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January 22, 2011


Elaine L.

The book is priceless! I love your ability to be so creative.



This is the neatest thing ever! My mom would love it.Warm Blessings!~Amy


Your creativity is AMAZING!


This book just makes me smile. What a wonderful clever altered book.
Keep smiling and creating


I love it! What a precious gift that Sugarwings will treasure in the years to come. I can safely predict that art will be a most important part of her life as she grows up...especially since she has such a talented Grammy to encourage her creativity.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

One day she will realize how amazing this book is, Karla. It really is amazing.


PS...you really are the 'BEST' Grandma

Janet Ghio

Love your Wizard of Oz book!

Grace P

What a great Wizard of Oz Book! You did such a beautiful job. It makes me remember in 6th grade we did a modern Wizard of Oz play. I was an Emerald City Girl wearing an 80's Green Dress!! Oh Boy. lol Hugs Grace

Hope Ellington

You are so dear! I love your sincerity in your creations. This is a beautiful book....Sugar Wings will definitely get it one day....and will love it! She will probably love it more when she is 40....but trust me....she will love it.


What an amazing project! She will indeed grow to love it as well as learn the lesson of looking beyond the obvious or ordinary. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Nancy Stone

What an absolutely beautiful book for a treasured granddaughter. She will love it forever.



I mean, really.....the eye candy of it all. And I'm so glad you didn't use all the original actors; it's so much more creative this way. That LION portrait is hysterical! Looks like the guy needed a beer or an enema when that picture was taken.



I planned to use the word "amazing" before I saw the other comments and I see that everyone agrees with that word. The book is adorable and you are AMAZING!


This is absolutely enchanting -- and a testament of love from a gran to a angel-kid. When I was a rather small kid -- perhaps Sugarwings age, maybe a tad older -- my mother broke her back (metaphorically) making very complicated candy cane cookies at Christmas that she thought would delight me. I would watch her bake. But when they were done, I asked, "When are we going to get store-bought cookies again?" It still hurts me that I made her cry! After many attempts of making lovely (and unappreciated) things -- and not always for kids -- I realized that sometimes people just have to grow into them. Certainly the jewelry my parents gave me then that I didn't "get" I love and treasure now. I have a feeling that twenty-some-odd years from now, Sugarwings will be sharing this with her child. And what a time they will have!

Stephanie O.

As a huge Wizard of Oz fan...I even own a set of the Franklin Mint plates in their original boxes, never the less...I drooled on my keyboard as I looked at the photos of this exquisite keepsake you created for your sweet granddaughter...

I love everything about it, but the fact that you used a vintage nameplate from a girl named Dorothy is just the best!


It's a beautiful book! Soon she'll "get" it and adore it too and you won't be able to pry it out of her hands...enjoy your time to play with it. :)

Donna C

Love this. As you can tell by my email and blogspot names, I am a huge Oz fan.


The book is amazing,Sugarwings will treasure this when shes older.It is truly an heirloom.

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I love that Wizard of Oz altered book. It is truly a treasure.


Rose Brier Studio

Oh my gosh Karla, what an amazing book. I absolutely love it! If the weather wasn't so nice & friends so fun to visit, I would say I can't wait to get home to my art stash to create something wonderful like this! Thanks for the inspiration.


I absolutely adore this. I am a huge Oz fan and even have this book. Sometime soon I should post pictures of my Wizard Room - complete with Wizard Christmas tree and 2000 piece framed puzzle! You have really inspired me - got to make something similar to this! Peace, Donna

Diana Connell

Well, contrary to popular opinion here, I hated the Wizard of Oz. That whole story scared me to death. I didn't like Judy Garland either. (OK, now speaking thru all the tomatoes and boos hurled my way...) But your book--well, it is truly awe inspiring. How can you take such an ugly story and make something so lovely out of it? (lol!) Maybe your computer needs to break down and you be snowed in more often?! A priceless heirloom (one of many) for sure!


Love the book, you are such a woderful gramma and amazingly talented!! She will cherish the book when she gets older.


This is one of the most creative efforts I've seen for a long time, Karla. You're one talented lady. (Using the plastic face cover of a clock for a 'bubble'??? Now who'd think of something so cool?!!)

I hope you'll continue to share your artistry with us, and that you'll be blessed many times over for adding beauty to a generally crazy and not-so-beautiful world. Certainly, you have enhanced my life.


Whipped Up

I have been of fan of the Wizard of Oz forever! I was even fortunate enough to be in charge of the set design for the musical in high school. My choir director had an awful lot of faith in me.

I've been slowly collecting pieces to do a shadow box. I'm always on the look out for little pieces to use.

Your book is gorgeous and I'm sooo envious. Your vision is inspiring. I'm so glad you shared this. It made my "Saturday morning blog time"! - Amy


Absolutely brilliant, I love every single page you have shown.


The book with photos is so lovely! I believe you are a great inspiration for Sugarwings for all her days now and in the future. /Therese

Sherry Williams

You are amazing, Karla! I admire the way you can put things together. Sugarwings will love and appreciate this book so much when she is older....what a beautiful keepsake for her!



I love your OZ book, glitter and all!! You are such a creative gal and thanks for all of your inspiration!!

Kerryanne English

One day Sugarwings will appreciate your creative genious Karla. A beautiful project!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Darling darliing darling! What a special book to treasure forever. Just love it and I always love the collaboration process. So much fun.


Karla this book is priceless...I am awe of your creativity....


Oh my word.... In fact....I have no words. This was incredible. Absolutely, absolutely breathtakingly amazing. I'm pretty sure there are no real words for this. You've outdown yourself and little Sugarwings will "get it" later on. When she's older. I'm going to have to sit down and really take a good look at this. wow...


I really love the book you put together. It is genius! I loved looking at all the pages, and thought it was funny that I have the same little cottage print framed in my bedroom. Such a dreamy little place...


Karla, what a incredible book! I completely love the idea! I think I'll do one this summer of one of my favorite books, too fun! Lori


You just make me swoon. This book is so fun, and you did it in the midst of the OZ swap, which I know took a good bit of time to host. Really, gal, do you sleep?


I am back from my trip and catching up on posts. This is just gorgeous!!!

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