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January 19, 2011


Debbie Beracha

Beautifully said Karla !!! Your photos are beautiful above, highlighting the snow. I am glad you had so much family there to gain comfort and strength and joy from !! How is Rich doing, I know this is such a sad time, but he is coping okay? Thinking of you both. Debbie/Harry.


Death is always so hard, your never prepared for it no matter how it comes.I think what you have written is so beautiful and inspirational. It does help to try and look at what good can be found in a sorrowful event... and to try and gain strength from it.

Heather Kowalski

this is a beautiful post karla... it seems like death always brings some new beginnings and the chance to remember how much family means. Thinking of you and Rich... xo Heather


What a thoughtful and loving post, Karla. You bring so much depth and love and thought (and humor) to this -- such insight. And of course your photos are lovely and the perfect accompaniment. What a wonderful family you have.

Stephanie O.

So sorry, Karla...

Vick Cotnoir

Funny how we always say to live life,take time for each other...those seem to fall by the side,then a friend is lost suddenly and we learn those lessons again. Seems we have to learn them over and over. Those that sometimes make it hard to love them,teach us.....love is a gift we give,with kindness sprinkled ontop.


Thinking of you and your family during this sad time. Hope you have a safe trip to Nebraska and back.


Beautifully said! Glad you found good in a sad time.Warm Hugs sent to you and your family!~Amy

Rose Brier Studio

Karla, Your words & thoughts are so beautiful. I'm glad your family could be supportive and sad and happy and whatever they were -- together. It makes loss just a teeny bit easier!
Thinking of you with love,

Beth Leintz

Completely off the topic- which you addressed very warmly and thoughtfully- but darn, those are two cute dogs. Button is starting to look like Twinkle, I think.



Sending healing thoughts your way. Children have the amazing ability to crack the hardest of hearts. Sugarwings was simply spreading the magic of her love. I hope you all will experience brighter days soon.


Your post brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat! No one could have said it better. Still in my thoughts and prayers. Have a safe trip!


lovely and caring post..children do makae older people happier..glad sugarwings will have those memories of her pop pop..take care with your drive..xxx


Outrageous, loving, insightful: That's just a little of how you are. I'm sitting here fondling my Wizard of Oz tag book and thinking of you and your generosity. Best wishes, Charlotte

Elaine L.

This is such a beautiful post. Sugarwings comforting her PopPop is so precious. You're lucky to have such a wonderful extended family.



Oh Karla
I've got a lump in my throat again... you have such a wonderful way with words, straight from the heart.
The artist in you, always observing and capturing those special moments in time, feelings, things that are said.
Do you ever write little poems - I'm sure that's a yes!!
Take care
Shane x

Hope Ellington

Lovely Post Karla~
Your wit and compassion are fabulous. It is amazing how children can draw out a persons real 'side'. Pixie Pie & Sugar Wings could charm anyone. Loved my Santa!!! Love you!


Morning Karla..Blessing to you and your husbands family...you picked the good in him & enjoyed it....you are a good positive person...my Dad used to say" death is the best trip of all, thats why they save till the last"I`m not a religious person but it gives me comfort....also my wonderfull family...Lorraine


Karla... I appreciate your insight. I know what happens when someone dies and suddenly the story ends there. No chance for a new ending :( I also know that my Dad is a different man with his grandkids - there's some magical mix of growing old and being very young, huh?

Susan Reaney

I am so sorry I didn't see this until now. I am son sad to read about your father-in-law's sudden death. It sounds like he did a wonderful thing in life by being a father tonsuch an incredibly loving family and loving Sugarwongs and Pixiepie so well. I will be holding you all in my jeartbatnthis tender time.


Karla, Peace to your heart as you walk out the tender days in front of you one moment at a time :) ~ Bev

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