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February 19, 2011



Two weeks huh? I'll give it a go!


That sounds like fun! Not sure my "good stuff" is as good as YOUR "good stuff", but I'll look around :)


Oh what a fun giveaway! I'm having on on my blog too right now so pop over! How amazing that you are sponsering Moulin and can come up with 70 goodies. I always sponser but just donate one or two items for the raffle! I admire you! I love your challenge too! I love looking around my studio and "making things work" and trying NOT to buy more (it can be 'challenging' sometimes!) Hope you're having a great weekend.


Yikes, do you really mean that? Cutting into the best of the best? Actually using it, not just oohing and aahing over it, fondling it, sighing and gazing admiringly at it.........???
Gimme strength, please!!!

Julie H

Sounds like you all are going to have a lot of fun with this one! That bag at the beginning is very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!


This sounds very tempting.....hope I can get the guts to do it! xoxoKathleen


Ooo la la!!!
I love looking at and touching my old laces ....b u t ... am I brave enough to cut them up and use???
I'll say yes, take the 'bull by the horns' so to speak and give it a go!!!

My two little granddaughters have arrived from France for two weeks so maybe they can help me!!!!!

I adore those tiny velvet flowers Karla!!!!!!!!
Have you snuck in to NZ overnight and bought up all the old hats with flowers??!!! just joking - but v hard to find here.



This sounds like a great challenge its got me thinking, I don't know if I can come up with something but I am thinking about it really hard.

Charlotte Smothers

"catalog of supplies", oh my. That sounds so professional. Using the good stuff; yup that gives me pause. But, I'm gonna suck it up and join your "Good Stuff" party. Gee, I hope I HAVE something good?


Count me in on the giveaway, sweet Karla. I'm going to ponder if I have it in me to use "the good stuff" for your linky party. I get a little twitchy thinking about it! I did make a pretty nice little cuff for my Etsy shop with old very pretty laces and a great rhinestone pin, but I have already linked that up to 3 parties, so I think I'll try to be brave and do it again for yours. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps. I think I have to go lie down now. :-0 I wish I could join your bird song classes, but money doesn't allow it right now. Maybe it will be such a success you'll do it again next year and my stars will align. SIGH...



I want some of your good stuff ! Please count me in on your give away ! :o) Sue


Sounds like you are well on your way to stuffing this year full of fantastic memories, Karla!

Well, I don't have horde of goodies or stashes of scrapbooking like most of your visitors, but I have a wall collage I've been obtaining the pieces for (picking out the pictures to use, deciding on a frame, etc) over the last few weeks and am gearing myself up to complete and hang. Will that count?


Thanks Karla for doing this. I'm looking forward to it, but just like most everyone else has said, it's going to take me a bit of courage. That's a good thing though.

What lovely packages of "good stuff" Karla. Everyone is going to be so pleased.

I'll write a post mentioning this too, in the next day or two. Thanks again, for pushing me forward. I needed it!


P.S I'll come up with a give-away for that day too! That way, everyone will have two chances to win a little something special.

Eileen ELder

I love the phrase "catalog of supplies"!!! That is PERFECT!! I am looking forward to seeing all the great creations :-)


Beautiful!! I think I am game to try this~ I know like some when I use the good stuff the price goes up, but I want to use it!! Does it have to be something on Paper?? I also want to check out Bird Song while I am here. I would just love to craft with you before October in Asheville!! Gorgeous Bags Karla!!

Huggs, Nancy

Elaine L.

I love the rose bag.
I can't believe you made 70 of those envelopes.



I'm amazed at your junk stuff so I'm sure I'll Love the good stuff.Congrats on the Moulin Rouge invite.Warm Blessings!~Amy


i will give it a try then..


OK, Miss Karla. This is a fabulous idea. But - my palms are sweating. I have the hardest time doing this...I'll try. I will. I'll really give it a go. Therapy, me thinks...


Great idea!


That would be me, afraid to 'use up' the good stuff. Excellent challenge, I'll be there.

Congratulations on 4 years! I'm fixin' to celebrate my 1 year. Wish I'd gotten on the blog wagon sooner!


Thanks for this Karla, and it comes at a timely moment.
I was looking at a photo of myself and my best friend yesterday and thinking I need to break out the best of the 'H' (cant use the hoarder word during prime time)
supplies. I am so in for this one. Thanks

debbie york

Karla, If you gave me two years...I still wouldn't be able to come up with anything worth sharing! You can bet money on it though that I will be here to see everyone else's talents shine!


Ooooh! Fun! I'll take that challenge!


Oh gosh! I am always filled with excitement and fear when I use my good stuff! I am not a hoarder! I am just creating a bank of the good stuff! I love that! I will be joining your challenge. Hugs! karen....


Pretty bags...pretty pouches too!
That sounds like a fun challenge...sometimes it's really hard to use the good stuff. :)


Sure wish I was going to Moulan Rouge....it sounds like fun. Your goodies envelopes are really pretty!


What a fun challenge ~ off to use the real Velvet flowers :)
Have a HaPPy Day :)


Geez - guess I need to spell check my name :)

Steph @ Tart Deco

ooh- sounds like fun. I have to add it to my calendar right away so I remember ;)


Hi again! please enter me in your draw~~~



Great idea! I'm in!!

Vick Cotnoir

Hmm,"saving for good" is something I have been working on for a long time..not there just yet

Kathy Bruner

What a terrific idea! I do the same thing with fabrics in sewing--I always want to make a "sample" first before I use the "good" fabric, but then the garment never gets made! Please count me in on this giveaway, and I'll use it for inspiration to just go for it!!!

[email protected]

Susan Reaney

Those bags are yummy, Karla.

I think I am going to dig into my beads and jewels and use some good stuff. It sits so long that I forget I have it and I love it when I create with it. The other challenge for me is making something for me. Maybe I will try both.

You are so generous with that "good stuff" wallpaper. So beautiful. They will all swoon!


Lisa Johns

LOVE the bag!!
LOVE to win the bag also!

LOVE the 'good stuff' I've been saving too. Just have to force myself to use it!

[email protected]

Sheila R

Love your bag!! Beautiful!!!

I too have a hard time using the "good stuff" so I am definitely in on this one!


What a wonderful giveaway Karla !!
I love having a stash of stuff
to just pull from ~
That is how I have been decorating
my house lately ~


Celeste Hude

Count me in on the "Good Stuff" Karla, this is so true, can't wait to see what I come up with!!!!
Was going to put your package in the mail this am, we are having a major storm here, so far can not get out my driveway, ha! Then realize this is Presidents Day, post closed, so there is always tomorrow!!
Celeste, victoriantailor.com

Jan Vermillion-Thomason

I love a good giveaway and you've reminded me that it's about time for me to stop long enough to have one myself.

First, though, I'd like to win yours! jan

Pinkie DeNIse

Oh I love that sweet bag Karla! Can't to see you at Moulin Rouge. Pinkie


Good one Karla. I am definitely going to try to participate. I love following my favorite blogs on Facebook. It makes it so easier to keep up.


Well, of course I'm reading backwards, but this is good reinforcement for more liberal use of good stuff! Please do enter me, of course -- love the bag but love all your pretties! Yes, good words to hear...

Sherry Williams

I am in, Karla! I love my good stuff but it isn't doing me any good just sitting around in boxes. I think I am up to this challenge!


This is a fun challenge. I used some of my good stuff for Silver Bella swaps and projects, and found that it feels really GOOD to use the GOOD stuff. Besides, there always seems to be more good stuff out there waiting to be discovered!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Love those pretty rumpled bags, Karla.


Count me in for the giveaway! I just started collecting the "good stuff" so I am not sure if I can come up with anything yet.

Terri Gordon

Hi Karla, I am new to your beautiful blog, but I love to visit, oh your pictures are such eye candy. I sure wish I lived closer to attend your wonderful event. It is a beautiful giveaway and I would be so honored. Have a wonderful week. Terri


Your projects are always a favorite - I love your use of vintage lace, trims, images, flowers... The look is aged to perfection!

Curtains In My tree

I am going to try and get a project done for this event. I will be at another event March 3-9 however.

I am going to the studio and start digging LOL looking for just the perfect things

Love it


Pam Perrella

Love your blog. Love those beautiful bags. Love all of your bestest pretties. I thought I was alone saving all of the most precious things forever. Now I realize it is an actual condition shared by many. This is a great challenge, I will force myself to use some of my pretties and see what I come up with. First I'll have to clean, sort, organize, make a space. Better get going.

Michele Askeroth

I would love to get in on this one. I agree, it is hard to use the good stuff sometimes, especially when you consider it your best eyecandy in your studio. Especially when it is something you just like to gaze at, and knowing that you have it. I will gladly post this and will gladly join in on this linky party!

Therese Ercolani

Oh my! good stuff. I have so much good stuff that I get confused when I so badly want to use it and then I settle for less because I don't want to use my best stuff. I always wonder if the good stuff would be off used in a different project so then I end up putting it away for another day.
This would be a great opportunity for me to build up the courage to use my best stuff!


I've just started with mixed media,etc. Not sure how much good stuff I have, but I'll give it a go.


I wasn't going to post until I was sure I had something to share. I used some good stuff and will be here for the party.


Sometimes I have a hard time...but I am getting more towards using the good stuff and mainly because it helps me feel I am not wasting it.

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