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February 05, 2011



I'll be emailing you first thing on Monday because I so want to attend your event!!
I'd also love a chance to win some goodies. Looks like you had alot of fun today. I can't think of any faux swear words because when I'm stressed I use the real thing (I'm sorry!) Oh, but my husband will occasionally say, "Son of a biscuit eater".


Are there hotels close to your house?

After a month i finally figured out how to make blogger do spell check....so I have plenty on my blog. Just got know your human :o)


Sorry, I went to the site after I posted my comment....sorry. Dadgumit! :o)


dag nabbit i wish u didnt have ur precious pups. looks like a fun day of shopping. i was there today! i found some sweet finds also.

Freda Butler

Hi Karla

If you have any left I wouldn't mind one of the bracelets.



andrea villarreal

We all say "what the ham sandwich" instead of hell. How we came up with that I have no idea. I think Frank may have brought it home from work:) SO wish I could come to your event Karla but that is my birthday and I think my dad and my kids would be pretty unhappy if I was gone. Birthdays are a big deal around here:)

Rusty Rooster Vintage

I've scared a few people by saying "Fudge" when I feel like swearing and can't! lol Your nest banner is precious. Love it and all the projects.

Gayla Pappenfoht

i will come to an event someday buy can't get there this year. I would love a shot at the bracelet.... love the nest banner


:-( That's a tear from my eyes! I'm soooo sad!


My daddy was a sailor so I can cuss with the best of them -- only when I'm truly upset, though. I don't think I have any faux ones, but I should work up a list. That would be a really good thing. I'm going to take notes!


I didn't even notice the typos, that's just how observant I am!! Hey, doing all I can to get there, my hubby got the maps out tonight and he's contemplating my itinerary!!

Kris Pare

Karla, I LOVE all the projects and the banner is beautiful. So ready to see a bit of spring. I wish I lived closer--looks like a lot of fun! LOL--when you hear me say Freakin, I'm REALLY mad :) Durn is a major one for me too--I used it alot last few years since I was in risk management at a bank-do not miss that.


Oh how I wish I could join in on your Song Bird classes:( Perhaps when life isn't as much in the way I will treat myself to something so fantasic.


P.S. I first discovered you in my Somerset Life magazine and am constantly inspired by your work and creativity!


Wow great swear words from all you US wemen- when first blogging I did not get it, when reading DARN or crap... but well -I`m older and better now,-also with those special words,lol
Karla , what fantastic classes in your home- I WOULD SO LIKE-LOVE- TO BE THERE!!!! You-Lisa -Beth--and.....
would be so DARN great :)


Looks like a wonderful event Karla! I wish I could come, you know I have always said I would love to live in your studio! And of course, I would need to hang out with cute Beth too! and those pups..... oh!
Oh and don't get me started on Sugarwings!
have a great sunday! karen....
oh and that beautiful baby..... kissable cheeks! love it!


I will be there for a wkend of Karla magic!! I would love a bracelet....they look great.


A girl can never have too much bling...unlike faux leopard LOL
Have a great day


hey, like fairyrocks said, can never have too much bling... I have a feeling your weekend will be sold out before I can figure out whether or not I can afford to go... of course, I should've been thinking about this sooner, but have been a bit busy with a holiday back home in Australia....


holy-moly..phooey..shizoo..fuddle=duddle...lol..still waiting for the lottery to come in Karla....thanks for the goody giveaway...glad you were able to get out with your friends..


I'm sorry, I only use real sweare words! LOL I guess you know that after spending a weekend with me. I'll try to come up with a few for bird songs in case sugar wings or any other fairies are close by.
PS Can't wait to see Debbie's project.



I do go with the mentioned crap fairly often.

And crud.

Also Fudge Balls.

Even an occasional God...{long pause}...bless America!

Loved the photo of you shoppers!


love those bracelets.. nice price you got them you lucky..

Kimberly Budash

Love, love, love everything you do, would love to add some "bling" to my stash. Here's hoping that I get a chance to win, thanks for the chance!!


Must have rhinestone bracelet!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Bird Song sounds amazing, Karla. You know if I lived closer I would sign up in a heartbeat.

Jenny Sellars

"Son of a biscuit" is my word of choice. With a six year old around you have to be careful!!
Add me into the giveaway please! That would have been an awesome bag to find! Perfect for my spoon necklace slides!


My favorite faux cuss word is Back Asswards instead of backwards. Looks like you & sugarwings had a blast with the snow fort. She is a lucky little girl to have you & you to have her. Moulin is getting closer & closer. Can't wait! HUGS!


SNAP :) How kind of you to share those pretties :). Have HaPPy day :)

Rita Zink

Hi Karla - please enter me in for your drawing of the bracelet. I have looked at your blog for years and just am amazed by your talent. Have a good day and hope your weather gets better! Rita


Congrats, Rita, you are one of the winners. Please send me your address and I'll get that in the mail to you.

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