great post! I'm home for a snow day, have already worked out and done my grown-up chores - I think working on a closet is a perfect way to spend the afternoon!


Hi Karla, there is something that is cleansing for the mind and soul when you get rid of clutter.This is the time of the year when I clean and purge,but I've been sick for almost three weeks! a yuccky cold that caused a flare up of my nasty auto immune disease. I'll be on it soon though,this place is driving me nuts!

Andrea Villarreal

Love the banner. You and beth thinking about doing a Spring eclass????:)

Mrs. Kwitty

Good for you!!! It always feels so good to get those pesky jobs done ---they sit under the surface and eat away at you and you don't even realize it! lol When they are done, it's really such a burden lifted.

I just love your NEST banner--fantastic!

I hope everyone in your family is back in good health ASAP!
Smiles, Karen


the projects in the studio looks os lovely!
Can't wait to see them all


Your banner is pretty. Please come to my house and MAKE me clean several closets and my laundry room. I am a very good procrastinater when it comes to closets and laundry rooms!!

Heidi Meyer

Your post is beautiful because the sight of a clean closet floor IS a beautiful thing!! I never thought about my clothes matching the way I decorate my house - you are right. Funny, the things I tend to wear do match my house. Thanks for sharing!


That nest banner is so lovely Karla. It may be my favorite thing that I've seen you make, and that is saying alot!

We're doing a lot of purging and rearranging in our home too, but seems as fast as we get rid of something, we bring something else in. When folks pass away, there are the sentimental treasures to sort, and some things are just too special to think of getting rid of. We've been doing a lot of that sort of thing lately.

Congratulations on your room. I know what a good feeling that can be.


I just love your posts! They seem to always touch a spot with me...from new babies to beautiful Sugarwing photos to furbabies. Your blog is one of two that I check first thing in the morning. Thank you for your inspiration and openess.


Your is making me want to tear into my closet and kitchen cabinets! I have put them off for so long and I know I would feel so much better if I would just quit procrastinating and just get it done! You know I am loving that project, I suspect it might be for your fabulous class. I hope you all get and stay well! Have a nice weekend.

Janice Rehmeyer


I feel the same way you do. January, February and March rob me of energy and such. I have started to declutter also. Some things are finding there way to the auction or salvation army. Each week i have 4 bags of garbage and my recycle container is full of magazines i save. Well, i feel so good each time i clean up a corner, closet, or whatever. I do get outdoors to walk, but that is not enough to help me.


Did you make the bird in the second pic? Is this a class you teach?

Diana Connell

Congratulations to you!!! I had thought about making a New Year's resolution to quit procrastinating, so that things like "closet cleaning" will get done faster. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. But hey, now that you've done all your spring cleaning in the bleak mid-winter, --and since, after all, you let us all down by not having a Valentine E-zine-- You'll have plenty of time to do a Spring E-zine! Right? You know you want to. It looks to me like we all want you to!!! :-))


I love that you grouped by color like "Goodwill" - I just realized that I do too :) Luckily I don't dress my house like my clothes or I'd be in a terribly black phase!!

Elaine L.

I just recently did the same thing. My closet is an extension of my bathroom. I use the top shelves for sheets, blankets, etc. I recently cleaned it enough to get everything off the floor. It's amazing how much can get thrown in there.

It's looking pretty good, but I still need to go through clothes and want it to make it more efficient. Especially now that I am retired and don't have to be in such a rush to get dressed. I'm starting to wear more jewelry, now and have time to put together outfits.



Karla, I just finished purging my closet, too. It was long overdue. I did notice in your pictures that we have the same washer and dryer. I think it is great to have your laundry next to your bedroom.
Sorry to hear that your son's kids are sick. No fun, that is for sure!

gabrielle messina

Been working on a bit of a closet makeover too.... The laundry room/ closet sounds like a really good concept! And, the banner is just perfect, Karla!!

commercial cleaning NYC

That's how I felt when I realized I needed to get back to reality and clean up the Holiday clutters in the house. I knew I couldn't handle all the chores, so I asked some assistance from a commercial cleaning (NYC is flooded with them) services. Not yet done with the bedrooms and dining area, though. Guess they'll be back next weekend.

Putting the closet in the laundry is great idea, Karla. I think it'll be a lot easier to move around upstairs.

- Corie Drane

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