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January 20, 2011



Have fun Karla,That's really weird that random photos showed up in your files.Just goes to show you that nothing is private on the net.


New computer -- I could get into that! Lucky you!

Christie Pennington

You may not remember I wrote to you back when you had the pics of the sonagram up, little did I know that I would soon be dealing with some of the same, as my son's girlfriend is now pregnant. It's weird cause he is into hot rods and his girlfriend does pin ups with hot rods! Not sure about haunted, but some parallel realities might be possible, though I know that sounds pretty far out to most people, but then when you do Angel readings as I do, it's just another daily possibility. What is also strange is that of all the twenty or so blogs I visit daily, yours is the one I feel some strange resonance with, not meaning bad strange, just some sort of deep connection, as though I knew you really well, which of course I don't, But who knows, perhaps the affinity is from another time and place. Perhaps next time you come to Va. we can have a craft play date.


Trust me, Karla is easy to get to know. She has an affinity to connect with a lot of people. I finally met her at Round Top and felt an instant connection! Sorry that you are stranded at home, Karla. That is the one thing I don't miss about my home. SNOW! I do however miss all the wonderful people who live there and all the wonderful places that I grew up. Hoping to see you soon. Have you finalized your plans for May I'm sure you've been busy with all you family and the holidays. I'm still interested in planning a visit.
Stay warm and hope your computer starts behaving itself!!

Elaine L.

Hi Karla,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the trees I ordered and the felted flower broach. I'm looking forward to using the small trees, next Christmas, with some Putz house patterns I found online.



Karla, I was sorry to hear about your Father in Law's passing. It is a shock when it happens suddenly. But, my hubby has been watching his father gooooooooooooo inch by inch for 2 years now. He has lost his mind & doesn't even know who he is somedays. The cost of his care is awful & it is heartbreaking. Both ways STINK!!!!!!!!!!! What Sugar Wings said to Pop Pop was precious! That is truly something for him to tuck in his heart forever. What a precious girl. HUGS!


good luck with your boys.

love yur pics.


Hi Karla!!
Strange to have unknown pictures show up on your computer I definitely would make a trip to the Geek Squad.
I also got a new computer yesterday and am working at moving all my pictures and stuff from my old computer to my new one. My son is REAL glad that I got a new computer since he got to have my old one :)
Wow you are such a talented lady!!! Love the art!!
Good luck and enjoy!!!


You know - I wasn't sure what site I was on at first when I saw those pictures - I had to check the header to see where I was. Those colors are just sooooo not US!

Diana Connell

Hi Karla!
Just wanted you to know how very much I enjoy your blog. Your warmth, optimism, and joy permeate each entry. You even have a positive spin on moments which are painful and stressful (like a family funeral.) I loved the Romantic Gothic Ghost e-zine, (it was quite fabulous!) in fact, even tho it is late, I just now purchased Romantic white Christmas. I am sort of sad that you don't have a Romantic Valentine something or the other, I mean, since you've had nothing to do and all (lol!) Well, maybe next year. Meantime, I always visit you and Sugarwings every day to find out what you are up to and what new pretties are in store!


Congratulations on the new computer. Unknown pictures? Definitely strange!
Have a Wonderful Week!

Media room designs

Adorable pictures!!!I love that design a lot ..Its really a unique one.. http://www.edgonline.com/ very colorfull and admirable one...


Wow - the picture thing is weird! I hope you have a great weekend and can get out of the snowdrift soon. We just got another 3 inches on top of our 2 feet!


Morning Karla...spooky...where does that stuff come from....love the pics though,,,LOrraine


Very odd about the unknown, similar photos! I'm glad you have a new, quicker computer 'though! You're getting all our snow! Colorado is dry and definitely not under a blanket of snow - sigh -!


I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
I had a lot of fun putting it together. I would love your feedback on it if you've got a spare minute.

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Mackie MR5

These are wonderful photos and experiences to share. I have been regularly reading your posts and have enjoyed them immensely - thank you for sharing.

Felciano Guarracino

It's strange that there are pictures appearing on your new computer. Beware because sometimes, those are viruses that are waiting to be opened. Suddenly, you may find your computer needs to be reformatted. Well, how is it now? And truly, having mature children can make parents happy. Cheers to you, Karla!

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