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January 05, 2011



Karla, I love the box. It's so whimsical! I've had gay men friends and used to work with quite a few. They have all been creative, and have an eye for design like no one else it seems, and they often create the loveliest environments to live in, so I know how much fun it is to have your brothers in your life.

I didn't know you could raise butterflies in your garden like that. That's so interesting. I imagine you'd have to live someplace warm year round.


I love your creations, Karla. I have a lot of male gay friends, and you're right, they get it! They usually have the most wonderful design sense.

How wonderful to raise butterflies! Now, that is magical, indeed.



They are all beautiful Karla! That little fairy box is very special!


Everything is beautiful Karla,your brother sounds like my kinda guy...loves Bichons and frou frou oh yea! Bichons are so sweet and lovable they are a true joy to be around.They are a little high maintenance ...those curly coats keep you working...but worth every minute.UHH...can you tell I love my dogs...sorry for going off on a tangent...stopping now.(Hee Hee)

Lulus Lovlies

Pictures are too cute of Sugarwings Karla and all your other goodies you made and received are wonderful. My Granddaughter has the very same book that Kim sent, how fun is that! By the way now I know why I was meant to send you the box for your little fairy girls. Your birthday is 5/5/58, mine is 5/6/42. We are pretty close in date , well except for the last two. I'm just your age at heart! Hugs and have a wonderful trip, Marilou


Lovely gifts, they will be treasured, I am sure!

Have a wonderful time; I can relate to this post. I grew up with a neighborhood full of boys and a couple of tomboys. One guy liked everything I did, Thank God for him!


I really love the pink tree and especially the snowman!! Hope you all had a wonderful Disney adventure.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, I love everything you made - your gifts are gorgeous! Hope you have a fabulous time with your dear brother and his husband. Don't forget to enjoy that Florida sunshine while you're there.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I love the box you made for your brother, Karla! It is so beautiful and obviously is made just for them with the details you added. Love, love the snowman head box! How wonderful. You should make them up and put them in your etsy ~ snowmen are good for the whole winter as far as I'm concerned!


so many wonderfull things--
Love the gifts for your brother and his husbond,- and truly yes-gayes,do understand our creating :)
The pink tree is fantastic, too-and so are the photoes of your sweet little girl.


What GREAT hostess gifts, Karla. You can come stay with me anytime! (With -- or without -- hostess gift, so long as you bring that wonderful energy that radiates from you!)

The snowman head box -- THE BEST!

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