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February 07, 2011


kelli hansen

What fun and such a fun thing for SW to be able to do. I always have a hard time getting things done when I get those creative urges that wont leave me alone. You always inspire me. Please put me in for your bracelets. Thanx.


You are the coolest! I love playing in tents. ...uhm...I mean...my son. My son loves playing in tents ;)


Who wouldn't love a bit of bling to offset the white white white of winter... count me in!


wow u are a nice granny. when my daughter created some masterpieces under the table i about had a cow.


Hope Ellington

Do you know how special you are???? I just know how much she must love you. I want to be just like you when I am a grandmother.

Lulus Lovlies

That is the greatest post Karla, what a wonderful Grandmother you are, it sounds like you really had fun, wish I was there! Hugs Marilou

Judy Adams

I was just thinking of someone buying that table someday and finding your great art work on the underside, what a surprise and treat. You two have such fun. love

Nancy Stone

What fond memories the Sugarwing's fort brought back. My brother and I used to do that all the time when we were kids. Hope the boutique opens soon, I miss looking at the things you sell.


Your are without a doubt, one of the coolest grandmas ever!!


The cover of the book is so pretty, Karla! I would love to see the inside pages, too! Making something pretty always lifts my spirits, too! Sugarwings sure is adorable!


This is so cool - what a way to make memories. I love that your hubbie came in there and took a nap! I hope to have this special time with my grandkids too - when I have them!


Annie Joy

Sugarwings is a very blessed little girl, and I have a feeling that her blessings will spread far beyond your home. The magic you create can't be contained! Annie

Elaine L.

How fun!

I loved making blanket houses outside on the grass in the summer. Here in SoCal we don't need to worry about bugs.


Laura @ 52 FLEA

She will never forget how much fun she had with you and how special you made her feel. Will you be my Grammy too? :)

The Shabby Rose Bunny

Hi Karla!
I am right there with you, soooo tired of winter!! I have been creating a bunch of spring things for my Etsy and trying to create spring inside my house, lol! I wish spring to come early this year.
I LOVE the fort!! I want one :) Might have to make myself one to get in, lol. I love that you all spent time in there, how precious and I know Sugarwings will never forget it! Those little memories are the best memories!! The ones we never forget and hold dear in our hearts. You are an amazing grandma!! Being so close to my grandma, I know how special this will be to sugarwings, even when she is old like me :) Big hugs and hope you are feeling better!


Oh dear Karla,
you are the best of grandmothers ,I`m sure---what a fun-wonderfull idea, and I so understand Sugarwings not wanting to leave that great cosy ,safe place--you are the best..
And your journal, looks so beautifull, with the old wall paper ,seambindings, and laces.
Hugs, Dorthe


What is it about Forts? I Loved them, My Children Loved them and I am sure my Granddaughter will too!! Can't wait til she's old enough to enjoy one when she wants. Please enter me too Karla, and thanks for sharing your wonderful day!!
Huggs, Nancy

Celeste Hude

Oh Karla, you are the coolest grandma!!! Your beautiful dinning room turned upside down!!!! Good for you, what fun is it if you can't use it for fun once in a while!!!
Celeste, www.victoriantailor.blogspot.com


Oh Karla what a great grandma you are!!!!
It sounds like fun!!!
Please enter me in the giveaway!!
Suzann xoxoxo

Beth Leintz

Weren't you afraid you might get under the table and not be able to get out?


This is so sweet and fun. Reminds me of when my son was little and how much he loved to build forts. He would take all of the cushions off the furniture in the livingroom and stack them up with a blanket over the top! LOL!

I'm so glad you enjoy your granddaughter so much.



The white snowy fort looks fun! So nice to have 2 grandparents and a mom who likes to play with her in the fort. I love your quickie ephemera book!

Kerryanne English

These are precious moments to be treasured Karla.
I wish I'd had a magical granny like you. I'm inspired to be THAT sort of granny someday!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Karla your stories of what you and Sugarwings do and create with each other brings tears to my eyes. She is soooooooooo lucky to have a gramma like you. I have no childhood memories of doing anything with either of my grandmothers. Sugarwings will tell stories of her childhood memories for hours. You sure are a loving ,patient, and caring person. :o) Sue

Diana Connell

Hi Karla!
What a treasure your blog is! Everytime I read it I smile and my husband asks why I'm reading a blog if I don't even know the person...(Ah, but I do know you!) That snow fort was no ordinary snow fort. It had shimmery icicle fabric, beautiful lacy fabric, soft cuddly fabric, and man I might need to make one too. The flash light was a great touch. She may even need glo stix next time... I'm delighted your workshop is filling up!! I told you, I told you!!
It's been snowing all day here, which is most unusual especially this time of year. None of it is really sticking, but we may well have black ice tomorrow--one can never tell.
Of course I'd like anything you are offering for free, although I must confess I'd write you anyway, and look at your blog anyway, because it makes me smile sometimes. And sometimes it flat makes me laugh out loud.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!

Sounds like a a cozy spot for the 2 of you (well, 3 of you at the end of the day. ;) I want to snuggle under the table with raisins and a good book too! ;D
(I love that book you created. Oh, it is so pretty!)


I love the cover of this book Karla. The colors are so pretty together, and the textures too.

Love the fort! We used to do that when my son was small, but I have to admit, we didn't draw on the table. One day though, I looked under a wooden rocking chair in the living room, and I saw the word NO written on the bottom of it! LOL! He still swears it wasn't him!

Rebecca Lichtman

Makes me miss my son being little. Always enjoy your blog!



You are so much fun! I have a super fun memory of laying under the coffee table in our formal living room and making pencil sketches on the underside. My mom almost keeled over but she still has that table. She was not nearly as cool about it as you are. I am soooooo sad, I want to come to your art retreat!!! I wonder if anyone would miss the mother of the bride from the wedding shower?


How fun! My kids loved making tents.


Lovin this post! SW is one lucky grand! My "Oma" was fun like you, and I strive to be a good Oma to my grands. It's neat that hubby crawled in too. Hoping to make it this spring..trying to work out a few details...

Cindy Is Crafty

What a lot of fun! Glad to see that she likes her little dress I sent. :O)


Snow fort -- now why didn't I think of that?! Sugarwings looks adorable under there. Fun times. I miss my Ben's fort days.


I can hardly wait to be a granny and built snow forts with my gal...what fun!


I had a magical fairy queen Gram and let me tell you, the memories you created will brighten Sugarwings heart when she is a granny herself. I so wish I lived close enough to take part in Bird Song,(but far enough away to avoid the snow/ice). Have a wonderful week.


I remember the days of building forts. What fun. Looks and sounds like EVERYONE had a great time.



Your journal is so pretty. I tried my hand at making some journals recently.

Sounds like a fun day in the fort with you grandbaby, so funny that your husband took a nap under the dining room table.

Patty in Kansas

Karla...the "snow" fort looks cozy and fashionable, all at once. As usual, that baby girl is beautiful. I love that your husband came home and took a nap in the fort, as well. Patty in Kansas


too bad you can't be cloned for every child to have a loving grandmother!

That journal is just beautiful!


Kids just love forts and tents...you're a great grandma!

Robin Carr

Love the new class but i am waiting for the one in oct that is close by. I would love to win a bracelet!


Love the table tent which brings back memories of my special Nama!!! Would love to win sparklies as I am the Sparkly rhinestone addict of all times.


I love your ephemera book! So pretty!!! I kinda wanna make one now!

Diane Knott

Karla, what a special time with your granddaughter!
It made me smile!

natalie hansen

What girl doesn't love some pretty, multi-colored bling!! See ya in March!!! xoxo Nat


that is a lovely story...creating memories...sounds like a lot of fun!

Jennifer Hayslip

Hey Miss Karla! Im OVER the winter and ready for spring myself! I think creating definitely makes us feel happier no matter what! Glad you had some creative time to life your winter spirits, and It's sooo sweet how you and Sugarwings built a fort. I remember those days. So fun! You truly are the best Grandma!!! XOXO,Jenn


I had a sweet grandma who gave me crayons to draw with and was sometimes with me in the garden. She'd let me crawl in her closet to dress up. But she was old. And she didn't play with me. Not the way you two do. That is so special -- an amazing, magical relationship -- and I'm not sure who has the most fun. (Guess we'll know when the markers come out on the rest of the furniture!) It sounds simply divine.


What fab grandparents, Sugarwings has! Both my kids loved building forts. It is a throw back to a different time~
Happy you decided to show her!


Dear Karla
this post of yours makes my heart sing!
My little granddaughters arrive from France next week and we'll most definitely be making a fort under our dining room table - ours will be a 'chill-out' fort as it's mid summer in NZ. I've been collecting all sorts of crafty bits that we'll play with!
Wish I lived close to you and could join in the Bird Song wknd...I know you'll all have a blast - c'est la vie!
Please count me in for your exquisite princess bracelet!
Shane x

Holly R. Moore

Your posts are always so lovely. :) Thank you for taking the time to brighten my day. LOVE the fort. And thank you for the chance to win too. HUGs!

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