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January 24, 2011


gabrielle messina

oh, It really does look like you had a magical time, Karla! The White Rabbit is always a favorite of mine too! And yes, one day is not enough! There's so much to see and do!! Also, I am so sorry to hear about your father- in- law... I have not been doing too much blog hopping since we got back from our trip, so I just now had a chance to get caught up on everything going on in your world!

Diana Connell

I grew up in California in LA, and went to Disneyland countless times, and visited Disney World once. Now that I live in Kentucky, it's been years and years since I've been. Do you know, I still dream about it. I LOVE it. Sugarwings does to, because, after all, she's a fairy. Nothing like a fairy going with her fairy-grandmother to Disney I tell you!


..hope I can take li bug to Disneylanad one of these days..take care Karla..


Looks like fun.

I just did some catching up and wowser
you have been busy!

Soory to hear of your family's loss.
Does sound like an interesting trip though.:)


Elaine L.

There is nothing more magical than Disney World. I love the pictures. Sugarwings reminds me so much of my daughter at that age. Please post more pictures of the newest Fairy baby.


Vicki Chrisman

Wow.. it's been just so fun watching sugarwings grow up! Seems she was just a babe. How time flys!



Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Thank you for sharing your princess photos with us! Looks like you stayed at the Carribbean...we stayed there many times when our kids were little!


Ahhh...through the eyes of a child!

Enjoy your day!


There's just nothing like seeing Disney through the eyes of a child. Truly Magical!!


So many kids totally freak at the big costumed characters -- I'm so glad Sugarwings didn't -- makes for great photos. Do love Mary Poppins with her! And of COURSE the Alice bun!

Vick Cotnoir

Looks like a grand visit! There are loads of online spots to help with lines,and give hints about seeing the characters etc. It is worth the research time when you hit the park!

Thank you for visiting our beautiful State,and sharing!


Hi Karla
Precious photos! Was the last pic at the Grand Floridian? We stay their for 8 glorious days this past May, loved it. First Mother's day I didn't cry since my mom had passed, so it was a special time for me to heal. My son is now at Disney for a 8 month internship and even though I miss him dearly, I love hearing all the inside stuff! Take care, Lori

Rose Brier Studio

Karla, it is so fun to see your pictures of Sugarwings first trip to Disney World. It is such an amazing place to share with those you love. And specially getting to introduce the fairy granddaughter! Yesterday my sister and I had our, guessing -- maybe 50th trip to Disneyland for my birthday and it was as magical as ever.

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