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February 11, 2011



Karla, there are so many lovely ideas in this post. I love the crepe paper ruffles. I use them a lot in my crafting, but I've never tried dipping them in coffee before. I'm definitely going to try next time. I love the look.

Those bags are so so pretty!

I love the shredded paper. I do that from time to time too, but I've never shredded wallpaper. It really adds a nice look. Wonderful for filling peat pots too!

Heidi Meyer

I think my tea stained dove would love a nest of vintage wallpaper, lol. Love it! and the bags are gorgeous!


you are soooooo busy,,,whew!!!
but everything is just gorgeous!!!!


Those little bags are beautiful! Warm Blessings!~Amy


I love everything coffee stained, but my favorite part of this post is seeing that you work like I do! I can be working on a project and I swear then I see something shiney, rusty, chippy, aged out of the corner of my eye and BOOM I am on to another project! Everything is gorgeous, thanks for the inspiration! Theresa xoxo



I am laughing, it is ALWAYS ADHD craft day in my studio! I always have so many things in different stages of progress or I am getting things ready to have on hand. I really don't know how you do it all and do it all so well, you are a great juggler!

Diane Knott

OK, Karla, it's happening again...I'm feeling sorry for myself because I live so far away from all you creative gals who are having these great classes!
You made some beauties! Loved the inspiration! The lucky ladies who will attend your classes are just that: lucky!


I am thinking its time for some more photos of those sweet little ones.
I have had mine for a week now. Mom and Dad are in Cuba.
keep smiling and creating

Celeste Hude

Oh Karla! I feel your pain about one thing leads to another idea!!, and then I find myself stepping over the piles of idea's while I'm creating the 2nd idea and so on.
What do you need for Bird Song? I have buttons that look vintage, pattern paper, (1970's), some charms, anything you can use, I would love to donate, I will put your button in my blog,let me know
Celeste, www.victoriantailor.blogspot.com


I agree, you my friend have a lot going on, but the creativity dripping from you is just fab! I wish I could come to one of your fab events, but it's not in the cards. I'll just have to settle for your on-line fun.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!

Kristy Life n Reflection Photography

Love your style!


How fun that you are doing so many teaching events! It would be glorious to come to Kansas and meet you! I absolutely adore your dressforms AND I also collect dressforms, but large and miniature! I may just have to try to make it to Waxahachie, TX, tho, as that is quite a bit closer! LOL

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Katsui Jewelry

Oh, darn, Karla,
I am supposed to be there :-(
That will be just about the time Jud goes to surgery, if he qualifies.
It looks wonderful and I hope you will be able to do it again!!


Golly, I love coming by -- it's like a beautiful little haven in my day to see the wonderful things you are working on -- in progress and all done! How I wish Michigan was a little closer to your part of the world. Meanwhile, I look, I drool, I dream! Someday...

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, Is everything OK??????? You have not posted since Friday.


I love seeing all that you do. Very inspirational. It gets my creative juices flowing. I do wish I lived closer tobe able to attend Birdsong2.

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