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February 04, 2011



oh Karla..if I win a lottery this weekend I am coming from Vancouver Canada to your special event...hope you feel better soon..take care..

Lulus Lovlies

Feel better soon Karla, Hugs Marilou xoxo


Sounds like a wonderful event your having Karla.To bad I'm so far away.I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick, but I'm glad your on the mend. I'm sure you wont have any problem getting people to sign up for your party...try not to worry!

Diana Connell

Are you kidding me? I think your main problem will be cutting people out... I mean, I'm seriously thinking I need to check my map and figure out how many days off work I need to take off to drive for however many days...
Your event will be FAB-U-LOUS!!!! I am so excited for you!! I know the attendees will get so much out of it!!
I got so much out of the Gothic Romance E-zine... In fact, one tip that has revolutionzed my decorating, is the whole pearls and rhinestones thing. I still have little white glittered pumpkins nestled in with silk flowers, pearls, and rhinestones...
I am so sorry to hear you've been bugged:-(
but if you HAVE to be sick, what better time than a snow day when not much else would be happening anyway...
Man, your family has really taken turns sharing those bugs. Hopefully, they will all be gone soon.
Much Love--


Well you simply must get better soon...we'll have no more of that!!
I am seriously thinking about coming, if I can figure out how to get there from Seattle...what's the nearest airport? I would love to be part of this even though I am a huge dork and have no craftiness in me at all...I think it would be fun..;j

Elaine L.

I don't think you're going to have any problems filling up your 20 slots. I think most creative types would prefer something more laid back and relaxed.

I can't believe how low the prices are in your neck of the woods. Not, so in CA.


Kerryanne English

I hope you feel better soon Karla. I agree with the previous ladies, you'll probably have too many people interested, so don't stress. If I live closer... like in the same country, I'd be there for sure.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Cheryl dolby

I love coming to your blog. There is always excitement in the air...even if you are sick! It's amazing that you can produce such beautiful posts when you are not well. But, you said you are on the mend. Your classes look so inviting.

Hope Ellington

Can't wait for sign-ups!!! YUMMY! Fell better.


Why do so many cool people live so far away?! Wish i could go!

Feel Better!


Oh Karla ~ I can hardly wait! Please save a spot for me!
Hope you are feeling much better.



I hope you are up and feeling better really soon. I am quite bummed about your art event, excited for you but sad for me. I am not sure I swing the dates with my daughters upcoming wedding but I am crossing my fingers to see if I can swing it, I fear my pocket book is only going to contain lint in light of wedding expenses! I know all the spots will be zapped up and you will have a fantastic time, it will be a huge success and next year you will have rent out a big huge hall to hold all the students who want to come! I hope you have a happy weekend!


Karla, I feel your pain. I've been very sick all week and the only thing that has made me feel better is this stuff called Throat Coat, an organic herbal remedy that my buddy brought over last night. I finally got some sleep and feel so much better today; I hope you do, too. As for your weekend -- I am positive you will be turning people away, not worrying about filling up! I can't wait for the details!


Now that looks like too much fun. Hope you feel your own self again soon.

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