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January 30, 2011



Good job Karla!!

You did get a lot accomplished!!!! I need to get moving and complete some of the things that I have started.
Thank you for sharing!
I love all the different versions of "Nest"
Suzann xoxox

Wanda @ Just Vintage

And you SHOULD be proud of yourself! That's really impressive. Months ahead of time. What a concept! I have actually heard of it, but haven't a clue how it works. LOL That looks like it's going to be a fun class.


More love from Karla. Your little nest banners are adorably unique and charming.


Wonderful banners Karla. I love the nest theme and how you made them so different and so detailed.
~ Tina

Susan Reaney

Fabulous nesting signs and banners. Thar Moulin Rouge woman is out of site!


You should be proud of yourself! Your creations are wonderful.


Theresa Smith

Oh, how I wish I could take one of your classes! I love the nest branch!


Lovely as always! Warm Blessings!~Amy


The class projects look wonderful! How great that you are getting so much planning done in advance, you will so be able to enjoy the event if you don't have to stress last minute. Enjoy your time off, you earned it.

A Vintage Mood

Your lovely bird song pieces are an encouragement in the midst of this ice and snow that spring is just around the corner...right? And wow, love that Moulin Rouge painting!

Diane Knott

Oh, Karla, time well spent! Beautiful! And the colors...so springlike! Perfect!


MOULIN ROUGE event??? Oh, sounds so wonderful!

The banners are all gorgeous, but I would make the first one. Wish I were there!


I love the way that you've used the branches Karla, and think this idea is one that can be interpreted for every season. It's truly lovely, and inspiring.

Yay for you, working it all out ahead of time. That will make for a much more relaxed hostess when the event rolls around, and your visitors will appreciate that.

Andrea Villarreal

Oh my gosh Karla the banners are so stinkin' cute!! You always do such an amazing job!
I have to tell you had a tear in my eye about your post on your grand daughter. Oh Karla! I had no idea she struggled. I don't even know her and I feel like I do from all your posts. She without a doubt has a very special gramma and that puts her ahead of the curve:) She'll know that! I have no doubt at all!! I hope her extended family really takes the time to see that she is nurtured and challenged thru her younger years so she can thrive when she gets older not just survive. I will keep her in my thoughts:)


Hey! I just finished Rotisserie Chicken and box o'stuffing mix. Well, I didn't eat the entire box or the entire chicken. Good stuff. Quick and easy. And you know what? You should pat yourself on the back. Nuthin' wrong with that. We're bracing for the end o' life as we know it storm in the next few days. The grocery store was crazy. I almost had to beat someone up for the last chicken!! (kidding. But it was the last chicken) - Cheers and stay warm. Kathy


Whaddya mean you couldn't find anything on TV? It does kind of suck to be without Glee, just a few more days!!! My latest obsession is Heavy on A&E. OMG, it's keeping me from my Ben & Jerry's! Love the banners, I think they are perfect & beautiful for Bird-songs! I signed up for the yahoo page but I have a confession. I have NO idea how to use it, is there a tutorial lurking around Karla's Cottage? Lisa

Elaine L.

I love the second banner!


Mitzi Curi

I love your "Nest" project! It is simply adorable. Your students will be so proud of their own versions, Im sure. I'm stocking up on hot glue sticks and other basics, planning to be snowed in for two days or so. Lots of crafting to be done around here too.....

Julie Ann

Hi Karla :) Oh my gosh- I love all your banners!!! I wish I could take your class with you!! Oh no... I just read your message about Sugarwings... I'm praying hard for you and your family and especially her!!! *Hugs*


Everything is soo beautiful. It is good to have some time all by yourself! I love that little glimpse of your Moulin Rouge painting, hoping to see more of it. Hugs /Therese

Sheila Correia

Very beautiful site; your creations are incredible. I'll definitely be back to visit. Regards, Sheila


Oh, Karla, I think I like these maybe most of anything I've seen you do. They are sweet but not cloying, pretty but so natural. Lovely.

I've been blog absent for a bit -- not sure what's up with Sugarwings, but glad it appears to be OK.


I'm proud of you Karla! I know you'll be glad you worked ahead!

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